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  2. Did anyone else catch their Glastonbury performance tonight? What I would've done to be in the crowd that was an amazing performance. CoS has a replay of a professional stream for those that missed and want to check it out:
  3. I figure this may not be plausible in this day and age, but if someone has two really nice tape decks and an original of this tape...I would pay $20 for a 1st gen copy on a good quality "high bias" blank.
  4. For anyone interested, it looks like we have 5 committed buyers and a handful of maybes at the moment. I don't foresee us having more than 10 buyers in total. The breakdown from that webstore is pretty interesting – look below for specific price differentiation. Looks like it's cheaper to avoid 6 or 7 buyers if we can. (All prices shown are before stateside shipping, which should be $3.22 or so.) 5 buyers – $39.18 each. 6 buyers – $42.54 each. 7 buyers – $40.93 each. 8 buyers – $39.74 each. 9 buyers – $38.80 each. 10 buyers – $38.06 each.
  5. Put me down for refractions
  6. Definitely would, but I live in 'stralia these days. Shipping from Dunk to Aus is dumb; so, I've been sending all my records to a friend in LA for safe keeping.
  7. Hey all. I've been rocking some Dayton B652s for years and they sound fine, but I'm realizing that with my massive record collection, I could be really hearing things a lot better if I upgraded my Here's the view spun around in my computer chair of my speakers (circled in red): These speakers are to pair with my Turntable (Pioneer PL-518X) and Receiver (Pioneer SX-790) I'm thinking about these: -- If you have a better suggestion for the price (200 is sadly my budget at this moment), please don't hesitate to let me know! I just am not sure if the positioning of my speakers is ideal (they're slightly pointed towards me. If you're facing them, my bed is to the right of me and I point them in that direction if I'm listening to music in bed Gear is my weak point of knowledge and therefore I come to you, the experts. Thank you to anyone who can help.
  8. FINALLY GOT AHOLD OF BROCK VAN WEY - WHITE CLOUDS DRIFT ON AND ON Sealed copy for 54PPD. Everything about this release is perfect, from the packaging to the color of the disks to the sound quality. Wow. I'm floored. I love it so much. What a transcendent album.
  9. Interesting indeed. In on topic news I grabbed a copy of the angle LP recently and am happy to report it sounds great.
  10. Mine was split too, and some others on the KGATLW subreddit had the same problem. It's probably because of the booklet bouncing around in the widened sleeve.
  11. 46kbps? What the fuck? That has to be an oversight on their part, that's ridiculous. If you need a good digital copy, PM me and I'll send you a 320
  12. Would love to see a Face to Face "How To Ruin Everything" Repress
  13. I'll check it out for sure. About to go on a vacation so haven't been spending much on records lately. Let me know on a cost whenever you guys get this together. After listening, I may be in.
  14. I grabbed: Alt-J, Relaxer Kevin Morby, Singing Saw The Orwells, Terrible Human Beings Algiers, Underside of Power Belly, Star $65.68 total ($13.13/album)
  15. Only reason I ask is Flightless files were 46 kbps but I have an ATO on the way as well.
  16. man, the tracklisting for that cassette looks great. really hope they release that on a different format in the future. or even as just a standalone cassette... i still like cassettes.
  17. My record came in last night. Listening now and it RIPS so far. Only on side A though. Sadly had a split on the spine right over the album title :| -- Seeing if Flightless has any extra jackets. Bummer.
  18. I'm hearing rumors that the band signed to Hopeless Records. Did a quick google search and they are now listed under Hopeless Records' Merch Now account. I also found a link that lists Hopeless as the label for Blue Sky Noise (Repress Soon?!). New music has to be imminent. Anthony was playing some in the background of his Instagram story today. Merch Now - Blue Sky Noise listing - EDIT: Hopeless uploaded the music videos for Get Out and Imaginary Enemy to their youtube account. They definitely bought the rights to BSN!
  19. 99% of the time a download code is 320 but i don't know without downloading first and I threw out the card
  20. You have my attention, sir.
  21. Even more tempting haha.
  22. Might need that sonic.
  23. Totally a fair point, and I hear you loud and clear, but
  24. I got Phoenix - Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix Coin - How Will You Know If You Never Try Jimmy Eat World - Clarity Pentimento - I No Longer The Flatliners - Inviting Light For 69, for 14 each. Nice!
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