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  2. See my vinyl collection

    Not even a proper link, I have to copy and paste.
  3. [PO Now!] Prawn - Run

    The "we" isn't a wrong note, but he's definitely straining on at the beginning of his pronunciation of "relate". It's not that bad though, and the notes still fit.

    Clearing out some 7’s and added a bunch of shit.
  5. See my vinyl collection

    sick dollar bin finds
  6. See my vinyl collection

    Uhh, didnt you see?
  7. See my vinyl collection

    Why? This is the strangest first post I've seen for a while. What highlights are going to make me follow the link?
  8. See my vinyl collection

    Replying for the star.
  9. Smoking Popes want list

    was able to transfer a few line items from the "WANTS" section to the "I ALREADY HAVE" section recently. help me transfer a few more?
  10. Please see my vinyl collection, it is has been growing: myvinylalbums.blogspot.com
  11. Circa albums and autumn go really well together. So glad this came out when it did. Looking forward to spinning during the cool afternoons.
  12. Today
  13. Limited vinyl pressing. Ships mid-November Black Vinyl https://stores.inksoft.com/thenixons/shop/product-detail/6390149 Black Vinyl (Signed) https://stores.inksoft.com/thenixons/shop/product-detail/6390148 Colored Vinyl (Signed) https://stores.inksoft.com/thenixons/shop/product-detail/6390147 Black Vinyl (Bundle) https://stores.inksoft.com/thenixons/shop/product-detail/6390146 Colored Vinyl (Bundle) https://stores.inksoft.com/thenixons/shop/product-detail/6390145
  14. same. got the circa fever again. probably my favorite since OLG.
  15. Oh man, I really can’t wait for this to happen! and OP. Just chill. That’s it. It’ll be there eventually.
  16. PO: Wolves in the Throne Room-Thrice Woven 9/22

    Thanks! But found one online at shugarecords.com last night.
  17. I didn’t think Gone Girl was limited at all considering it’s still available. TGWTDT was super limited though. I’d love to see a regular release of it at some point. I’d say this will be easy to come by for quite a while.
  18. Zia seems to have both colors, maybe try one of their locations? I saw copies with a green sticker and copies that had an orange sticker. not sure which color signifies what though...
  19. Killers have always had funny lyrics. "somebody told me you had a boyfriend that looked like a girlfriend that I had in February of last year". Lol. If someone did not know this band and never heard them but saw these Lyrics written down they would think they are a comedy rock band.
  20. From the WITTR facebook page : At long last I have received word from our European team: the Artemisia Records European Store will open next week! I am also pleased to announce that we will be bringing out a new limited color LP before we embark on our European tour later this year. This new "Dragon's Blood" pressing will be available through our EU store and at our merchandise table. /// Aaron+WITTR
  21. and here I am ordering them when they weren't sold out and not getting one of them. smh
  22. literally anything that's not photobucket
  23. This record sounds fantastic. It is absolutely dead silent, which is great because some of the songs are really quiet. Such a steal for $13. I noticed Best Buy changed the price to $45, but it's till sold out. Just started listening to side D, but side C has been my favorite so far, it starts to pick up. I'm guessing these will be as limited as Gone Girl and GWTDTT?
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