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  2. I saw the stereogum live performance kevin morby did, and he was wearing a VMP sweater. Coincidence? I think not. I think this mystery is solved.
  3. neither . dave is alright. if i had to dave would be alright but to be honest, i would listen neither.
  4. I didn't. I saw it the other day at the store though, so I'll probably stream it soon. I still really want to see it, but I couldn't get myself to go to the theater for it. Turns out I pretty much only go to the theater for Star Wars movies.
  5. Just watched "Koe no Katachi - A Silent Voice". It's a great movie. It has a lot more emotional stuff than I normally go for, but I still really enjoyed it. John, did you see the Red Turtle? I want to see it.
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  7. Dear God, Please don't let it be Morby
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  9. It scared the shit out of me at first, I thought there was some weird residue on the sleeve from shipping. But I agree they actually did a great job on the pressing and packaging
  10. Saturday I did finally get mine. Pretty excited for this. I saw them a couple years ago, my ears rang for most of the next day.
  11. Limited to only 300 copies! Might wanna jump on this if your a fan
  12. Looks like the Deluxe 2LP version of the new album is no longer available on their website. I think I read somewhere that it is limited to 3000 copies... Also, I bit the bullet and bought a marble/signed version on eBay... sucks paying the inflated price but I love these guys and their new singles are awesome. Big Picture
  13. Oh really? Well, answer me this, oh ye of the uncommon folk. If you could only listen to one of the following two bands for the rest of your life, which would you choose, Dave Matthews Band or Creed?
  14. Got my copy of AFYCSO today. Sounds okay. Some service noise but perhaps a cleaning will solve that issue. Also the cover artwork looks blown up. It's quite pixelated, most noticeably in the text on the cover. Bummed about that.
  15. Daaang, I work all day today and tomorrow and doubt I'd be able to make it on time!
  16. I know. Its unfortunate that so many like crap like that. Thats why creed was a thing. haha The common folk need something to listen to.
  17. got one thank you!
  18. A Goog search for "Vinyl Collectors Forum"
  19. Not really......comfortable......but wish i didnt variant collect sometimes. I did pre order theses.......its cheaper to buy 2 or more records from EU merch now than it is to buy from 24hundred
  20. already own all of them but figured what the hell if i can actually get the box for that price. This happened before and they all ended up getting canceled but we'll see
  21. Thank you for this. Scored Lord Huron and Kings of Leon.
  22. Pet Symmetry - Vision J85S?NU4VXTZGQ65 The ? is a number between 0-9.
  23. Pretty similar in height and weight and I agree. When a L fits right it's perfect but depending on the brand they are often just a tad too short everywhere and my beer gut could use a little more room. Almost all XLs are too big all around.
  24. i emailed the seller asking if it was vinyl and if it wasnt to cancel my order... they responded with ..
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