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  2. The vinyl version of the new Cultes Des Ghoules is up at Hell's Headbangers. What a fucking ripper!
  3. You've got to be off your meds if you want anything other than the 3 LP black.
  4. That can't be correct..... I'm asking about that now! I know it's like 18euros to ship from them to me, which sucks, and which is why I try to organize group-buys so we can get at least some kind of a break. I know they hardly make any money off these releases anyway, because of all the extra stuff they put in. Pretty sure they commissioned some artwork for the Glasir EP too, which would factor into their overhead. But whenever you get something of theirs, you'll see... it's worth the money. Their product is pretty unrivaled as far as my experience goes.
  5. On the exact same page. FOH is so good but deserved slightly better production for a while now.
  6. full stream up:
  7. hi, do you still have mewithoutYou's Brother, Sister and the PATD/fun. 7"?
  8. Even bigger ouch, those cartridges are not cheap. Live and learn though.
  10. When compared to the same titles on, these five titles on saved me $42+: Soundgarden, Louder Than Love The Notwist, Neon Golden Sonic Youth, Murray Street Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained DJ Shadow, Reconstructed: The Best of DJ Shadow
  11. Thanks for the info. I was wondering if a limited edition was coming out.
  12. I pulled the trigger on it. I mean it is Amazon. If it is really that destroyed or unplayable then I can just return it or bitch and they give me it for free.
  13. I am gonna pick up the FleshGod Apocalypse Blue King vinyl even though there is a wait tho
  14. Looks like about 85 are up. Nevermind - sold out now. That was quick.
  15. Ouch!!! I sort of did that with a Sumiko Blue Point Special (the open body one) so you're not alone, caught my sleeve on it and that was that.
  16. Lots of trance and club music. Not my bag. But also there's allot I don't have. They also have allot of singles that don't make much sense to get for €55 I participated in the 3 for €35 campaign they had a couple weeks ago which turned out fine good stuff
  17. Per Heavenly Records: Hello, We would like to thank-you for pre-ordering the new Mark Lanegan album 'Gargoyle' via the Heavenly Emporium. For those that bought the LP we would like to inform you that your record will be on red vinyl which is limited to 500 copies world wide. So...if you want to buy it on limited RED Vinyl, get over to Heavenly now:
  18. splatter is back in stock finally got it
  19. I was super into New Again for like 6 months a couple years ago. I don't listen to it often anymore, but it has some fucking great jams. It's a shame Matt Fazzi didn't get the credit he deserves for it, I like him way better than John Nolan.
  20. Oh, also I've been really into Hard Bargain by Emmylou Harris lately and I wish that had a vinyl release.
  21. any other variants than what's available online?
  22. I love the veneer on that table. Made a $150 mistake on Sunday. Snapped my 8MZ stylus in half . It was stuck in the cart, so I gave it an extra tug and my thumb slipped right into the cantilever, snapping it in half.
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  24. I've successfully stayed away, not so much out of want, but out of necessity. Things that are new with me since last visiting a few years back: - I got married - I started an ongoing film series here in Buffalo called Cultivate Cinema Circle - I am managing a makerspace and recording studio that are both free and open to the public at the Buffalo downtown library - I am writing quite a lot of film criticism for a number of outlets and festivals - I moved to a smaller, nicer apartment - Thanks to my incoming tax return, I am doing some minor upgrades to my audio setup
  25. Nothing really unfortunately... Have A TON of stuff added to my list, it's just a matter of getting around to it. EDIT: I take that back. Watched "Ouija: Origin of Evil" last night cause my wife wanted to watch it. It wasn't terrible. Had pretty much everything you'd come to expect from "mainstream haunted house/possession" movies. But I've loved everything the director has done so far, so yeah.
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