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  2. I think the problem is that it bumps in a different way everyone else wants it to. I'm not saying that it can only thrive in the night setting, but you're absolutely right – as soon as I heard the song, the first thing I thought of was how badly I wanted to play it the next time I'm on the road after the sun has gone down. I revisited it this evening to make sure I wasn't going crazy or giving in to any kind of bias, and sure enough... it's a jam.
  3. I'm ready to finally buy all my Tool vinyl on the exclusive urban outfitters pic disc vinyl!
  4. Cut Copy have announced their fifth studio album titled Haiku From Zero. Below is the tracklist: Side A Standing In The Middle Of The Field Counting Down Black Rainbows Stars Last Me A Lifetime Airborne Side B No Fixed Destination Memories We Share Living Upside Down Tied To The Weather Preorders have gone up at a few locations below: Cut Copy Store: Bullmoose: A 7” of “Standing in the Middle of the Field” featuring an exclusive b-side will be available to those who pre-order the vinyl edition of Haiku From Zero at select U.S. record stores. The list of participating stores will be announced shortly. Listen to Standing In The Middle Of The Field below:
  5. Any 5 for $45ppd take the whole lot for $65ppd or do it for $75ppd and get a bonus surprise record
  6. Ordered without hesitation a few weeks back...
  7. Yep. Got mine right away.
  8. Is this actually put out by Radioactive? So thought that label was done ages ago?
  9. I don't think the Spice Girls LP specifically listed the pressing quantity like those two both dig though.
  10. Yeah its been a process to acquire conan/bongripper stuff. Id search discogs and places like all that is heavy.
  11. No way those both sold out. Same thing happened w spice girls. It sold out right away, went back up soon after & now its been on urban's website for 2 yrs. Lol
  12. If he wasn't as bad as he is I'd agree, but there's just no excuse for this.
  13. I don't like the music still, but this dude is one of my favorite personalities now. He seems to not give a fuck about anything he's supposed to. Pretty punk rock if you ask me.
  14. Yeah they all turned out pretty sweet. The one in the bottom right corner is a new type of color combo that pirates press is trying out, I think it's pretty cool.
  15. David Ramirez-Fables 687F354H Dylan Leblanc-Cautionary Tale TK4P22Z
  16. Grabbed These! Thank you very much.
  17. I'm warning you. I have good aim and it's been a few weeks since my last expulsion.
  18. It's such an interesting time to be a wrestling fan. I agree with Jim Cornette, there would be more wrestling in the states if there were still a successful territory system. But, because of the web, we get access to wrestling from all over the world. NJPW is such a stellar promotion.
  19. They posted a new track on Monday that was very well timed considering the shit that happened this past weekend... Ok, I can't get the video to embed correctly, but it's on their Facebook.
  20. Definitely groovier and overall a bit heavier if you're looking at all the tracks in comparison to ...LC's roster. Nowhere near as "heavy" as their earlier stuff though. (But hopefully no one was dense enough to suspect that after the first single we got.)
  21. Hey count me on this too please. just let me know how much it'll be with shipping before anything
  22. Looking for some pressing reviews as well. Don't care about the color, just want a nice clean pressing.
  23. I wouldn't assume anything. my tracking finally updated today. Started in PA, then an hour later showed up in Jersey and said it's been delayed. No shit it's been delayed...
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