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  2. Got shipping notification about an hour ago.
  3. Anyone else get shipping notification besdies DeathPeak? I haven't yet, don't want to wait too long and then not get one while others have them floating around.
  4. I got everything else I wanted plus I bought a bunch I didn't with the plan to trade for the claypool Lennon. I don't have the energy to flip them so I will just wait a week or so and buy the claypool Lennon and hopefully get a few people what they wanted on here. I did end up having to order from the UK so I picked up a couple rsduk titles while I was at it.
  5. They might be legit, but it cost me $16.00 to ship 3 records from Idaho to Ohio and I didn't see it until I had already placed the order, hope I get them, My experience with plaidroom records was not a good one, I ordered Bill Evans, u2, and Mike Peters at 8:00 am on Sunday, got a cancellation notice around 5:00 pm for the Bill Evans, I just canceled that order, completely.
  6. Is Tom Cruise going to be involved in this split?
  7. I'm with you on the Claypool Lennon. That and the Sunday's were the two I was looking for oh well things could be worse.
  8. Can vouch for the Record Exchange as being a super legit record store. Very honest and trustworthy people, they started up in 1977. The owner Michael Bunnell is also the Executive Director of CIMS (Coalition of Independent Music Stores) and one of the founders of Record Store Day. Read more here! #shamelessplugformyfavoritelocalstore Also, not sure if this has been posted, but found a place that has Ike Reiko records going up for sale on the 4-29-17.
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  10. get ready to be bummed. space lab doesn't believe in original art.
  11. Awesome, thanks a lot. Ive been keeping an eye out for yours too but have had no luck on my end.
  12. Looks like I am shit out of luck on the claypool Lennon delirium as well. I think everyone that has it really wants it or really wants a lot for it. Assuming I get both of the cure acoustic I ordered you get first crack. Just what it cost me plus shipping.
  13. Sometimes they just don't show up for whatever reason but they are there and should come off if you buy something in the store. Once you buy something the proper balance should show up.
  14. Everything is only a couple of dollars too expensive, but worth it if you are desperate for something.
  15. On the emails it says something like "to manage your available credits, go to the manage your account tab and in the top right hand corner, it will show the available credits you have."
  16. I think they apply it to the next purchase you make Edit: To clarify, I've had that happen to me
  17. Some stuff left here... The Sundays, Distillers, corey feldman. I've never ordered from them though, they're based out of Idaho
  18. Maybe try reaching out to Legacy? I'd do it sooner than later. Maybe via facebook or twitter??
  19. I think it was $14.99. I think more of these will make their way out there as the days go by.
  20. No kidding. That's insane. I think I paid $23 for MP and the Cure's were only like $27 at my store. If they weren't PicDiscs I may have bought them, but $27 seemed excessive for Picture Discs.
  21. Just hold tight for a week or 2. Its not a NIN signed album. The price will drop after the hype dies down. Lakeshore told me they are expecting them to arrive any day now, and then they will begin shipping. October is unlinkely.
  22. I got five emails from VMP saying that my referral code was used (two of which were from friends, the other three were probably from you guys so thank you!). When I look in my account though, it says that I have $0 in credits. Does it take a few days to process or should I contact them?
  23. Dark Souls is pretty much my most favorite thing ever made by humans, but if they just slap the crappy box art on this, I will be super bummed.
  24. Post this store's name so I can report it to the RSD people for price gouging.
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