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  2. The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    did that and for $64 got: Snoop Dogg - Doggystyle Mudvayne - Lost and Found Black Crowes - Warpaint Buju Banton - Til Shiloh Clutch - Full Fathom Five Beck - Morning Phase
  3. Goddamn both of those songs are awesome...but a flexi just isn’t worth that much to me
  4. ehhh, maybe you should go listen to brand new...
  5. I guess they figure they can charge what it costs to get an entire years sub to AP since that's how much it cost before.... but you got 12 magazine's in addition to the shit quality flexi before.
  6. Some Cheap Vinyl at Amazon

    They cancelled without notice. sent a customer service request and was issued a $15 credit within two hours. No biggie, doubt i would’ve ever played it
  7. Black Metal Discussion Thread

    It's kinda like undertow era Tool riffs with black metal influence especially on Gin
  8. I think they recorded a new album this year. So probably springish 2018 release.
  9. Waxwork Records Thread

    I'm stoked for Get Out and Drag Me To Hell. Can't wait to see how those turn out
  10. That was Beggars, this is The Alchemy Index.
  11. Some Cheap Vinyl at Amazon

    Anyone that is mad that a company didn't want to take a ~$100 loss on probably a good amount of orders needs to get over themselves. They have a policy in place that clearly states they can cancel orders due to pricing errors. No one was charged any amount of money for any amount of time while we waited to see how this was panning out. This was a free bet and we all lost, move on.
  12. Good, seeing as so many expensive things I want are coming out right now, way too close to the holidays haha.
  13. Dont get me wrong I laika too, its just a print run of 750 is almost unheard of for a standard Mondo print. It will be available for awhile.
  14. I’m from Portland, so Laika is near and dear to me. I’m hoping you’re right and it’s easy to get!
  15. He's never done anything good enough to make up for how shitty a person he is.
  16. no word on EU right? will be some hefty transport costs
  17. probably, ebay user lazylabradorrecords is going to flip the 2000 copies
  18. It's been a while since we've had a good official and unofficial bootleg debate here.... GO!
  19. All I know is that I'm going to be ready to make the purchase and I'm going to be pretty damn upset if I somehow don't get one because 2,000 of their other fans are able to check out faster than me. Regardless, isn't it a safe assumption that Thrice has more than 2,000 fans that are into vinyl? Just seems more limited than necessary for this release. Maybe I'm wrong though...
  20. https://sideonedummy.com/product/title-fight-misseddreamcatchers-flexi-2011/594 $21 after using code: Udeservethis
  21. A couple minutes for 2000 would be pretty fast.
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