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  2. I'm bummed I have to skip the Philly show--the venue has a bunch of cool shows coming up but the girlfriend is recently wheelchair bound and they're not too great about that stuff unfortunately
  3. I am going to have to come back to this tomorrow.
  4. Lucky for us music lovers, this will not affect playback
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  7. Can you let me know if you spot Amine - Good For You on the list later on?
  8. Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows | D.R.U.G.S | First Press | Black | /Unknown J. Cole | 2014 Forest Hills Drive | First Press | 180 Gram Black | /Unknown Migos | Culture | First Press | Black | /Unknown
  9. All Time Low - So Wrong It's Right (Blue In Red) /1,000 blessthefall - Hollow Bodies (Clear w/ Red Splatter) /1,000 Movements - Outgrown Things (Milky Clear w/ Grey & White Splatter) /500 Silverstein - Dead Reflection (Half Hot Pink/ Half Ultra Clear w/ Classic Black Smoke) /4,000 Armstrongs - If There Was Ever A Time (New Noise Magazine Flexi) /??? Armstrongs - If There Was Ever A Time (Flexi benefitting 924 Gilman) /1,000 I also picked up a Symphonic Classic Rock LP for 10 cents at a thrift store. It's pretty sweet.
  10. I'd imagine so. They had the Ferment date correct
  11. Not that I have the same table but I love my leather mat. Tried cork along with the factory rubber and leather sounds the best to me but every table is different. Its cheap and easy to try cork as you can get one of the 12" squares form almost any hardware store and just cut it to shape.
  12. No, it's not a joke, and no, I don't complain in restaurants. The dot/spot is quite large. It's a printing error, so it's a bit more than being picky -- Especially after waiting many months and something's that's a collector's piece.
  13. Ah. Shit. yeah, I got nothin. Sorry.
  14. Why?
  15. Lots of different opinions, as expected. Still not sure...
  16. Are you also the type of person to complain to the manager at a restaurant when they don't bring lemon for your water?
  17. Oh fuck "Flashpoint."
  18. Wicca Phase Springs Eternal - Secret Boy | Black | /400 Wicca Phase Springs Eternal - Raw and Declawed | Black
  19. I remember these on my cards when i was younger. Cool idea, the pvc to pvc contact is generally the concern as with pic disc sleeves. Cardboard to pvc shouldnt melt together or anything.
  20. This is a joke, right?
  21. I got my Signed copy and Red copy, But the signed copy has a jacket printing error (a white dot on K. Dot's cheek) and some stray non-print dots elsewhere. I'll be asking for another copy.
  22. I'm interested in stuff on New Orleans labels. Irma Thomas Eddie Bo Ernie K-Doe Huey Smith Eldridge Holmes
  23. I did yesterday. Don't think I ever got shipping confirmation. Just watch for something from Orlando, FL.
  24. Official release date?
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