Receiver Date Comment Sender  
EmeryRK EmeryRK 03/23/2017 Great buyer. Fast payment and solid communication. Backed! David The Gnome David The Gnome
jaxvinyl jaxvinyl 03/23/2017 Fast shipping, item as described! Thanks Pozo Pozo
The Saint The Saint 03/22/2017 Great communication, fast payment. Thanks! futures futures
storagesettings storagesettings 03/22/2017 Do not buy from. Once I sent payment seller would not contact me and after messaging other members found out he had sold the same records to multiple people. Still have not received refund or records. Gszczepkowski Gszczepkowski
Scottjaw Scottjaw 03/22/2017 Great trader- trade with confidence. He sent my record quickly and it was packed well! janer05 janer05
mdamore11 mdamore11 03/21/2017 Stoked to get this box in the mail today. NM+ records, flawlessly packaged, he even threw in an awesome 7" I wasn't expecting. Buy from this guy! ok_computer ok_computer
heresyourletter heresyourletter 03/21/2017 Great seller, super fast shipping, well packaged. Thanks again! Scottjaw Scottjaw
janer05 janer05 03/21/2017 Amazing trader, fast and well packaged! This was a dream trade so thanks again. Scottjaw Scottjaw
futures futures 03/21/2017 Couldn't recommend this seller enough. Great packaging and speedy quick shipping. Thank you! The Saint The Saint
kylet kylet 03/20/2017 Record was is great shape and fast shipping Gszczepkowski Gszczepkowski
DOMAN127 DOMAN127 03/20/2017 Awesome like always. A++++ Royce Royce
chelseaannt chelseaannt 03/20/2017 Awesome Buyer. Great all around. A++ Royce Royce
DOMAN127 DOMAN127 03/19/2017 Literally the best buyer I've ever dealt with in the history of my life. I've quit selling because he cannot be topped. lethalenforcer lethalenforcer
Gstbmn Gstbmn 03/19/2017 Great experience for my first transaction on VC. Albums are in great condition and were packed with care. Great seller! Uherekaa Uherekaa
videogamesandvinyl videogamesandvinyl 03/19/2017 Probably my favorite seller I have done business with so far. Unbeatable price, album was like new, and arrived at my residence almost suspiciously fast. Uherekaa Uherekaa
kylekrische kylekrische 03/19/2017 Great seller! Album is in solid condition, good price, packed with care and was shipped promptly. Uherekaa Uherekaa
Royce Royce 03/18/2017 Great deal on a great record DOMAN127 DOMAN127
andy. andy. 03/17/2017 Great seller, easy transaction. Thank you so much :) chelseaannt chelseaannt
tokimedo tokimedo 03/17/2017 Great deal, nice guy, nicely packed. Thank you! ninjplaysdrums ninjplaysdrums
heresyourletter heresyourletter 03/17/2017 Great price and nicely packed. Thank you very much! ninjplaysdrums ninjplaysdrums
indianajones indianajones 03/17/2017 Another smooooth transaction! Quick shipping and was packed perfectly. hype hype
sinisterkidd sinisterkidd 03/16/2017 Got my record in great shape. wngu86 wngu86
hype hype 03/15/2017 Two for two. Hype's a good dude. indianajones indianajones
lethalenforcer lethalenforcer 03/15/2017 It was a non-stop thrill ride and I never wanted to get off DOMAN127 DOMAN127
hammertime hammertime 03/15/2017 Hooked me up, thanks again curator curator