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EmeryRK EmeryRK 10/21/2017 This dude is OUTRAGEOUS! Quite possibly the most humble, nicest, down to earth fella I've ever done a deal with. Great communication and insanely fast payment. Transaction went flawlessly. Plus this guy leaves fucking killer feedback.... that alone is enough to do business with him. lungfutang lungfutang
larry47591 larry47591 10/21/2017 easy to work with, solid communication. fast shipping & packaged great Duff Duff
Duff Duff 10/20/2017 Great buyer easy to work with larry47591 larry47591
oilandwater oilandwater 10/18/2017 Really excellent seller. Very quick delivery and extremely quick to communicate. pepperonigin pepperonigin
jaybar516 jaybar516 10/18/2017 Guys. You need to take this guy out to dinner. A fine dinner. With satin rolled silver wear and that fancy towel over the arm thing they do. That’s how I feel about doing business with him. Honest, responsive and shipped it quickly. If you think about buying something from him, don’t think. Just do. EmeryRK EmeryRK
larry47591 larry47591 10/16/2017 Quick shipping packaged very well! EGsynergy EGsynergy
EGsynergy EGsynergy 10/15/2017 Fast payment easy to work with larry47591 larry47591
lungfutang lungfutang 10/14/2017 If this guy was a house, it would have sold for a million dollars. If this guy was a book, it would have Oprah’s stamp of approval forever. Don’t worry about getting anything from this guy. He is honest, communicative and ships fast. I would and will buy from again. EmeryRK EmeryRK
daxfrost daxfrost 10/11/2017 Great transaction. Fast shipment and record came very well packaged. Would buy from again! YouTwo YouTwo
ckthriceck ckthriceck 10/04/2017 Absolutely flawless transaction. Extremely quick shipping and perfect condition. Thank you! beta114 beta114
AsleepOnRocks AsleepOnRocks 10/03/2017 Class act all the way bruh! Metal Mike Metal Mike
DarrenMcCall DarrenMcCall 10/03/2017 A+++ Fastest shipping I've seen in awhile! Boxed beautifully,too. (can't find the stupid thread because of the shit feedback system) Black Phillip Black Phillip
Black Phillip Black Phillip 10/02/2017 Awesome buyer! Perfect transaction :) DarrenMcCall DarrenMcCall
tkey tkey 09/28/2017 That boy *is* right. Metal Mike Metal Mike
Thomas³ Thomas³ 09/27/2017 Great price, great shipping, great seller. Thanks Thomas! dethrock dethrock
dethrock dethrock 09/27/2017 Great buyer. Paid fast, and exact shipping to Canada. Thomas³ Thomas³
stl_ben stl_ben 09/24/2017 Fast payment and no nonsense transaction. Quick and would sell to again. EmeryRK EmeryRK
ninjplaysdrums ninjplaysdrums 09/23/2017 Awesome, friendly buyer! 10/10 anightdrive anightdrive
ninjplaysdrums ninjplaysdrums 09/23/2017 Awesome, friendly buyer! 10/10 anightdrive anightdrive
ninjplaysdrums ninjplaysdrums 09/23/2017 Awesome, friendly buyer! 10/10 anightdrive anightdrive
hexrecords hexrecords 09/17/2017 Great deal and quick shipment! Dunc Dunc
anightdrive anightdrive 09/16/2017 Great seller, packed well and nice communication! ninjplaysdrums ninjplaysdrums
Satan Satan 09/14/2017 Fast shipping. Communicates quickly. Incredibly smooth transaction. AndrewSS AndrewSS
smeepo smeepo 09/14/2017 Great seller! Excellent communication, shipped quickly, packaged well. Han Solo Han Solo
Cpaskous Cpaskous 09/12/2017 Fast payment, Excellent dude! sugareggs sugareggs
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