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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Thomas³ Thomas³ 11/21/2017 Received payment very quickly and was a pleasure to have in our group buy. Would not hesitate to deal with in the future. Kjm23 Kjm23
andrewdobsonvinyl andrewdobsonvinyl 11/21/2017 Received payment very quickly. Looking forward to dealing with again in the future. Thanks again! Kjm23 Kjm23
dankdrew dankdrew 11/21/2017 Incredibly fast payment and super easy to work with. Hope to deal with again many times in the future. Thanks again! Kjm23 Kjm23
Bladewillisisdead Bladewillisisdead 11/16/2017 Fast payment, easy communication. seafoamgreen seafoamgreen
copelandkid copelandkid 11/16/2017 Nate's a great guy. Glad we could work out a sale together! The Saint The Saint
The Saint The Saint 11/16/2017 excellent seller – prompt clear communication + expert packaging. thanks!! copelandkid copelandkid
rynobot3000 rynobot3000 11/15/2017 Very easy person to deal with. Very smooth transaction. EmeryRK EmeryRK
seafoamgreen seafoamgreen 11/14/2017 Extremely fast shipping and very well packed. Bladewillisisdead Bladewillisisdead
youspinmeround youspinmeround 11/14/2017 Well packed and look good Dhesketh Dhesketh
youspinmeround youspinmeround 11/14/2017 Well packed and look good. Dhesketh Dhesketh
timcauliffe timcauliffe 11/14/2017 Quick ship and in good shape. Dhesketh Dhesketh
Snaggle Von Swift Snaggle Von Swift 11/08/2017 One of the best! THE_James_Champ THE_James_Champ
kadaver kadaver 11/07/2017 Fantastic seller, nice to work with, more than fair prices, excellent communication! Would buy from again. napalm06 napalm06
KingTacoMunster KingTacoMunster 11/06/2017 Shipped promptly and gave good updates. Packaging was excellent. Macbethfan Macbethfan
tetsuodaironman tetsuodaironman 11/06/2017 Awesome seller. Great guy overall to work with! \m/ januarytwenty januarytwenty
zachblows zachblows 10/31/2017 Dude, Where's My Record? marcgcote marcgcote
bear801 bear801 10/31/2017 Fantastic seller - would recommend 100% of the time. Thank you for the speedy shipping and communication! beta114 beta114
ninjplaysdrums ninjplaysdrums 10/31/2017 Dude was awesome and very easy to work with. I'd sell him my kidney need be. inlimbo inlimbo
pepperonigin pepperonigin 10/31/2017 Prompt payment, friendly communication and overall awesome. inlimbo inlimbo
inlimbo inlimbo 10/31/2017 Great seller, quick to respond, really well packed and came as advertised. Buy with confidence. pepperonigin pepperonigin
dmac8706 dmac8706 10/31/2017 Super good experience all around. Price was fair, grading was accurate, and everything shipped fast and was super well packaged. Great dude all around, fast and responsive. 100% recommend. V3XED V3XED
dmac8706 dmac8706 10/31/2017 Super good experience, was a pleasure trading with Dmac8706. He was super reasonable on price, accurate on grading, and shipped everything out within 12 hours of receiving my payment. 100% awesome all the way around. V3XED V3XED
SunsetDramaKing17 SunsetDramaKing17 10/24/2017 A huge help in securing a copy of 7" and a tshirt at the gig in Philly. Really grateful with the help provided. zaoza zaoza
vanishinghouse vanishinghouse 10/23/2017 Excellent deal from an excellent person! THE_James_Champ THE_James_Champ
EmeryRK EmeryRK 10/21/2017 This dude is OUTRAGEOUS! Quite possibly the most humble, nicest, down to earth fella I've ever done a deal with. Great communication and insanely fast payment. Transaction went flawlessly. Plus this guy leaves fucking killer feedback.... that alone is enough to do business with him. lungfutang lungfutang
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