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Holo Holo 02/07/2017 Sweet sale, positive...mail......................10/10 DOMAN127 DOMAN127
Holo Holo 02/07/2017 Good guy good buy 10/10 DOMAN127 DOMAN127
brandnew brandnew 02/07/2017 Got some shirts, good service DOMAN127 DOMAN127
videogamesandvinyl videogamesandvinyl 02/07/2017 Killer seller! Super fast shipping and incredible pricing. Definitely looking forward to doing business with again! letsmakekill letsmakekill
agreetodisagree agreetodisagree 02/06/2017 Great seller. Communicates well, knows how to package, record got to me super quick... just a great experience. Always is with this guy. Kyle_ftl Kyle_ftl
pmlevine pmlevine 02/06/2017 Great buyer. Easy to deal with and paid quickly. Would definitely deal with again agreetodisagree agreetodisagree
YouTwo YouTwo 02/06/2017 Super reasonable and really easy to work with. Great seller! BrainGilliams BrainGilliams
videogamesandvinyl videogamesandvinyl 02/05/2017 Got everything fast. Good seller kohjinagata kohjinagata
mysundown1305 mysundown1305 02/05/2017 Couldn't be happier with my purchases kohjinagata kohjinagata
mrewest mrewest 02/05/2017 Awesome seller, good price and super fast shipping! hyperg1ant hyperg1ant
chamb117 chamb117 02/04/2017 ayy thanks again for the great deal! Klefki Klefki
mertzrock mertzrock 02/04/2017 Thank you for your patience! chamb117 chamb117
Klefki Klefki 02/04/2017 Great buyer! chamb117 chamb117
Tommy Tommy 02/03/2017 Super Fast Shipping. Packaged Well. All Around Great Dude! Twistedshabazz Twistedshabazz
sinisterkidd sinisterkidd 02/02/2017 great seller e*n*d* e*n*d*
Twistedshabazz Twistedshabazz 02/02/2017 solid dude Tommy Tommy
letsmakekill letsmakekill 02/01/2017 great communication and quick payment. would gladly work with again! videogamesandvinyl videogamesandvinyl
andysrobbins andysrobbins 02/01/2017 Shipped fast and record came as described. Thanks, Bud!!! MikeSantor MikeSantor
DOMAN127 DOMAN127 01/31/2017 Thanks! x888x x888x
phernandozelaya phernandozelaya 01/30/2017 A+ buyer, great communication, fast payment, hope to deal with you again! illkeepyouinmind illkeepyouinmind
dapeebs dapeebs 01/28/2017 Really great collection! JorgeRodriguez689 JorgeRodriguez689
RhoBearToe RhoBearToe 01/28/2017 Great buyer, was super easy to communicate with and very understanding. Tawney Bomb Tawney Bomb
jon720 jon720 01/27/2017 Great communication. Quick to ship. Records condition as described. Thanks! wallofamps wallofamps
sinisterkidd sinisterkidd 01/27/2017 Great seller. Great deals. Quick shipping. Highly recommended!! Slendergiant Slendergiant
Tawney Bomb Tawney Bomb 01/26/2017 Great seller! Gave me a great deal on a hard to get record. Easy to work with and communicated quickly. Thanks! RhoBearToe RhoBearToe