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Ranch Cat Ranch Cat 05/07/2017 Fast shipping! Packaged well. Good seller! kylet kylet
larry47591 larry47591 05/06/2017 Was true to his word. Good dude. Shipped it fast.Hope to buy more from him in the future. Capnzissou Capnzissou
larry47591 larry47591 05/06/2017 Was true to his word. Good dude. Shipped it fast.Hope to buy more from him in the future. Capnzissou Capnzissou
pizza face pizza face 05/06/2017 Packed this sunabitch in a tank of packaging. Hope to buy from him again. Capnzissou Capnzissou
tokimedo tokimedo 05/05/2017 Whoa. 5 years in the making, but thanks for buying the record and then selling it to me! longwalkshortpiers longwalkshortpiers
jackshidt jackshidt 05/04/2017 Jay was nice enough to pick up a couple of extra records for the board on RSD! sogross sogross
jon720 jon720 05/03/2017 Great to deal with you again, man. Thanks!! ninjplaysdrums ninjplaysdrums
SuperBuckeye30 SuperBuckeye30 05/03/2017 Amazing dude to deal with. Thank you so much again! ninjplaysdrums ninjplaysdrums
duffmanrxbandit duffmanrxbandit 05/02/2017 Great to deal with. Fast shipping, fair price. Thanks! ninjplaysdrums ninjplaysdrums
Dhesketh Dhesketh 05/02/2017 Arrived quickly and packaged well! Pleasure doing business with. creigercreig creigercreig
erikness erikness 05/01/2017 Described the record well and described possible flaws (which even I wasn't able to notice). Packaged record extremely well and shipped promptly. Would definitely recommend doing business with this user. 2moreinches 2moreinches
THE_James_Champ THE_James_Champ 05/01/2017 Great communication and covered fees as buyer. Was a pleasure to do business with! Highly recommended as doing business with someone so on the ball and enthusiastic always makes transactions as easy as possible 2moreinches 2moreinches
Dhesketh Dhesketh 04/28/2017 Helping a brother out on RSD. Dude shipped like a champ! PookdaddyG PookdaddyG
2moreinches 2moreinches 04/24/2017 Awesome. Fastest fucking media mail I have ever gotten. Arizona to Florida in less than 2 days!! THE_James_Champ THE_James_Champ
videogamesandvinyl videogamesandvinyl 04/24/2017 great transaction, great seller, thanks a lot! pyroglass pyroglass
Sunshine Sunshine 04/22/2017 Thanks Shlebs <3 batman batman
drds89 drds89 04/21/2017 great seller. super friendly, prompt, knows how to box 'em up and ship 'em out. highly recommended. copelandkid copelandkid
copelandkid copelandkid 04/21/2017 really enjoyed working out the trade with Nate, great gentleman all the way around! drds89 drds89
derkwithano derkwithano 04/19/2017 Fair prices, friendly, and albums arrived as described in a well packed mailer! Thank you! holysht_itschris holysht_itschris
jon720 jon720 04/19/2017 Great deal, thanks! curator curator
copelandkid copelandkid 04/19/2017 Quick payment and left feedback. Sell your stuff to this user! ntslash ntslash
ntslash ntslash 04/19/2017 good prices, quick shipping, and super easy to work with. thanks! copelandkid copelandkid
dnl dnl 04/19/2017 Good buyer. Paid right away and left positive feedback. What more could you ask for?? ntslash ntslash
Dojo Daniel Dojo Daniel 04/18/2017 Good buyer. Good communication and received their payment with no problems! KJL95 KJL95
ntslash ntslash 04/18/2017 Good communication and accurate descriptions. Quick to ship and packed well. dnl dnl
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