Receiver Date Comment Sender  
cixous cixous 07/08/2012 Quick shipping. Records as described. Would buy from him again! ruckis ruckis
nothingnatural nothingnatural 07/08/2012 Solid Trader - all around great member of this board. jerseydave77 jerseydave77
allixjohnson allixjohnson 07/08/2012 Didn't communicate well. Packaged just in a shipper w/ no support. Arrived ok. hellbent hellbent
jerseydave77 jerseydave77 07/08/2012 Top notch trader! Great packaging! Everything went perfectly. Thanks! A+++ nothingnatural nothingnatural
aweaver aweaver 07/08/2012 Sold me a great set of records at a fair price and packaged well! Backed! daysaves daysaves
imkylejackson imkylejackson 07/08/2012 Shipped same day + Packaged Well = Hipster's approval 100% hipsterasfolk hipsterasfolk
apirk apirk 07/07/2012 Fast shipping and everything was packed nicely. goodfriendbadhabit goodfriendbadhabit
randomfortunepa randomfortunepa 07/07/2012 great buyer. quick payment, easy to communicate with. thanks! veronicamars veronicamars
Derek™ Derek™ 07/06/2012 Excellent transaction. Thanks! :) lainaw lainaw
veronicamars veronicamars 07/06/2012 Excellent seller! Almost instant tracking, fast and very secure shipping! Thanks randomfortunepa randomfortunepa
raindownonme23 raindownonme23 07/06/2012 Ordered two separate packages, both packaged very well and arrived quickly bigbruise bigbruise
californiaflow californiaflow 07/06/2012 paid quickly and communicated great ozfacter ozfacter
makeshiftrigger makeshiftrigger 07/06/2012 I love this Kevin. yocaseycasey yocaseycasey
jurrobear jurrobear 07/06/2012 Always a pleasure to deal with. yocaseycasey yocaseycasey
sjb2k1 sjb2k1 07/06/2012 This is my second or third purchase. I'll be back for more. yocaseycasey yocaseycasey
ianmonsta ianmonsta 07/06/2012 Would definetly buy from again! fsccheek fsccheek
themullet89 themullet89 07/06/2012 buy from this guy! ozfacter ozfacter
selfreliable selfreliable 07/06/2012 This guy gets what community is about. Huge favor, solid guy. jerseydave77 jerseydave77
jerseydave77 jerseydave77 07/06/2012 Traded 7"s and he shipped fast and communicated through the whole process. selfreliable selfreliable
shifres shifres 07/05/2012 Flat-out GAVE me a CD for Free, super nice dude. piecemeal piecemeal
hobohunter48 hobohunter48 07/05/2012 shipped well, arrived quickly. thanks! spikey182 spikey182
yocaseycasey yocaseycasey 07/05/2012 Leaves bad feedback just to be a dick. hankmurphy hankmurphy
xfactor675 xfactor675 07/05/2012 Shipped right away. best packaging I have received on a vinyl. bobbyhotep bobbyhotep
Eclipsical Eclipsical 07/05/2012 This was a smooth trade, good communication! comesleep comesleep
jeff3937 jeff3937 07/05/2012 sent fast and as promised! xeroblade xeroblade
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