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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
skippy skippy 07/15/2012 Great dude! Worked out a solid deal and posted heaps quickly dmarks dmarks
Eclipsical Eclipsical 07/15/2012 Great dude! Worked out a solid deal! dmarks dmarks
ozfacter ozfacter 07/15/2012 Solid Guy. Easy to deal with - recommended. jerseydave77 jerseydave77
kingnikko5 kingnikko5 07/15/2012 Good communication, fast shipping, and perfect packaging. Awesome dude! imkylejackson imkylejackson
hellomrminkle hellomrminkle 07/15/2012 A good seller. Received my record in no time. omfgnicholas omfgnicholas
daniel daniel 07/15/2012 Amazing Deals, Great Dude tlr tlr
blanchardoswald blanchardoswald 07/15/2012 Great Communication and Fast Shipping tlr tlr
jerseydave77 jerseydave77 07/15/2012 gave me a great deal and is super easy to deal with. buy from this man! ozfacter ozfacter
Snaggle Von Swift Snaggle Von Swift 07/15/2012 awesome guy, paid instantly. glad i was able to help him out ozfacter ozfacter
ozfacter ozfacter 07/14/2012 Came VERY quick, packaged great! Great deal/seller! Snaggle Von Swift Snaggle Von Swift
nothingnatural nothingnatural 07/14/2012 nothingnatural is an awesome buyer. I sold him the GJ NBF 7". firefoxussr firefoxussr
yarostino yarostino 07/14/2012 Nice guy with perfect communication. Recommended! dm dm
mrewest mrewest 07/14/2012 Top notch seller! Great packaging and sent the stuff promptly. Thanks! nothingnatural nothingnatural
2moreinches 2moreinches 07/14/2012 all star! crackerjack crackerjack
nothingnatural nothingnatural 07/14/2012 Awesome buyer. Able to work a deal thst was good for both of us. A++ mrewest mrewest
crackerjack crackerjack 07/14/2012 Great trader! Twas a pleasure 2moreinches 2moreinches
rockstar71888 rockstar71888 07/14/2012 My records got here quickly, threw in a queen lp, would buy from again. donttchange donttchange
jhulud jhulud 07/13/2012 Top notch buyer! Immediate payment! All around good dude. Thanks Juan! nothingnatural nothingnatural
firefoxussr firefoxussr 07/13/2012 Top notch seller! Sold me a Glassjaw 7" at cost. Packed it perfectly! Thanks! nothingnatural nothingnatural
dm dm 07/13/2012 fast payment and a nice guy overall.... recommended! yarostino yarostino
rockstar71888 rockstar71888 07/13/2012 Bought a print - well shipped and fast delivery - thanks Thomas_Nassiff Thomas_Nassiff
seku seku 07/13/2012 Great buyer! Sent money right away and notified me the day he received it. mameeshkamowskwoz mameeshkamowskwoz
mameeshkamowskwoz mameeshkamowskwoz 07/13/2012 Great seller, communicative and honest, record well packed, arrived perfect! seku seku
ronniegwilliams ronniegwilliams 07/13/2012 packed great and shipped fast. great communication! trade with this man! ozfacter ozfacter
avengedcorpse avengedcorpse 07/13/2012 another successful deal done. great member! ozfacter ozfacter
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