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  2. Did anybody that ordered the black on black version on day one actually get any stickers or patches as promised? Got my copy in and there were none.
  3. PO now: Metz " strange peace"

    Side b owns
  4. Riot Fest 2017

    Likewise! It's nuts that you and my buddy had corresponded so much. I've been to Riot Fest four times and this was the hottest it's ever been.
  5. That's awesome, I wish I had those skills. There is a non-running RSX close to me for $700 I've debated buying for parts and to strip the panels to fix the rust on mine.
  6. Ended up taking it to the shop today. $650 for front brakes/rotors, tie-rod ends and a brake flush. Not terrible, since they are all genuine honda parts. tie-rods ends went up since I last looked. I also paid them $15 to put in the headlight since it was at the shop. I'll pay $4 to avoid the aggravation of doing it. Need to take in back in a month or two for rears. Brakes are at 40%, but the rotors are badly rusted and corroded. My serpentine belt is pretty loud when it's wet or humid out, which I know it probably needs replaced soon. However it's only 2 years old and only has 15K on it. Replace or dress?
  7. I would really think the parents of the little girl who broke her jaw would get nuts and think of any way to get these idiots arrested. I know if I had a kid I would. Great suggestion in teaming with your neighbors.
  8. LF the movielife - has a gambling problem

    still looking for this! please? anyone?
  9. That's too bad. Thanks for the info though, much appreciated.
  10. PO now: Metz " strange peace"

    got mine earlier today. what a fucking good album this is. easily my album of the year.
  11. Today
  12. Got mine. The package is HEAVY, and like others said is a slip case that's large enough to accommodate 3 180gram LPs with heavy card stock printed sleeves. Only a little bit of a crushed corner on mine, which is fine. So far it sounds awesome. A side note I don't think has been mentioned, it was mastered at Bernie Grundmann by Chris Bellman.
  13. PO Now: (Thee) Oh Sees - Orc

    Yep, same situation for me. I emailed Matt on Saturday and haven't gotten a response.... then I noticed that in the last newsletter, he said he was leaving for tour on the 9th and that any orders on or after 9/9 wouldn't go out until October. I definitely ordered mine on the 8th, but maybe he got pressed for time and didn't actually get them shipped? What day did you order yours?
  14. They were originally talking about early Fall, but now they've updated that to trying their best to have Classics as a standalone by the end of the year. Hip hop will follow a bit after.
  15. VC Fantasy Hockey League

    25th doesn't work for me. Can do 26th or 27th.
  16. Jesus lizard for the win
  17. I haven't done the add on sub, so Madlib will be December's Hip Hop ROTM?
  18. You can absolutely film it and contact your local law enforcement agency and demand they assist you in making a citizens arrest. Most likely they will try and talk you out of it and say they will go talk to them. You don't even need the film but evidence is a great way to deter being sued later on. Unfortunately because they are commiting misdemeanors there isn't much the police can do without witnessing it.
  19. This is so pretty. Hoping I can find it on release day at my local.
  20. For those of you that grabbed the deluxe pressing; what poly sleeves do you use that fit the bigger sized jacket?
  21. Going to try and cop the /250 but I'll be in class till 12:15 I'm happy about this release, I heard several of these songs acoustic first and love them as such--Instigator was my first "disappointed" response to a Kevin Devine album and it wasn't even real disappointment, just kind of stylistic letdown if anything I have a feeling this acoustic version will bring about many spins and subsequently many tears
  22. I've given up on most festivals (get off of my lawn...) but to see three of my favorites at the same event. Especially to see Yorke on his own...
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