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  2. Albums you once wrote off

    I was the same as many 100% against it through secondary school, vehemently sticking to my "grunger" guns and associating a lot of it with the imbecilic assholes who made my life hell in my teens for being different. I probably first started paying attention when my younger brother started getting into it and I heard Earl Sweatshirt's song Grief for the first time. The downright darkness of his stuff got me to do more exploring and whilst I'm by no means an aficionado I do have a select bundle of go to artists like Vince Staples, Earl Sweatshirt, Run The Jewels, Killer Mike and even some more lighter stuff like Childish Gambino. There are still subgenres and artists I can't stand but that's the same with all music I guess. As far as actual bands I didn't like on the first try I'd say Smashing Pumpkins were a biggy for me. I couldn't get over Corgan's nasal whine and always felt that the music was annoyingly way up my street but ruined by his vocals. Also My Bloody Valentine, the first time I heard Loveless I was like "OK it's loud, what else?" but then again 16 year old me wasn't ever going to pick that up first time around.
  3. Hey y'all Has been a looong time since purchasing anything from Mondo. I think Justin was still there. That long. Just wondering, and apologies if this has already been addressed 100 times, but what time roughly do the releases go live? Still 11-12 CST?
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  5. PO: Soccer Mommy - Clean

    I'm not sure I believe Bullmoose saying it's /300. Rough Trade UK still have around 30 copies online and considering how fast the 2 /300 variants on her bandcamp sold I'm sceptical about the indie clear quantity being specified. Possibly 300 copies in the US as opposed to worldwide?
  6. Video Game OSTs v2.0

    Oh man I need that! Although admittedly I never played Katamari Damacy as it never had a PAL release. If anyone sources a UK distributor for the black (I know Banquet Records usually have them), I'd be interested in knowing, otherwise I may just bite and order from Mondo tomorrow if I can.
  7. I haven't emailed you yet, Chris, but love the Milk & Honey ones I got, at least yours do look like the mock ups you originally put up on your site, unlike other labels variants which look like s**t, from what I've seen! Nice going on getting yours right, mate!! So yeah...one happy bunny here Chris, well done mate!
  8. Oh, no arguments on that VoS, it's a great album, maybe their best yet, it's just that i'm ready for the next one!
  9. IKEA Record Player

    Teenage Engineering makes really cool shit and knows audio (maker of various synths and speaker systems, ex-employees of Elektron, another awesome synth/sampler/etc maker. very good and generally pretty expensive). I don't know how much they know about turntables, if that's actually going to happen, but I trust them to not link themselves to garbage.
  10. PO: Black Panther The Album

    Amoeba seemingly confirming official street date for Black Panther is May 11th. Kinda makes it work out for me since I was planning on getting to get K.dot to sign the record.
  11. hit me up dude!! tons of stuff sold, keep it coming guys!
  12. IKEA Record Player

    Oh fun. Particle board table, no doubt. I'll buy it if it comes with the meatballs.
  13. various download codes

    Got this , thanks very much , peace and rave on
  14. Denon Quartz DP-31L issue

    Thanks. I have a couple other turntables (one being my 1200) that I left with my parents in Atlanta when I moved so I may just get one of those up here. Any idea what the cost would have been of finding another chip?
  15. SOUL, FUNK, and BLUES Record Thread

    I just watch this performance and wonder how the hell you decided to only press 100 of these?
  16. Well they don't want to make the expedit, but apparently they're working on a turntable. Not sure if this is an all in one or not. https://pitchfork.com/news/ikea-launching-new-record-player/
  17. I still haven't opened it. It's not bad, but ya know, it's not good either RIPTWIABPAIANLATD
  18. All of those Formlessness variants came out great. Also, anyone trying to get a copy of the latest TWIABP album? I kinda want this garbage off my shelf. Blue Epitaph variant /1000. $15ppd. That's me eating like $15 of the total cost.
  19. Looking for anything reckless Kelly. Already have sunset motel. Looking mostly for a wicked twisted road or an under the table and above the sun.
  20. (PO) NOW! - Spurv "Myra"

    You'd said you were out before, so I didn't include you Are you sure? I'm awaiting to hear back from the band on a shipping quote, as I'd given them the current total last week. Do you want to at least wait and hear what they come back with?
  21. Pedro The Lion Pressing INFO

    Heck yeah man. I’ve owned them twice in the past and I’m just trying to get em back. I never let go of my slipmat that came with the reissue set pre order tho
  22. Record Store Day 2018

    Well looks like I just gained a few more hours of sleep for RSD.
  23. New listings-20 percent off

  24. I looked up their shirts. Are you in high school? I can't imagine mature adults would have any interest in wearing these in public
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