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    Last August we sold our house. Built a new house, finished it in October. Then decided to finish the basement myself. Been without records and audio for 10 months. About 3 weeks ago I finished the basement enough to start moving stuff in. It's a work in progress with still more stuff yet to come from the framers.
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    listen, I am going to say this once . we are pricing everything in the store at the lowest possible discogs pricing and anyone who knows me, knows that this isn't about making an extra ten bucks or something, off of some new hard to find LP. I have traveled to EU and Asia getting a lot of these records and have been (and still) busting my ass and putting myself in debt to make this a reality. if you don't like the idea, don't come. simple as that. I know a lot of people who'd like the chance to see and check out the condition of an LP before buying it. and I know a lot of people would like a shop that focuses on contemporary music and not a lot of dollar bins and stuff you can buy online. once again, if you dont have something nice to say. ..
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    All of my records are strictly for decoration. You've come to the right place.
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    Does your copy only contain 3 songs for some reason?
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    for all of those you who haven't seen anything about this yet.. LIMITED TO ONE RECORD SHOP opens it's doors, July 29th 10am The east village's newest record shop will open it's doors on Saturday July 29th at 10am 221 East 10th Street (between 1st ave and 2nd ave) Limited to One will focus on rare, limited and out of press contemporary music. during the day, we'll have some performances - 12pm - Adam Rubenstein (Split Lip, Chamberlain) 1pm - Jeff Caudill (Gameface) We'll be selling a limited edition lathe from Jeff. limited to 25 copies. We'll also be having raffles all day, which will include rare 45's and LP's. Also for sale, we'll have "Limited to One" lathes (from Little Elephant) from such artists as Pinegrove, The World is a Beautiful Place, Tim Kasher, Smith Street Band, Jeff Rosenstock, Modern Baseball, Foxing, Sorority Noise and a ton more. We'll only have 1 copy of each of these and once they're gone, that's it. we'll have a few more things for sale, plus a store filled with new inventory. check out our instagram for some of the items we'll be selling. www.instagram.com/limitedtoonenyc I also feel like it should be said, that we did our best to price reasonably. If you're in NYC< please come and check us out. thanks. kristian /tpg
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    We can totally guarantee you a shitstorm of cats.
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    Normally it's no problem. Thanks for sticking up for us!
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    So I guess you could say that... ...this warning is limited to one. I'll see myself out now.
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    Wow. You win the cheap Amazon vinyl contest. Thread's over boys, pack it in.
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    Me too, got lucky and ran into him once at the premiere of Inland Empire. Highlight of my 20's.
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    How were you a massive fan of the Bends and then never checked out the insanely praised followup?
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    New limited deluxe t-shirt in the Old Navy preorder package /100.
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    on a vinyl message board that complains constantly about things taking so long to be produced or delays to pressings, you would think the reception to a new pressing plant would be positive. but then again, complaining is way more fun.
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    I know it's a petty, stupid thing...but the album is called "Boxer" not "The Boxer."
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    I ended my 20's last night falling asleep on the couch before midnight to Patton Oswalt after eating cinnamon twists from Taco Bell.
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    A few thoughts since I am just catching up on this thread: 1.) A couple of these shows had already sold out. I (obviously) don't have access to their sales numbers, but the response was strong in enough markets that they nearly doubled the city count after first announcing the tour. 2.) Someone said that Brett's solo albums were overpriced?! I fucking made each of those by hand and they had some of the most unique packaging you've ever seen. Anyone who got a copy got it for a song as far as my tired hands are concerned! 3.) If this is too expensive for you, you should pick up a copy of Deadbeat Sweetheartbeat from me right here: http://www.mindovermatterrecords.com $26 bucks for a 2xLP in a gatefold jacket that unfolds twice, extends to over 4 feet long and housed inside of a screen printed, hand numbered jacket. 4.) I am pretty close with Brett. He is one of the nicest dudes I've ever met. He and the band members get along so well, and a day spent on any social media shows how close they all interact (and have for years)
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    One of the more fanbase-appropriate pieces of merchandise I've seen in a while.
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    I haven't even gotten a shipping confirmation yet. I didn't order it, but still wtf.
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    I've always dreamed of a Kallax-like shelf, but with the records facing cover out in some type of crate that slides out on brackets so you fan flip through the album covers and slide it back in if that makes sense. The brackets would have to be super heavy duty. That would be awesome.
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    Make this: but sell it for $300 instead of $3000. And also be based in the USA
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    Every time I click on this thread I spend money.
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    People are dicks. Congrats on opening the store. Owning your own business is a lot of hard work and hopefully you have a lot of success.
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    I'm in the same boat but I actually remembered that I only like 3 songs on this thing so I'm offloading both at cost.
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    Apparently the cassette has a neat little easter egg too https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2017/07/radiohead-releases-a-surprise-zx-spectrum-program-for-ok-computer-anniversary/
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    I am offended! (not really). I own every TBS release and have never owned a Crosley: (I totally understand your point, this was mostly just an excuse to post this picture haha )
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    Shout out to Sandbag. They emailed me back telling me to keep it. Honesty is the best policy, kids!
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    BM has always been king. They got back to me and told me I could return the record, no problem. But I figured I'd offer it up and communicate with someone on the boards instead of having to send the package back and wait. BM gets to keep my money. I get a few BM points. Someone on the board is hooked up at cost and doesn't have to import or pay flipper prices. Seems like everyone wins. I've had 3 inquiries and have only responded to the first so far. Two the other two; you will be contacted if the first buyer changes their mind for any reason. Otherwise I think it's spoken for.
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    This is pretty fair. Hell I've spent way more than $80 on things way worse (not just records) Packaging bummers aside, it's a one time only pressing of oddities that's only for hardcore fans. Sure it's a massive pressing and hardcore fans deserve a bit more imo. But I'm not bothered by the release in any meaningful way. I can't explain exactly why, but if it'd been The Fragile proper I'd be way more upset. I'm not defending it, but it's just that my ass isn't chapped about it. It seriously sounds phenomenal, so I'm happy. If the pressing quality is any indication of how TDS and The Fragile are going to sound, I'm ecstatic.
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    The implication was that millennials were responsible for vinyl's resurgence not Urban Outfitters. Regardless, UO has probably been selling records longer than 50% of the people on this board have been collecting them.
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    I just think it's funny grown ups collect blink 182 variants.
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    To be fair, he said Eric White and Instagram. A google search takes you there.
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    Unless you own a chung king, no need to goto these lengths
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    oh shit. looks like the fragile (without muted vocals) will be shipping soon!
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    still annoyed at the name change. still gonna buy this. can't wait to hear a track!
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    It's the most interesting post in this whole thread, so of course someone has to whine about it.
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    a couple years ago Spencers Gifts sold records too but they were not exclusive colors like with hot topic. so they said no one knew they were there or bought them and they were super cheap on clearance plus bogo$1 and i got a couple records for under 10 bucks as gifts.
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    in other words, nobody was buying tickets to these shows...
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    Really? Personally I find it's better to have them hidden away where no one can even see them, not even me. I just like to know they're there.
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