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    I like the certificate of authenticity "Yo, check out my marshmallow scented marshmallow jacket for my sweet Ghostbusters single!" "Pffft, that could be anything" BOOM CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY
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    Not a recent pic of myself at all, but thought I'd share Danger's Halloween costume this year. He got to wear it to the Mickey's Halloween Party event we attended last night at Disneyland. It was a pretty big success with quite a few nerds at the park.
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    $60 for two songs. Are you high, or just incredibly stupid?
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    Essentially, yes. The demand isn't quite as bananas from my personal experience though. I've been able to roll into my local record store at 3PM and pick up everything I wanted.
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    Daydreaming about spending my afternoon with Taylor Swift and 100 kittens. Getting zero work done.
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    I'm gonna post this everywhere because I keep laughing at myself. Today I got stuck in a child sized pizza costume in the middle of target.
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    it's been pressed four times, most recently a couple years ago. you missed it.
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    Is your thesis that vinyl collectors are over complaining self-defeatists, and is this thread the real experiment?
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    To play devils advocate, My dead format is so far from totally up to date it's not even funny. People on this site care WAY too fucking much about what other people do with their property.
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    Just cleaned out all of my records of these things.. They're always in the way! I can't promise these all work. I've redeemed a lot of them, but I know you get a few downloads from each card sometimes. Some are probably old and expired. Have at it! Alkaline Trio - This Addiction digitaldownload.epitaph.com ATTATCCM77CB At Our Heels - S/T ep dropcards.com/heels F6WP5GK99C Banner Pilot - Souvenir fatwreck.cougarwaltz.com 5e8fd5db2afe3 Beach Slang - Who Would Ever Want... ep bandcamp.com/yum 3nk3-6lq7 Best Coast - Fade Away bestcoast.us/fadeaway 9Q5U7P24 Bikini Kill - S/T bikinikill.com/download f35myptjut Blankface - S/T ep hearideas.bandcamp.com/yum yaxw-w57b Blondie - Ghosts Of Download/Greatest Hits Redux soundtrax.com 8tEmF6zX The Both - S/T atozmedia.com/soundcard 387FH5AV Bouncing Souls/Menzingers - Shocking dropcards.com/vinyl P5V62PVX3K Built To Last - S/T ep worldofwarrecords.com/ww/downloads UY6C18RKDEKTHAMVC Camera Shy - Jack-O-Lantern ep bandcamp.com/yum qacc-uvhh Casket Lottery/Small Brown Bike - Split bandcamp.com/yum qdbm-edc9 Exene Cervenka - The Excitement Of Maybe bloodshotrecords.com/exenedownload CTWDSYGGR9 Cheap Girls - Famous Graves urpressing.com/digital 12_24132_a071n6 Christie Front Drive - S/T LP downloads.magicbulletrecords.com MBL130A1Y3S6REK Dead To Me - Wait For It ep dropcards.com/BGR003DEADTOME QQ546TCY43 The Early November - In Currents dropscards.com/vinyl TZ7FC56ZH3 Fugazi - Steady Diet Of Nothing dischord.com/redeem_promo Oss9iaF1Qc93 Hawthorne Heights - If Only You Were Lonely victorymerch.com/download VR265A67F100 Hot Rod Circuit - The Underground Is A Dying Breed hotrodcircuit.downloadthisrecord.com ST7JJVK Japandroids - Art Czars polyvinylrecords.com/iheartvinyl 195786Q8999 Japandroids - Younger Us polyvinylrecords.com/iheartvinyl 1982T47X3C7 Japandroids - Heavenward Grand Prix polyvinylrecords.com/iheartvinyl 199LBY72426 Japandroids - The House That Heaven Built polyvinylrecords.com/iheartvinyl 239VW7X5SR8 Leatherface - The Stormy Petrel noidearecords.com/download 18nqe55ddo Lee Corey Oswald - Regards nosleepdownloads.com 44698279993 Aimee Mann - Charmer atozmedia.com/soundcard 42R7L8AH Bob Mould - Beauty And Ruin mergerecords.com/digital IYDVC149 673855052014 OFF! - First Four EPs vicerecords.com/vinylmp3 883888002171 VCAKO3R4J64 Old 97's - Most Messed Up atorecords.com/vinyldownload 12_98718_x09140 Petal - Scout ep bandcamp.com/yum ud4f-5f27 Plow United - Delco ep bandcamp.com/yum u2l2-gmrh Plow United - Goodnight Sellout Remaster bandcamp.com/yum wj6b-3g4g Plow United - S/T Remaster itsaliverecords.bandcamp.com/yum 3l88-xlr7 Ponce De Leon - The Island Of Florida: A Foundation Myth poncedeleon.bandcamp.com/yum 4huz-kmln The Restless Hearts - Heavy Eyes bandcamp.com/yum dyuh-75vx Rites Of Spring - End On End dischord.com/redeem_promo 0A7fD0TrcdS9 Set Your Goals - This Will Be The Death Of Us digitaldownload.epitaph.com SYGTWB46W95A24 The Sidekicks/Tigers Jaw - Split shoutoutloudprints.bandcamp.com/yum 7g3j-3hsy Silverstein - When Broken Is Easily Fixed victorymerch.com/download VR237849A79D S.O.A. - First Demo dischord.com/redeem_promo NXFq0xRqsNtA Socratic - S/T socratic.bandcamp.com/yum mjzp-vhe9 Static Is A City - S/T ep hearideas.bandcamp.com/yum afgq-eqph Straylight Run - S/T victoryrecords.com/dl VR229E51E3FA560 Tommy Stinson - One Man Mutiny promo.11spot.com/tommystinson/onemanmutiny AVDJ-NLQZ Taking Back Sunday - Happiness Is atozmedia.com/soundcard P6M22U8Y Taking Back Sunday - Tell All Your Friends victorymerch.com/download VR176EBBEE81 This Time Next Year - Drop Out Of Life atozmedia.com/soundcard BP8HHHUL This Time Next Year - New Sensation ep equalvision.com/ttny/vinyl no code Tigers Jaw - Charmer bandcamp.com/yum qn8a-v94x Title Fight - Flood Of '72 sideonedummy.com/download flood72QDYA Title Fight - Floral Green dropcards.com/vinyl S547RZ96DX Title Fight - Shed dropcards.com/vinyl GNQZ9YZD79 Turnover - Blue Dream ep brokenrimrecords.com/download11.php pwmyES457T The Velvet Teen - No Star sidwithus.com/records/nostar TVT-9LK0-4N6D-HSH8 The Vipers/The Catastrophe - Split dropcards.com/vinyl HZ6D3N67SK Weekend Dads/City Mouse - Split ep downloadmyvinyl.com 8bdizf92lc Weston - This Is My Voice and This Is My Heart: Live At Maxwell's fizzkicks.com/weston 000016045837SQ Lucina Williams - S/T atozmedia.com/soundcard 978UE7V9 V/A - Bridge Nine 2009 Summer Compilation b9store.com/dl-vinyl-b9-2009-summer-comp G8PtXDDt V/A - Mixed Signals, Run For Cover Records runforcoverrecords.bandcamp.com/yum k86s-w5pz V/A - Non Violent Femmes, Kanine Records dropcards.com/nonviolentfemmes 4R35GYGTK4 V/A - Winston's Essentials: A Polyvinyl Sampler polyvinylrecords.com/bonus/winston ESSENTIALS
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    I'm not too big on drama and pointless arguing. Take that shit somewhere else. We dont need a bunch of pointless bitching. I wrote the guy, we'll see what he says. At this point I dont give a shit what he says, I'd rather just use the lamp, rose, etc. idea. Way less headache. Arguing about the legality of using another persons art is one thing but attacking me personally and implying that the quality of my hard work is something a 2nd grader could do is another thing. You didnt buy a jacket from me so you have no fucking idea what youre talking about.
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    Juturna is eternal champion as far as I'm concerned. I can't even believe how killer it is. I'm interested in what Decensus will sound like now that they've said its their most aggressive record.
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    Pretty sure a box and book and 8 LPs should only weight 10.4 lbs. There is definitely a 7"!!!!
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    no such thing with bullmoose... they can't even be bothered to ship to Canada and we're on the same continent. *see signature
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    You definitely did call it. But meh, I'm not that bummed about it, this soundtrack isn't worth $40 to me, regardless of how much it can flip for.
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    I'll be honest, this book would be a lot more appealing if the actual center labels for each record were kept. I'd much rather know which band/label created which record instead of seeing that "pb" logo over and over and over and over....
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    Well it's been one hell of a ride Blink fans. Neighborhoods has been ordered and the splatter series is complete. Thanks again Travis for making this happen!
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    Lowest: $116.41 Median: $227.50 Highest: $302.82 hmmm
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    Looking for Death From Above 1979 - Heads Up on clear. Also looking for these: * Sloan - Is This All I Get? (Winnipeg 1993 bootleg) + The Double Cross (screen-printed cover) * Metric - Synthetica Stereobox * METZ - S/T cassette * Pearl Jam - PJ20 Blu Ray 3-disc deluxe * Do Make Say Think - Besides * Sam Roberts - Love at the End of the World * Fucked Up - Year of the Hare (black/gold split variant) * Billy Talent - S/T (red/yellow splatter), also looking for II and III * Tokyo Police Club - Forcefield (clear) * MONO - You Are There (green/blue), Walking Cloud and Deep Red Sky, Flag Fluttered and the Sun Shined (red/blue) * Explosions in the Sky - The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place (gatefold sleeve pressing) * Mike McCready - Music for Film * Long Winter Scion Sessions split 7" series - Volume 3 (Isla Craig/Weaves), Volume 5 (Cancer Bats/JFM), Volume 6 (Lee Paradise/VCR) Have these for sale/trade: * Queens of the Stone Age - Lullabies to Paralyze (OG orange/purple) - offer * Queens of the Stone Age - ...Like Clockwork (limited edition blue artwork) - $30 * The Flaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots (German red pressing) - $40 * Sloan - Never Hear The End of It - $85 * Rancid - 5 Songs From the New Album promo EP (cassette) - $5 * MONO - For My Parents (black) * Bosnian Rainbows - S/T (translucent pink or green - your choice!) - $20 * The Dears - Times Infinity Volume 2 (black) - $20 * Breaking Bad soundtrack vol. 2 ("Hazmat Yellow" pressing - sealed) - $60 * Sloan - Parallel Play (sealed) * Sleater-Kinney - No Cities to Love (deluxe white pressing - sealed) - $45 * Explosions in the Sky - Take Care Take Care Take Care (red/brown variant) - $30 * Explosions in the Sky - All of A Sudden I Miss Everyone (black - never played) - $15 * Billy Talent - S/T * The Mars Volta - Amputechture (red/orange repress) * No Doubt - Tragic Kingdom (blue marble Newbury pressing)
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    Shoot them an email. I had a similar issue. It may take awhile for a replacement but at least they are addressing the bag and inner sleeve damage. Here is their response back to me: Hi Rob, Thank you for your email. We're just currently waiting to receive replacement parts and as soon as we receive them we will send out a replacement bag and inner sleeve for you. Apologies for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience. Kind regards, Sandbag From: Robert Cannon [mailto:mmjcobra@gmail.com] Sent: 13 October 2014 15:34 To: Orders @ Sandbag UK Subject: Damaged order # 50XXXX I'm writing to request a replacement bag and inner sleeve for my copy of tomorrow's modern boxes. As you can see in the attached picture, these were damaged during shipment. The lp sounds fantastic but am requesting the replacements mentioned above, especially considering the price. Thanks Rob
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    This is why reading comprehension is so important. They really hammer that shit home in middle/high school. It was posted numerous times that this store is IN the terminal!
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    Dude you asked this on this same page right above and someone answered you.
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    New single, "'Foxes in Fiction, Plug My Fox-hole' by Sun Kil Moon." Butreally Dont approve of his antics :|
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    Why anyone would blindly order anything slayer post GHUA is beyond me.
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    The only research I like, is research that involves tacos.
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    Both are junk systems. Save your money.
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    It's pretty different than SIO because to me it has more of her traditional storytelling in the verses and bridge. There are even some shades of All Too Well here with the "Moved the furniture so we could dance/baby like we stood a chance/Two paper airplanes flying" line. To me it's reminiscent of "Dancing 'round the kitchen in the refrigerator light." And it also has some Taylor-esque metaphors particularly with the lines "the rest of the world was black and white but we were in screaming color" and "the monsters turned out to be just trees" and the aforementioned paper airplanes line. Maybe I'm off-base, but the lyricism is way better in this song than SIO. Even though the chorus is really repetitive, I think it's used to effect in this song because she keeps talking about the anxiousness with the state of their relationship, and so she's constantly asking herself trying to gauge how everything's going. Finally, the bridge is great like almost all her bridges. I really hated the SIO bridge at first, and still only tolerate it. One of the things she's always done flawlessly is capping the song with an outstanding bridge and this song hits the mark for me. Finally, the music itself works for me. Maybe just cuz I've been a fan of Jack's since Steel Train and he's always done jittery beats well, even when it was more guitar than electronics. The synths are driving and anthemic and fit the song perfectly. I liked this song right away compared to SIO, which took me a long while to warm up to and even still I like this way better than that.
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    Don't know if this was posted somewhere already, 1000 copies on pink marble: http://kingsroadmerch.com/converge/view/?id=6367&cid=65
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    Me with a dalek at Dallas comic con earlier this year. I was pretty happy here! I got to meet captain jack . dude was so nice!!!!
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    http://matthewhalsall.bandcamp.com/album/when-the-world-was-one Dudes you gotta get this album, best release this year IMO - takes me back to that real spiritual jazz feel along with absolute stellar recording quality
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    probably the best pic you will see of my family. my girls b-day back in july.
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