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    As stated, I'm hardly a Taylor Swift fan, and I'm not here to defend her honor. But if we're being honest – You're 27 and gloating over Hot Topic hauls, while calling other people out on their age. You're in a position where you should be treading very lightly, friend.
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    You know what I dont get is people will post in threads of groups they don't like/care for to bash on releases. But will avoid Taylor Swift because an administrator likes it. Weak. I'm not posting to bash. Just pointing it out.
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    Yeezy - The Life of Pablo

    Oof. I'm sorry.
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    First off, The Bled and The Bouncing Souls are great bands, leave them outta this shit. And most importantly, this: It's one thing for a user who's interested in a release to be upset by issues like price points, production quality, etc etc, and another to shitpost in a thread just for the sake of being a dick. This thread is going on a time out. You all should take valentine's evening off to spend time with your partners, maybe get some action and come back in a better mood.
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    That's great that you have formed your own opinion. Why not focus it on threads for artists you actually like (or defend the ones that you do like), rather than contributing unnecessary negative posts on this board?
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    Yeezy - The Life of Pablo

    It is the most beautiful album I've heard in a good while tho, i agree with the guy in many ways. i can't quit listening. pablo is my valentine
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    New vinyl problems

    Gotta be a troll.
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    Just bought one for my bathroom setup
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    New vinyl problems

    This is someone's Valentine's gift to the board, yes?
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    The Walking Dead

    Glad they played the Carl thing right. Underwood shouldn't be on talking dead.
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    Saw them a little while back, pretty damn fun. They play here a lot tho. Home state. Sarah and I are laying in bed watching Evil Dead II. The dopest way to end a Valentines Day. We also had heart shaped pizza.
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    The Walking Dead

    Glen. Reverse kenny.
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    Yeezy - The Life of Pablo

    I cringed pretty hard the first time I heard the bleached asshole line, but now I laugh when I sing it
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    Upcoming Hot Topic Releases

    it'll be round and have stuff engraved on it
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    Yeezy - The Life of Pablo

    how the fuck do you listen to this album 5 times already?
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    My pals in PoV have tapes for sale. Good ol DIY emo with some twinkly riffs and screams thrown in admist the singing on some songs. http://picturesofvernon.bandcamp.com
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    Youth Code - Commitment to Complications

    4/8/16 via DIAS
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    Han Solo

    Rise Records Holiday Vinyl

    Those look great. I'm stoked
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    Letting go of one of my favorite records. Message me if you're interested! The Used - In Love & Death | 1st Press (Picture Disc)
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    Paging Señor Tug, Señor Tug.
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    Taco Bell & [the movie] Creed... makes being alone on Valentine's Day okay.
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    new track up. vaguely religious sentiment meets a poppier F&NSD sound. very nervous about this new record, even though i don't hate this song.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLfcJlJuDdg
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    Well. I got the test press I won yesterday
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    Yeezy - The Life of Pablo

    Hahhaha yeah, I know we're all excited but let's not get ahead of ourselves here
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    Since I'm starting to lay the groundwork out for some touring this year to support & promote the new book, I decided I needed to make a logo for myself. I want to put this on a t-shirt so bad. Also, I don't want to get sued by Norfolk Southern. Haha.
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    pizza face

    New vinyl problems

    I wish Martin Shkreli would buy out Crosley
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    ETR Superfans

    You mean he's not mastering these cartoon songs specifically for vinyl using the original masters?!?!
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    New vinyl problems

    Extra butter please
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    Whip Wilson

    Official OST and Film Score Thread

    Fact not opinion.
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    Official OST and Film Score Thread

    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Where you at MOV/Mondo??? Imagine the posters inspired by the movie...
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    Hey guys does anyone know if the second press is OK to buy? I can't read.
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    boolin all day, the label sent me my album in red it's lit you hear 30 hours? yeezy is LIT AF
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    How shocking that someone might want to buy a poster drawn by the person that created the character featured on that very poster!
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    Someone has been listening to some Caspian. ; )
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    There's a huge difference between realistic and consistent with the character's story. Number 1 gripe about superman returns was him lifting a mountain of kryptonite. Similar situation.
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    bump for these guys. sports recommended them on FB. meet me in Montauk first album (theres one LP left before its OOP): https://mmim.bandcamp.com/album/where-the-grass-meets-the-pavement new album (PO for this album is up): https://mmim.bandcamp.com/album/dork-soul
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    Bermuda Vinyl the truth is out there.
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    PO NOW Teen Suicide new album

    yay now I feel special for having ordered it now i can think about how nobody but me and 299 other people have this pressing of this record it makes me feel a lot better about my crippling, constant loneliness someone please kill me
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    Young Thug

    Be LESS sad for me.

    Silver lining is that you can upgrade to a non-plasma TV now
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    Discussion on VC Manners

    get an avatar, then we'll talk
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    This is the only fucking thing that has been posted on this entire site that is relevant to my tastes
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    Three foot nine with a ten foot dick
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