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    I like how much this sounds like Trump wrote it.
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    You'd think that would be true. But, then again, if someone is making 7 Fraggle Rock variants with a CD-R master... who even knows anymore.
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    Why would this be fake? Who is bootlegging low-mid level emo albums from the mid 2000s?
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    Smashing Pumpkins

    I'd say to him "hey, you're pretty smart. Good on you." I don't know why people care so much about what other people do with the things they own. I mean, the record store might have paid the original owner 10 bucks for that record for all anyone knows. This happens way more at record stores / trade-in places than you would think. They will take advantage. A lot of people own stuff that is worth money and don't even know it because people are stupid. Point is - that record store isn't necessarily any less unscrupulous than someone who potentially spent 150 bucks on it to flip somewhere else. Once you take ownership of something, you can do whatever you want with it.
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    the leaked DNC emails prove that hillary, the DNC, and major news outlets (NBC, CBS, etc...) conspired together to ensure the nomination went to hillary and not bernie. SAD! although i disagree with comrade bernie on many things, i think it's important to have a fair platform to nominate candidates for office. truly a rigged system.
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    If they linked directly to your pic, replace it with a dong pic.
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    I'm in the minority I guess, cuz I straight skip Los Angeles. Song is awful.
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    well, at least you can use it as an actual bowl for plums now.
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    it is a pretty big omission
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    I'd almost rather have Trump than Clinton. Almost.
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    I never said it was supposed to sound like any other RC album. I simply stated that it was the only mix of a RC record that I felt didn't suit the record. I feel that the mix made the album sound plastic-y and more like it was mixed for iPod consumption and less for full stereo system/floor speaker consumption. It didn't have a very natural sound which I will say that other RC album mixes do have and I feel that natural sounding mix suits their music but I never said it needed to sound like any other specific RC album. Though it would have served Memorial to have a mix or even a tracking similar to Enter. Geneva may have their best mix yet though I am partial to the extremely naturalistic mix of Enter but what I'm hearing from Guidance is proving to be a pretty excellent mix. I'll have to hear it in full on CD or LP to fully judge it though. I guess I just wish the mixing style for Memorial had been more naturalistic but could very well have that plus its own feel separate from the other albums' mixes.
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    The DNC seem to get more crooked every day!
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    Weird. I got $4 media mail shipping last night but they aren't offering it today. I emailed KRM and they said the orders from last night went through.
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    So this whole Debbie Wasserman Schultz thing....
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    Prophets of Rage

    I hear Morello and Commerford banging out a rage track but the vocals just sound like they can't keep up (also a complete lack of passion that Z has.) I wanted to like it.
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    This. Also wanted to express my freakin love of Travis' parts on the record. The man hasn't lost it one bit. And as a drummer I think I base a lot of my opinion on the drum parts and how sweet they are. No Future intro / Cynical intro (including the mistake) = Travis jus being Travis, loved every moment. Seems like every time a favorite band of mine changes drummers or loses a long time drummer, I can always tell. And more often than not those albums always seem to flop to me. One exception? Freakin ETID. Daniel seems to be KILLIN it on the new tracks from Low Teens.
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    You, my friend, have made an excellent decision.
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    Dance your cares away, slice that wrist another day!
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    as the person who initially made that now semi-popular comparison, i would just like to say that it was made to compliment both Wesley Willis and Mark Kozelek. i am a huge fan of both of those guys.
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    Seriously. Bootleg vinyl and fake boobs have a lot in common for me. I prefer the real thing but I'll take what I can get.
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    Upcoming Hot Topic Releases

    "Super bent corners".....but still listenable..... Hmmm
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    People always need something to bitch about.
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    Beck - Odelay (reissue)

    Banner ads.
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    The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    Decided that I wanted to add one more to that Pop Market Black Sabbath order (couldn't believe I had forgot to get Vol. 4) so I contacted them and asked if they could update my order because I wanted to get it added to that 20% discount. The person who responded said they couldn't make any adjustments to an order once it's placed (weird) but they did give me an even better discount code good for 30% off. I can't say if it'll work for anyone else after I used it, but it definitely worked last night. PMLOVE is the code, if anyone is interested in trying. I ended up getting Black Sabbath Vol. 4 for $12.60 shipped.
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    The latest MDB split 7" is up - Split 7" with Twin Limb - we cover their song "The Monolith" and they cover our song "Hunted". 1000 copies pressed. http://store.murderbydeath.com/product/mbd-twin-limb-split-7 They are also selling box sets of all the 7"s and if you already have all the records you can buy just the box.
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    Really thought it was pretty much guaranteed to be Rollins/Reigns at SS. Very fucking pleasantly surprised at this outcome. I guess the rumors of Vince finally realizing Roman just may not be the next Cena after all may be true.
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    Great match between Charlotte and Sasha. Wow. Awesome to Sasha as champ. And Balor just beat Roman in the main event with one Coup de Grace. Unreal. Great show overall.
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    Midnight Special was quite fantastic.
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    2814 - Rain Temple

    Ordered with haste. Picked up Mana Pool as well.
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    2814 - Rain Temple

    gone https://bleep.com/release/74733-2814-rain-temple
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    They are different. The bronze and black stylus does not fit the red and blue.
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    2814 - Rain Temple

    yep this is gonna go quick so don't hesitate. 300 tapes sold in less than 2 minutes. I definitely grabbed both.
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    What books are you reading?

    Reading the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series. Finished the first one last week. Just bought Restaurant at the End of the Universe yesterday. Can't wait to start.
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    This is the funniest thing i've seen all day, thanks WAXXX
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    Got mine today! Looks and sounds great. I threw the insert between the record and the plastic so it should be fine on the shelf.
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    Listen to Reflection, You Can't Fix Me, Keepsake, Stone Hands, and Rope if you want to be impressed.
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    New song has linkin park moments. I could see it being played during the credits of a transformers movie. But, I have hope purely just cause of that other new song they played on their last tour. Plus they tweeted saying they gave us the weird song first, so we'll see.
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    33 1/3 Book Series

    I've always mean to pick some of these up just haven't gotten around to it. I've heard John Darnielle's book on Black Sabbath's Master of Reality is essential
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    Blink-182 - California (Out Now!)

    I agree, Los Angeles is one of my favorites on the album.
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    Woke up with 32 mails in the inbox, then you know shit went down. Luckily it didnt sell out, like it did with Thrice (also Vagrant) some time back. Like the song! The teaser had me worried For the ones who missed it (like me), here are the colors: (I would go with the turquoise)
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    Orchid Tapes Club

    I'm not saying I would buy this, but... I would buy this.
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    Their set at Warped kinda sucked, imho.
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    Didn't love it at first, but after a couple of listens straight through, I can proudly say that it slaps hard. I give it a strong 4 "half-baked social justice movements" out of 5.
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    Prophets of Rage

    I hope so!
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    If you actually like music and not framed records, this sounds pretty awesome
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    Pokemon Go

    Ya boy nabbed an effin Charizard at the OC Fair on Friday, was celebrating a birthday when out of nowhere my girl checks her phone and couldn't even fucking talk, I just saw her screen and opened my shit as quick as I could, ended up being a cp650 Charizard, I then used all my stardust and made into a CP1150 before shit started getting expensive, my girl was the lucky one and got a CP1355 out the gate, my theory is the first person to find the spawn gets the higher CP version and everyone else who finds it after gets the lower level like I did, 2 others were also trying after us and they had the same as me, nabbed a Charizard and a Snorlax in 12 hours, shit was wild.
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    Beck - Odelay (reissue)

    Here's what a manager at (of all places) Barnes and Noble told me today. The ones we're seeing listed as pre-orders at or near $40 at places like Soundstage Direct (and B&N) is the EU re-issue by Interscope and is 180 virgin vinyl. The ones listed at pre-orders at or near $20 is the US re-issue by Geffen (same parent company as Interscope and A&M) and is standard weight vinyl. I think he's correct as I remember MusicDirect had it listed as Geffen and "standard weight vinyl" before they pulled their pre-orders for $19.99. We shall see! Today was double membership rewards at B&N and I had a coupon for an extra 20% off that I had to use by the end of the month so I grabbed an Interscope for $25 and change out the door...they list the release date as being September 9th. Jim
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    You're all nuts! Crazy in the coconuts.
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