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    PO Now: Anthony Green - Pixie Queen

    I, for one, know that there's always lurkers and people silently on the fence about records who browse this site... so being excited, thinking the record's great, and recommending it is fine in my eyes. I've been swayed a few times by knowing a record I was indecisive or tentative on was being received well. Also, why squash someone's enthusiasm? Sure, it may sound redundant to you, but like - they're not trying to be condescending. Regardless - the record's really good. Anyone unsure due to lukewarm reception of past albums should give it a try, arguably some of his best material.
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    Big L to anyone that bought IOH on eBay for $140
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    Since I'm having a baby in December, and Claudio is the best, I'm so in for this.
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    Evanescence, Three Days Grace, and Black Eyed Peas all in the same two days What a time to be alive
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    33 1/3 rpm help!

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    Haha this is perfect. Everyone will have spent their cash on a million other Vol 1 variants and then the boxset will be mine unopposed.
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    Dave Grohl

    Mr. Robot

    I haven't watched a single episode via cable / satellite; I refuse. I want to watch them with 0 interruptions. This show is too intense to have commercials. I have s1 on bluray now, and will buy s2 when it comes out.
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    Fowty Dollaz

    33 1/3 rpm help!

    Given the chance, I'd make sweet, sweet lovin' to her for approximately 33 and 1/3rd seconds. #tswivel
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    That would be fucking sick
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    So I called to order, and there were 2 vinyl options to get into thew show, the standard edition and also what the phone lady described as a "tour edition". But, it was 39.99 for the tour edition, so I am wondering if the tour edition is a special version of the deluxe. I'll find out when I get there, I guess.
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    Brock N Roll

    33 1/3 rpm help!

    Where's the downvote when you need it?
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    [WTB] Cloudkicker Beacons CD (CLOSED)

    FINAL EDIT: managed to get my hands on beacons cd on discogs so this thread is essentially done with unless someone wants to sell some cloudkicker test presses leaving this up incase I get lucky and someone wants to sell a beacons CD otherwise I believe my cloudkicker vinyl variant collection is complete (minus test presses but who counts those other than that one guy I forget the name of that has all but beacons I think) I couldn't be happier with my collection, big thanks to Piky09032 and drds89, I don't think I could've done it without your help ------ greetings I know this is probably a long shot, but it's time for me to attempt to complete my Cloudkicker collection and I've drained discogs of everything available that I was missing I'm predominantly after: Cloudkicker - Let Yourself Be Huge on Coke-Bottle Green vinyl offering $75 USD (seller found and paid, waiting for it to arrive) Cloudkicker - The Discovery on Black vinyl $100 USD (seller found and paid, waiting for it to arrive) I also wouldn't refuse to consider buying any cloudkicker test presses (other than Fade or The Discovery) or Beacons on CD if that even really exists Prices: I'm not looking to waste your or my time, I've almost finished my collection and have upped my prices a little but am still open to negotiation if you do have any of these up for grabs and your ideal price is nowhere near my above estimate I'd like to hear what price you have in mind so I can adjust my expectations. shipping would be to australia preferably (can use US address if need be) and I'd only accept insured the fine print: obviously I'm new to this forum so you're going to be hesitant to deal with me and I'm going to be hesitant to deal with anyone without insane rep, I can't offer much in the way of references other than my ebay feedback which goes back over 10 years http://www.ebay.com.au/usr/zh_kane and my steam account which will only really make sense to you if you're a pc gamer http://steamcommunity.com/id/ZH_Kane/ (feel free to add me on steam to discuss if you want) I've been around long enough to know not to pay for anything as a gift, I'm sorry if that's a dealbreaker for you. I would also be open to buying via discogs or ebay if you were to list it there @ negotiated price + whatever % cut ebay/discogs take from the final price. thanks for reading edit, since creating this thread I've made more progress than I ever thought I would, below is most recent pic, it's missing "live with intronaut" in black which is still in transit just gotta get my coke-bottle green LYBH and black discovery and I'm done
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    The STRANGER THINGS (Netflix) Thread

    Not vinyl related but thought maybe some collectors on here might be interested... The Demogorgon Figure 8" Statue
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    GatorPrideSonnn Memorial Thread

    I'll give it a go for sure. Missus is away this week and I was aiming to catch up on Outcast - so I'll put this on the list too.
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    They had them this past Thursday at their KCMO show. $10 for a tape. Also, I bought 2 of their earlier LPs, Enter and Station. Both were colored pressings. Enter was clear with black splatter and Station was green and black haze. I assume the other LPs they are toting around on tour are limited color presses as well. I should have bought Guidance because I imagine that too is the burgundy brown splat. $20 per LP at the show. That was the first time I saw RC perform. It was fan-diddely-tastic.
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    they had copies at the Denver date earlier this week, you should be set!
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    PO Now: Anthony Green - Pixie Queen

    This is the saddest post I have ever seen on this board. I'm seriously depressed now.
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    Label only pic... Neon Gold Records. Nowhere near complete and most likely never will be (considering how much those early Marina & the Diamonds 7" go for). If anyone has the Magic Man - You Are Here 10" you're willing to part with, let me know. I'm willing to pay a decent (not crazy) amount for it. 12": Haerts - Giving Up (single; shaped) The Knocks - Comfortable (EP; dark purple) 10": ASTR - Varsity (EP; white) Cathedrals - S/T (EP; plum) Haim - Forever (EP) Seinabo Sey - For Madeleine (EP; gold) St. Lucia - S/T (EP) Tigertown - Lonely Cities (EP; bright orange) 7": Alex Winston - Careless (single; pink) Dom - Living in America (single; white) Fort Lean - Sunsick (single) Icona Pop - Manners (single) Lovelife - Your New Beloved (single) MØ - Pilgrim (single) The Naked and Famous - Young Blood (single) Penguin Prison - Golden Train (single) St. Lucia - Before the Dive (single) Sir Sly - Ghost (single; white)
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    PO NOW Teen Suicide new album

    Now I can finally listen to these songs even though I have the cassette. Lol
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    Shitty Rambo

    Mr. Robot

    That shoot out was filmed so damn well. I actually really like Agent DiPierro. People always underestimate her and she's good at her job, that seems to be her only real motivation in a universe where most of the characters only care about themselves.
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    Pre-orders for another re-press of The Return of the Living Dead OST is up. One is a Glow in the Dark variant. https://shop.realgonemusic.com/collections/upcoming/products/the-return-of-the-living-dead-lp
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    I've been out of the JNR game for a bit, but was just poring through the get_importCDs eBay Store Vinyl Blowout and they have a bunch of Joyful Noise titles. if you spend 40 bucks you get 25% off and shipping is also free. I bought 8 non-JNR titles and spent about 60 bucks. Most of the stuff is 8-10 bucks before the discount.
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    PO: Kacey Musgraves - Pageant Material LP

    A Very Kacey Christmas is up now for PO at Bullmoose: http://www.bullmoose.com/p/23420688/kacey-musgraves-a-very-kacey-christm
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    Trent Reznor and Mogwai Score Leonardo DiCaprio Climate Change Film Before the Flood http://pitchfork.com/news/68150-trent-reznor-and-mogwai-score-leonardo-dicaprio-climate-change-film-before-the-flood/ I hope this gets any sort of physical release.
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    Me and my wife read to my 19 month old every night. It's a great thing, she loves it. 72 pages is a lot to get though.
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    Hey guys, if you're interested, we need to get moving on this. I have the label reserving some copies, but the /100 variants are flying, and will likely be sold out by next week. They've sold 60 of them since Friday. We're up to 8 records in the group buy, so if you want to join in, please let me know so I can reserve more copies from the label, and get this going! Also, many more pictures on the label's website! http://elusive-sound.com/product/smad-zvezdnoe-serdtse/
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    A link is much better than "it's up". Call me snarky, doesn't make me wrong.
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    various download codes

    Tokyo Police Club - Elephant Shell saddle-creek.com/digitalvinyl 1PTCJYHX
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    On Ebay, Get Import CDs has an extra 25% off when you spend $40 on select titles, just picked up Bob Marley, Kaya and Uprising, Atlas Genius- Inanimate Objects, Elvis Presley - Showroom Internationale, Wynton Marsalis - Big Band Holiday and Brian Setzer - Boogie Woogie Christmas for $40 and change! Free shipping too! I was pretty excited to get a few things I have been watching on their discogs store and ebay store for a while! The Bob Marley LP's are $7.99 each with free shipping, that is a steal! Enjoy! Lots of good stuff, they do have the Mumford & Sons Babel 7" box set for $11.49.
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    Touché Amore - Stage Four 9/16/16

    They did to the Valentine's Day version of the ISB deluxe so it's entirely possible.
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    A Moon Shaped Pool is $27 new free shipping from Amazon.
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    Look dude, I was hungover, juggling several things at once, and already hot because I was getting dragged into a fight between two real life friends who are both being idiots. Just in a general bad ass mood and I took it out on this thread. I want to apologize. I'm not going to, but I want to. Baby steps. ANYWAYS...
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    No, Mr. Simpson. Please. Don't take your anger out on me. Get back, get back, Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!* *Dramatization, may not have happened.
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    PO: Green Day - Revolution Radio

    Dog Party in the US. The Interrupters in the EU.
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    33 1/3 rpm help!

    Is Taylor gyrating at 33 1/3 rpm?!?!
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    Hairy Potter

    33 1/3 rpm help!

    English beginner too?
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    33 1/3 rpm help!

    I think at least 2/3 of these types of posts are existing users just trying keep things interesting. Only 33 1/3 are actually serious.
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    Shoegaze/Dream Pop Thread

    Crescendo - Unless "Cant believe this hasnt been repped here before but I cant find it. Fantastic shoegaze-y effort from this LA-based quintet, still have the lovely limited splatter vinyl RIYL: the new DIIV https://wewereneverbeingboring.bandcamp.com/album/wwnbb-077-unless " I made a separate thread but everyone "out there" hates music
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    Triple post because fuck it My co-workers (ages 18-24) invited me out bowling tomorrow. I'm gonna get high and drink at least one of them under the table without even getting drunk. Then I'm going to destroy all of them at bowling. Except the straight edge kid who bowls on a league. Now that I'm in charge I feel like Amy Pohler in Mean Girls. "I'm not a regular manager. I'm a cool manager *wink*" Better than the manager I had at their age. He'd invite us to parties at his house, which was fun. But he did too much coke and turned into an asshole real quick.
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    Sidney Crosley

    33 1/3 rpm help!

    I just googled that and ended up here.
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    33 1/3 rpm help!

    All 33 1/3 rpm records only contain music that is exactly 133 bpm. That is why you can play any two records at the same time and they will always be in sync, as long as the turntables are properly calibrated.
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    I admire your persistence, I want one too but if I see the red variant anywhere I'll snag it for you.
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    Complete Ion Dissonance collection. Anxiously waiting to expand this with their next release coming this November. Also keeping my fingers crossed for a pressing of 'Cursed' through Century Media. Ion Dissonance | Solace | Abacus | Black (/???) Ion Dissonance | Solace | Abacus | Silver (/???) Ion Dissonance | Solace | Abacus | White/Black & Brown Splatter (/???) Ion Dissonance | Minus The Herd | Garden Of Exile | Black (/300) Ion Dissonance | Minus The Herd | Garden Of Exile | Silver (/200) Ion Dissonance | Minus The Herd | Garden Of Exile | Silver/Black (/100)
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    Recent purchases

    Haven't bought a lot lately, but I stopped at the record store the other night with the intentions to only buy a $7 concert ticket. Ended up finding a copy of Té - Collection 3xLP for $49 that I couldn't say no to. After I got home I realized I forgot to pick up the concert ticket.
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    Upcoming Hot Topic Releases

    About 2 years. Just buy my copies for way too much now instead.
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    Kanye West - The Life of Pablo

    god who actually gives a fuck about that besides tmz
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    Got a starburst along with the Yeesh LP and Strange Relations cassette. TE complete physical discography still going strong.
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