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    Just a heads up to the people who follow this thread....my last day at Hot Topic is this Friday and after that I will no longer be posting info on HT related vinyl. I'll still be around here on the boards but most likely won't post nearly as much.
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    Finally got around to doing this...I'm a proud dad Every Time I Die - From Parts Unknown (400/Green) Every Time I Die - Low Teens (EU Preorder/Baby Pink/300) Every Time I Die - The Big Dirty (1st pressing/500/Yellow & Brown) Every Time I Die ‎– Ex Lives (500/Clear) Every Time I Die ‎– Gutter Phenomenon (300/Hot Pink & black) Every Time I Die ‎– Hot Damn! (Reissue/Half silver - black/700) Every Time I Die ‎– New Junk Aesthetic (Gatefold/Pink) Every Time I Die – Last Night In Town (Transparent Beer Inside - Frothy Creamy Head Outside/200) Every Time I Die – Salem (7inch/Green)
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    Love the threat of jailing your political opponent that literally followed that nice giant quote posted. For as much as everyone bitches about the government wasting money, there sure seems to be a lot of circlejerking around the idea of wasting even more. how much money was spent on the Benghazi witchhunt? how much money was spent on the email witchhunt? Where is the OUTCRY to the 22 MILLION emails GWBush LOST?? I mean, its unreal. Also, the term Locker Talk is so fucking ridiculous and dismissive of the dangerous language he used. Saying that was just Lockerroom talk does NOT justify admitting to sexually assaulting women just because you are rich.
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    Here it is, my Pacific Northwest mountain goat. Done by Bay Area tattoo artist Wyatt Hesemeyer (aka @thelinedefined) while guesting at Dark Age tattoo in Seattle.
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    Finally finished off the Athletics collection (minus test presses). Athletics - Why Aren't I Home? | Intheclouds Records | 1st Press | Milky Clear w/Oxblood Haze /100 Athletics - Why Aren't I Home? | Intheclouds Records | 1st Press | Sea Blue/Silver /100 Athletics - Why Aren't I Home? | Intheclouds Records | 1st Press | Ultra Clear w/Black Splatter /100 Athletics - Who You Are Is Not Enough | Intheclouds Records | 1st Press | Cup O' Joe 53/150 Athletics - Who You Are Is Not Enough | Intheclouds Records | 1st Press | Jack and Coke 97/150 Athletics - Stop Torturing Yourself | Intheclouds Records | 1st Press | Black 33/42
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    Well that's enough for me to completely pass on this year's RSDBF.
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    The memes coming out of this election season are gold. I don't want It to end. #bonezone
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    No it wasn't hard but I also don't need to explain myself or what I do for work/profession to someone I've never met for the sake of just trying to give people a heads up on maybe seeing some preorders soon. Least you could say is a fucking thank you but I guess your parents raised you without manners, ask them your self when you pay money to see them. you're welcome.
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    This thread was started in 2007, the original poster is probably dead by now
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    After listening to the mix on CD all the way through this weekend, and just finishing up a quick A/B of the new 1LP remix to the MOV, here are my observations: -MOV cut is louder. No surprise as its spread across three sides. -New mix has reverb removed or lessened from Chris' vocals. Levels are adjusted so vocals and drums aren't as prominent. They are very up front in the original mix. -Guitar and bass parts are clearer and more even in the new mix, giving it a fuller, more fleshed out feel. -Overall the new mix sounds a lot less slick. I really like the new mix. I think its an improvement. It's adds an intimacy that was hidden in the original colder, shinier mix. That's not to say the original is bad. Not at all. It was a tribute to Andy, and the stark, slick, cold mix fits the record, and the time it was originally released. I definitely recommend this to fans of the record. Sound quality is good, record cut is good.
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    In 2004 I jumped on stage and stole a drumstick from ETID. Not the same but I felt like sharing. Jordan mock gasped and said "thievery!"
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    Hey Travis... (just kidding) Thanks for your help and putting up with our stupidity.
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    Good luck with whatever you're going to do next! Any company would be lucky to have someone as dedicated as yourself working for them. Do your successor a favor and tell them to stay far away from the boards.
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    Thanks for everything Travis. Hope BCR makes it up eventually
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    Damn, no more inside man. Thx for all the good info over the last few years, and best of luck on your future endeavors.
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    This is interesting. Billy Bush, who in his professional role as an entertainment reporter has limited impact on our country is on the verge of losing his job because he didn't act responsibly. Donald Trump, who if he is elected president, has the potential to cause irreparable harm to our country is still carrying the endorsement of a major political party.
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    Vol. 2 details: http://filmmusicdaily.com/2016/10/10/exclusive-stranger-things-vol2-vinyl-details-variants-and-retailers/ Only four variants, the best being WAFFLE SWIRL
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    Oh now all of a sudden you guys on the left give a fuck about the deficit hahaha. Literally all you guys do is say obvious shit like, "sexual assault is bad," and are super proud of yourselves about it. You're not fucking brave for taking a hard stance on something all of us agree on hahaha.
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    George Clanton (Esprit) - will be releasing Virtua Zip Vinyl (12" I imagine) Side A will have the original 11 Tracks and Side B will have 6 additional songs.
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    I think the fact that Hilary has accepted money from any foreign leaders at all while working in he state department is a big deal... Until now, Trump receiving money mattered less because he had no influence on our foreign policy.
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    Seriously though, VC is not only a place to talk about records and crack jokes. It is a community of people buying, selling, and trading records as well. The downvote is a VERY important part of the online community. It allows users to see someones reputation before setting up a deal. No way on earth would I ever sell a record to someone with negative sales feedback OR negative posts because it shows they are a jerk. I don't like doing business with jerks. I personally feel removing downvotes would kill the community. It's annoying when people post awful stuff but it somehow makes it feel better when you can give them negative feedback about it.
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    I also want to note that I'll be seeing them on their current tour exactly 12 years to the day after that show. It was ETID/Zao/Misery Signals/The Promise/With Honor. It was on an offdate of ETID/Zao/MisSigs touring with Dillinger Escape Plan and the The Promise/With Honor show was at a skate park before combining. It was also a make-up date from ETID/Misery Signals canceling a date with Lamb of God and Atreyu at that same venue 2 months earlier. 2004 was wild. Oh how things have changed.
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    We finally drove @travis away. J/K. Thanks for everything you've done for the boards. Cheers.
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    It's gonna be weird not knowing what things are getting a HT variant. Guess it'll just be a surprise from now on! Good luck and thanks Travis.
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    Balance and Composure - Light We Made https://secure.kingsroadmerch.com/download/serve.asp?uid=3285330B216E4261DE709D4121AAA656 Real Friends - The Home Inside My Head www.memphisvinyl.com/downloads 2Qxaa A Day To Remember - Bad Vibrations www.dropcards.com/vinyl HVRXD3TXK3
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    If anyone is interested in sports., they're playing at Durty Nelly's on Sunday at 2:10 and will have these. - 2 colored silk screen slip cover (in addition to the regular jacket)- Hand-Numbered- Limited to 40- $15 bucks- Exclusive to Fest 15 (but I'm sure they'd sell you one at one of their shows to and from Fest if you pester them for it)
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    Not sure it's so much the want for consistency as it's the want to get these out in the market as soon as fucking possible. I like the artwork but wish it didn't have a black vignette and instead spanned the entire cover, and I really wish Vol. 2 was different. Watch the Box set feature the same design on the cover and then these same Vol. 1 & 2 covers inside.
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    I talked to Jeremy a few weeks ago and he said that there will be a tour press. If I remember correctly, it's going to be blue, but don't quote me on that.
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    I'm all in on for this! Ordered the Red/Black Swirl print set. Now press "Horrorscope" and "It's All In Your Head" please!!!
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    Man, Hil"lair"y was scared last night. You could see it in her face. I also liked when the fly landed on her face and she didn't even notice. That was pretty funny.
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    Blank Banshee's MEGA is out now! https://blankbanshee.bandcamp.com/album/mega Vinyl, Cassette, and CD of all Blank Banshee albums coming soon presumably to http://hologrambay.bigcartel.com/
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    I feel like "Hillary is worse than rape" is a much catchier t-shirt.
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    Sorry! Hi. I'm Scott. I'm 34 and I live in Cleveland (originally from northern Illinois). I've been on this board since the first week it was created, way back in June 2007. As such, I've spent waaaaaay too much money on records because of VC, so don't think you need to buy me vinyl to make me happy for Secret Santa (although I do have my eye on that new Blue Album MoFi reissue on blue vinyl...). So yeah, I own a lot of records — I haven't done a proper inventory in quite some time but it's definitely over 5000. My favorite bands to collect are Weezer, No Knife, Mando Diao, Jimmy Eat World and Minus The Bear. That pretty much sums up my favorite types of music, too — '90s emo, math rock, pop-punk, stuff that makes you feel sad, and catchy power-pop/alt-rock. Some of my favorite records of 2016 include Descendents, Nothing, Charles Bradley, Touche Amore, Masked Intruder, PUP, Weezer, Tiny Moving Parts, Against Me! and Pinegrove. I still buy cassettes not because they're trendy but because my car stereo has a dual CD player/cassette deck and the CD player broke a few years back, so cassettes it is! I also love pro wrestling, as well the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Cavaliers. (My wife and I actually have Cavs season tickets.) I listen to way too much sports talk radio and watch way too much WWE Network. I don't play videogames or read comic books all too often, but in terms of movies, my all-time favorites are That Thing You Do, High Fidelity and the Star Wars series. All-time favorite TV shows include Seinfeld, Sports Night, Newsradio, Southland, Game Of Thrones and the Daily Show. If you wanna lurk me, I'm on Facebook, Twitter, IG and Snapchat: @scottheisel
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    @s only work for users on this site, and it's not equipped for hashtags. I was going to go on a rant about kids these days and the need for constant validation, but I'll just leave it at this: no need to make your post read like a commercial, friend.
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    I saw the "do not discard" sticker and thought, I just paid $86 for you, you're not going to boss me around. I cut that crap. Then I discarded it. Naw. Actually, I carefully slid it back onto the records. Sweet, belly band.
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    Not sure how I feel about pre-ordering Vol. 2 when Vol. 1 hasn't even shipped :/
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    Talked them into putting on bandcamp. Name your price. Plz help them get their LP out :prayinghandsemoji: They really outdid themselves on the Stumbleine cover. KEEP on bandcamp
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    You make some great points. Give me some time to absorb them and reconsider my positions on immigration, marriage, Planned Parenthood, female reproductive rights, education, and the environment.
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