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    Emo Revival

    Moneen - The Red Tree (Boxset)

    Any chance of a wider pressing of the box set for those of us who don't live in the dot?
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    Just finished up my left arm. Took about a year and I'm very glad to have it done. Now to move on to 'ol righty.
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    also my first pressing "Damaged" with the anti-parent sticker came it was described in the listing (under the repress) as G cover and VG media and it's VG+ all around, uni/4 matricies . $25 plus shipping was well worth it, that's the least I've paid for a Unicorn pressing and by far the best condition and cheapest, this is my third copy but I gave away one copy as a gift and sold the other, and said I'd wait for a 1st pressing and it was worth biding my time.
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    this is what it truly comes down to, I still think it's ahead of its' time today.
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    Post Your X-Mas

    Wife built me a raspberry pi gaming system and loaded all the old consoles/games on it. It's pretty sweet, she even had a case 3D printed to look like an original Nintendo. And she got me an octopus fetus in a jar. I got her a cat.
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    that's awesome. my right arm has been done for about 8 years and I went a good gap of time without getting anything since so ive got 3 since june, hopefully it keeps up. im just excited to come up with all the ideas for my horror sleeve, so much to choose from!
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    Hah, the bottom green one looks oval due to the terrible picture quality. That picture is like It's A Wonderful Life for me, showing me the path I almost took. In that timeline, I'm also dead right now. Suicide or wife, not sure.
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    Sweet collection, but most of those records look warped beyond belief. Shame.
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    Yeah, I can give it a shot if you want. Edit: Just shoot me a PM whenever, and I'll send you my details.
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    Love this artist! Very happy to pay extra for shipping to the US! Thanks sir!
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    I can't say the same. It feels like Bulletin/Yoshimi but lazier. It might just be me but I'm not a fan of these singles.
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    My right one has stuff on it, but I have plenty of room to left. Just going to fill up space until there isn't any left. Not going to be any real theme My left is sci-fi (with some sci-fi themed horror), it was real fun thinking of shit to put on it.
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    Platter wobble?

    Right, I'm a complete noob to this whole thing, so bare with me. Got my first turntable today (Audio Technica ATLP120), just set it up and I noticed this. As I've never had a turntable before, I've got no reference as to what everything should even look like. Is this ok? Or should I be concerned? http://sendvid.com/uo0s4w72
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    Dave Grohl

    Post Your X-Mas

    I didn't get anything cause I don't do Xmas. But my TV crapped out so I got a killer replacememt during a post Xmas sale. Silver lining is this one a little smaller (55'' was too big for my room), and it's 4k. Vizio 50'' LED 4K 2160p that usually goes for $600 that I snagged for $370 after tax.
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    thats fair. i started buying records in my early 20s (and i turn 33 this year) so ive had a pretty good crack at getting just about everything ive wanted to own. im thankful that my "major want list" is probably less than 10 records or less at this point.
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    this one isnt mondo but Wojciech Golczewski has a new soundtrack score coming out. The soundtrack for the French-norwegian cult horror Dark Souls is a perfect introduction to the poignant & emotional musical universe of Wojciech Golczewski's music. It also serves as the first release for Data Airlines new sub etiquette "Data-KINO", curated by Wojciech himself and with focus on the electronic music releases made for or inspired by the new wave of independent cinema. To celebrate the launch, there will be a 20% discount on the vinyl until 31/12/2016. https://wojciechgolczewski.bandcamp.com/album/dark-souls-datak001
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    Moneen - The Red Tree (Boxset)

    What info do you want? Ask away!
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    I just shot them an email to see if they know, but it might be too early for them to know since the 7" is not out until next week. Be awesome if they could work it out to order both and still get the $2 off. None of my local stores usually get anti- stuff in. Edit: They said place the order and send them the order number, and they will take the $2 off. Now to try to cancel my order with KRM... It'll be quite a bit cheaper with Bullmoose.
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    I'm shocked they lasted this long. An OG went up on Discogs like a month ago for $80 and I don't think it lasted a half hour.
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    This guys is selling it for $25. Looks like it is still available. https://www.reddit.com/r/VinylCollectors/comments/5kuznk/for_sale_beating_discogs_for_your_listening/
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    its going. ready for this 4 day weekend! yourself? feeling better? also pretty much got confirmation that I will got more work done on my horror sleeve on 1/13/17 which is a Friday, so you know what that means
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    That's some poor customer service there, but at least you're getting it. Never fun buying new stuff with issues.
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    I'm amazed this really need a thread of it's own. I know there's a Pink Floyd reissue thread, seen it with me own eyes, I have.
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    Thanks for the advice, really appreciate it.
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    I'm so excited for the answer to this but I am betting a yaw!!!
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    I dusted off my Xbox 360 to play Halo Reach with both of the younger Doms. Having fun except for Rez's shit connection.
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    That one Imogen Heap song tho
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    Not worth it imo. Literally I can still causally get most of these variants without much fuss. Still waiting on that mythical boxset.
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    Led Zeppelin BBC

    Thanks for ruining the surprise, son. - your dad
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    That slogan only goes so far when you're re-pressing the Spice Girls albums
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    Pretty sure that is the exact aesthetic UO tries to deliver with their branding.... "Apathy towards pretty much everything, bro."
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    books: how to ruin a record label king dork green lantern comic records: afi - miss murder gameface - three to get ready saturday night live amy grant - a christmas album phoenix - alone on christmas day alkaline trio - help me bunch of stickers and a couple cds and a nice warm winter hat that i needed. very happy with my gift. the afi and trio records i used to have so its nice to get them back. im guessing that my secret santa was jacobe? thank you so much!
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    The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    Deep Discount: HOLLY1515% off good through Thursday, December 29, 2016 at noon CT.
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    Post Your X-Mas

    Sell me something for $24 and let's make it... a deal with the devil
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    Post Your X-Mas

    Satan got $690 new vans $50 interpunk gift card 30 pack of PBR socks scrub daddy toilet paper 50" tv Amazon Echo and candy.
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    I love this song. The Flips did a great job! I'm impressed.
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    Best of 2016 (So far)

    Reposting from our record store employee picks: www.facebook.com/apollonbergen Insta: @apollonplatebar 1. Anderson .Paak - Malibu "Anderson .Paak is the doctor’s orders. Easily the album I’ve spun the most this year after seeing the light during a trip home to the States this summer. Paak’s third album showcases the LA musician’s brilliance in combining vibes of 70’s funk and soul, early 90’s hip-hop, and the wild card that is his own voice and take on a genre that has grown new wings in recent years. The past few years have been Kendrick’s, the next few will be Anderson’s. In an industry driven by singles, Anderson managed to put together a double-LP that flawlessly funks and flows from first to finish, and you’re left wanting more. Luckily, he’s on such a roll that he just dropped another album with Knxwledge (Kendrick Lamar producer) under the moniker NxWorries. If you dig this, I HIGHLY recommend checking out my second pick on this list. Voice of an angel." 2. NAO – For All We Know 3. James Blake– The Colour Of Everything 4. Neurosis – Fire Within Fires 5. Ivan Ave – Helping Hands 6. BANKS – Altar 7. Meshuggah– Violent Sleep Of Reality 8. Bon Iver – 22, A Million 9. Nails – You Will Never Be One of Us 10. Kendrick Lamar – Untitled Unmastered
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    AMAZON U.S. Vinyl Deals & More Thread

    Ray Lamontagne - Ouroboros $5.81 with Prime
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    You're just lucky you have over 1,000 posts or else I'd never even see this.
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    Wow, well done... kinda glad im broke, its just simpler this way
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    0 people on the planet will listen to this more than once.
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    I like my Japandroids records like I like my bread... marbled.
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    My collection. Rosetta. The Galilean Satellites Disc 1 (200 on clear blue) The Galilean Satellites Disc 1 (300 on black) The Galilean Satellites Disc 2 (500 on yellow) Split with Balboa (500 on gold) Split with Balboa (500 on silver) Wake/Lift (400 on light cokebottle blue with rainbow splatter) Wake/Lift (100 on translucent purple with white splatter) Wake/Lift (500 on navy blue and gray swirl) Split with East of the Wall & Year of No Light (200 on clear with blue haze) Split with East of the Wall & Year of No Light (200 on clear with brown haze ) Split with East of the Wall & Year of No Light (100 on black) Split with Restorators (200 on clear) Split with Restorators (420 on black) Split with Restorators (test press, 5 on black) A Determinism of Morality (1st press, 100 on white) A Determinism of Morality (1st press, 150 on clear blue) A Determinism of Morality (1st press, 250 on black) A Determinism of Morality (1st press, 10 on orange vinyl with a normal jacket) A Determinism of Morality (2nd press, 100 on clear) A Determinism of Morality (3rd press, 100 on opaque red) A Determinism of Morality (1st press, 50 handnumbered copies with special handscreened cover on clear orange) A Determinism of Morality (test press, 25 on black) Split with Junius (200 on opaque purple marble) Split with Junius (200 on white vinyl) Split with Junius (100 on opaque grey/black/white swirl) Split with Junius (100 on translucent blue) Split with Junius (400 on clear)
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