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    I have it. $300 is definitely a lot to spend. I'd only recommend this to the super hardcore NIN fan or someone who is really, realllllly into art books. I'm a NIN fan, but not nearly as hardcore as others, but I picked this up our of sheer curiosity and because I'm generally a fan of whatever imagery that Trent tends to run with. That said, the book is *huge*. It's....heavy. The book is covered in felt and resides inside a felt covered case with a cover that folds out with a (heavy) sheet of metal embedded in it. The front of said case is burnt which is a nice touch. The book itself has a LOT of images...great color, textures, thought provoking stuff that would take you hours to absorb if you're into that sort of thing. The pages and print are absolutely outstanding. Many of the pages have a neat metallic tinge to them...sort of a shiny "sheen" for lack of better words. Honestly, it's a gorgeous piece that is a really super nice addition to any NIN fan's collection. I'd say it's well worth the money of what it most likely cost to produce the thing. Is it worth $300 for something you may end up leaving on a shelf and rarely look at or even handle because you're afraid of wear/tear? For me, that's the bigger question.
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    Wife built me a raspberry pi gaming system and loaded all the old consoles/games on it. It's pretty sweet, she even had a case 3D printed to look like an original Nintendo. And she got me an octopus fetus in a jar. I got her a cat.
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    http://imgur.com/a/EDWX7 I put all the pictures in an album because there was SO MUCH! I opened my present last week, but with work and Christmas and traveling I kept forgetting to get on here and make a post. Thanks so much to @Youinreverse for all of the wonderful gifts! I'm not familiar with all of the records, so I'm excited to dive into some new stuff. Also I forgot to take pictures of the two Bob's Burgers pops and the burger book. I love everything and I can't thank you enough for being so generous.
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    Thanks for the info there! I'm glad I cancelled through KRM. I'd rather have a little extra money over colored vinyl
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    Hey, Blue Transparent is back in stock.... https://thenakedandfamous.manheadmerch.com/collections/music/products/simple-forms-limited-edition-blue-vinyl
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    Sold out 4 nights in a row. I don't think things are going to go bad lol.
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    I'm amazed this really need a thread of it's own. I know there's a Pink Floyd reissue thread, seen it with me own eyes, I have.
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    Anybody going to one of the shows that can pick me up this tape? I'll shoot you a few bucks for the hassle.
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    MOAR PICTURES Need to see these babies in order to hold me over until mine shows up!
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    I'm kind of confused by the reactions. People put way to much emphasis on hype and anticipation and how something is supposed to sound. If you liked the first two albums you will like this one approximately the same amount. I really liked the first two and I really like this one. Three albums (plus both of their pre RTJ output) is not a fluke. Anyone expecting this album to be "better" than the first two is on some hocus pocus shit because the ceiling has already been set so high. On the other side the album of the millennium hyperbole only perpetuates the expectations. If this is album of the... where do the first two fit in. Co-co-albums-of-eternity. The twilight zone sample is dope.
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    These Arms are Snakes reunion?!?! No way it'll be close enough for me to go to though
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    You guys are as helpful as that lady's log I keep asking.
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    this one isnt mondo but Wojciech Golczewski has a new soundtrack score coming out. The soundtrack for the French-norwegian cult horror Dark Souls is a perfect introduction to the poignant & emotional musical universe of Wojciech Golczewski's music. It also serves as the first release for Data Airlines new sub etiquette "Data-KINO", curated by Wojciech himself and with focus on the electronic music releases made for or inspired by the new wave of independent cinema. To celebrate the launch, there will be a 20% discount on the vinyl until 31/12/2016. https://wojciechgolczewski.bandcamp.com/album/dark-souls-datak001
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    Picked up Daft Punk Random Access Memories, Killer Mike - rap music, Grizzly Bear - Blue Valentine, and National - Alligator for $30.
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    - Moved into an apartment with my fiancée last January. - Got our cat Harley in April. - Sister got married in August. - I got married in October. - Got our other cat Daisy earlier this month. - Got a couple raises at work. - A lot of really good albums came out.
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    I've only listened to the singles and I'm here to tell you guys it's the Album of the Decade. AOTD.
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    Fullblast vinyl is in, still working on Moneen sets!
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    Paper Route - Absence One of my favorite albums, extremely well rounded and production level is off the charts. Popped up on Amoeba's site last week, arrived today. Happy.
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    Just want to let everyone know, this must have been repressed or something because Bullmoose has both Malibu and Venice in stock now
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    haha wow that is too funny/too much of a coincidence! I actually work solely on COTD. I'm a graphic designer/brand manager for our original properties. nice job on the sculpt, it's really cool to see that.
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    How did you find this so quickly? It was on our site for maybe an hour before you made this post. Amazing.
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    Sounds Better With Reverb just posted their best-of 2016 shoegaze and dreampop albums: http://www.soundsbetterwithreverb.com/shoegaze/shoegaze-dream-pop-albums-2016/ Quite a few mentions on there of albums/bands that have been discussed in this thread and elsewhere on VC.
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    Yes they are. I work for Sideshow, actually.
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    They were fantastic all around, probably the best I've seen them. It seemed like a lot of the material was heavier when they were playing it live. No tapes, but they had a good selection of LPs with them. On a similar note, Faith played a live show as Mara a few months back. I found out about it too late to go unfortunately. I'm hoping that wasn't a one off thing!
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    Alexisonfire - Alexisonfire (2xLP) Alexisonfire - Watch Out! (2xLP) Anne - Dream Punx (2nd Press Purple)
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    I came to jump in and say I've really been enjoying this album. I might like it more than the first two, I don't know. I'm not a huge hip-hop / rap fan, but RTJ are one of a couple artists I enjoy. There was a shift in the presentation of their lyrics and bravado (for lack of a better term) on this album, and I think I like this new perspective a little more.
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    Im leaning towards it, this one was pretty sweet although much slower at the second half of the year.
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    Thanks for posting! All over this, Reality Check & ANSC is some of my favorite music released in16'
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    I saw the 7" in-store today but already have it tacked on a Bullmoose order so I didn't grab it. Just wanted to let y'all know it's out there already.
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    Cant help but free bump........ I have a copy and cant stress how fucking amazing it is.....was stoked to pick it up......grabbed it a couple of years back off ebay.....being in Australia i usually have to deal with international delivery....but couldnt not buy this album
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    I'll take "Album Titles You Can't Pronounce" for $800, Alex.
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    I've decided to stop buying $40 LPs of new FL albums and spend the money to find original pressings of albums I like a lot, like Soft Bulletin. I'll get this digital and see if it grows on me.
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    There's a Loscil CS that seems to have flown under everyone's radar (including mine until yesterday). http://www.isotank.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=14557_15619_15667&products_id=56931
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    @hippielauryn Weathered Souls is legittttt. Who Got the Juice Now is so good. Wish I could take some home with me. Edit: just got a growler can. What.
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    Lone Pint Yellow Rose is my jam right now. Oh man it's so good....
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    Ugh, patiently waiting for a North American tour to be announced.
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    To subscribe or not to subscribe? That is the question.
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    I hope they don't do what they did with the cold of ages deluxe edition. That was a fucking nightmare.
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