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    Upcoming Hot Topic Releases

    Ah... A douchebag on a forum. How refreshing.
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    this happened a couple days ago.
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    Let's all go visit Brian at the same time! VC Portland party.
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    FS: Unique LP Display Case

    Hello Brock N Roll, Thank you for realizing I am not a dweeb. Thanks for your comment. Hello stl_ben, I am just looking for a sale and not a trade. Thanks for your comment. Hello Chrisbenci,, That is what I planned on generating when I made the post about this being for sale. Thanks for your comment. Hello THE_James_Champ, It is better used to display vinyl. Thanks for your comment. Hello nancy_raygun, I want to keep this topic about the sale of the vinyl case but I guess it is a curious and interesting situation so I will tell you. A couple months ago I received a letter being congratulated on my winning of the Jamaican lottery that an anonymous friend had entered me in when on vacation. But since I am not in Jamaica they said that I would have to cover the transfer fees of the winnings to my bank. I thought it would be a fast digital transfer so I cleared out a couple thousands in savings to cover the fees to make myself a millionaire shortly after. With bad luck there keeps being issues from their computers chasing, to delays, to bad weather, to my bank being conspicuous and blocking the transfer, to someone pretending to be me and claim the winnings there, and so on. So now jobless and living in my friends closet I am very tight of space and dough. So selling this should hold me over until the transfer comes through and I can come out of this closet and live it up. Thanks for your comment.
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    Official LTJ Thread

    It'll probably be a couple bucks cheaper if it's an EP but I could be wrong. Even if it is, PN always has good variants, good packaging, and download codes so it's not like you're paying $18 for an LP in a flimsy jacket.
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    nice i took a shower today, the water was very hot and made me clean
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    Virgil updates

    Being from Denver, I just want to say that Virgil isn't that important to me or a lot of the people that exist here. Virgil and Westwood touch each other's dicks a lot. That's it.
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    Alexisonfire - St & Watch Out!
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    We Are Scientists - Brain Thrust Mastery
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    + New state job making the most I've ever made (still stupidly low compared to my professional friends) + Had some sex with a dream girl + Got a new-to-me car + Found lots of cool records + Sold a rare Brazilian jazz record on ebay for $800. I bought it for $2.12 w/ tax
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    PO: Mudvayne L.D. 50 (2/10/17)

    Just stumbled on this at MoV, Mudvane L.D. 50 on Blue Vinyl releasing on 2/10/17 in Europe. I found the Amazon.co.uk pre-order link, but it is saying black vinyl: https://www.amazon.co.uk/LD50-Gatefold-sleeve-black-vinyl/dp/B01MRZDEVB/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1483225293&sr=8-1&keywords=Mudvayne+vinyl http://www.musiconvinyl.com/catalog/mudvayne/ld-50#.WGgzz1zzllV
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    Out Now: Real Don Music - Dank Sinatra EP

    Shoot Kirk an email through his bigcartel, I'm sure he'll help you out. He's a great dude.
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    Yeah man, Walking Hawk has terrible service. That's why Kirk is selling them through a Big Cartel store (at least I assume) and they're not for sale through the WH store.
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    WTB: Pokemon Moonshake Test Press

    Yep sold mine for $415 back in October
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    Virgil updates

    Greater than the Collective? NVM - I know what you mean, I forget what that sale site was.. Edit - The LP - The Limited Pressing - maybe The Old LP?
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    Yeah I just picked up Judas Goats and Dieseleaters from them for $10 so $12 for 2x7"s was a little "eeeehhhhh" but in the end I was just too stoked for new Ed Gein.
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    WTB: Pokemon Moonshake Test Press

    Damn you are just a month late. Sold mine in December for $400, and I know at least one other one that sold at the same price the very next day. The price tags are getting bigger but they are still popping up on ebay and discogs.
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    Virgil updates

    I believe the co-op members were a lot more pissed about how it all went down than what they were left with. The whole thing was that you could get out with your initial investment at any time, be it after the 1st release or the 10th. Sadly I think there were only 4 or 5. I forget what the buy-in was but I suppose you could have bought 4-5 records with the same amount of money. And then when the shit-storm started, he just started banning everyone that was upset. He promised everyone their money back and whatnot. Then suddenly the whole site was run by SRC and Virgil was a ghost. A giant asshole ghost.
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    PAX-AM Records (Ryan Adams)

    When are they going to announce this damn Mystery Box!
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    FS: Unique LP Display Case

    Congratulations mate......how long have you been waiting on the winnings? What are you going to buy with all your millions? :beer:
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    What's your latest purchase?

    Bent pins on the tubes shouldn't matter, that sounds like a lack of gain or an impedance mis match. This thing is derived from the Musical Fidelity X10 which is a valve buffer stage with no gain at all, the Chinese modified the circuit to give it some gain so it could be used as a pre amp stage, one thing they do though is to push the power supply to the very edge of being able to work so you might find the output of your transformer is too low under load which would mean the HT voltage on the valves is too low. What are you using as a transformer to power it and have you got anything bigger to try? it isn't necessarily low voltage to start with but if the current output is low then there will be a big volt drop under load which effectively means you are not giving it enough voltage when it needs it. I used one of the cheap toroids from Maplin for mine, the one 15VA with two 6V secondaries did the job, I wired the two secondaries in series to give me 12V Mine looks like this now.
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    Best of 2016 (So far)

    If anyone honestly thinks Phil Collins sucks they can fight me.
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    Thank you so much! Happy 2017 mate! <3
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    I don't think thats whats happening here, I think the Fat Store got shorted variants and therefore Kings Road technically oversold their color variants but didn't but regardless Kings Road has to contact people who aren't getting what they ordered. I think one person said they like the Fat colors better but was happy he ordered from Fat. The others got the short end of the stick.
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    PO: Mudvayne L.D. 50 (2/10/17)

    I've been thinking about this on vinyl much more lately. I went through an LD 50 and The End of All Things To Come kick a couple months ago and was thinking how cool it would be to have those albums pressed soon. I'm sooooooooooo glad to see this is being done by MOV and NOT SRC. So very glad. Hoping they move on the second LP as well. Will be picking up a copy on black as son as blue is out of the way.
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    It was me! Glad you enjoyed the records. That story about Charlie Brown brought a tear to my eye. I'm a little bummed you can't use the tickets but I'm happy they aren't going to waste. It was fun shopping for you, Connor!
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    Rewire tonearm with Cardas wire???

    Don't buy any. But it from me (after I make sure I still have my kit). I'll check tonight and let you know.
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    The Ghost of Randy Savage

    Reefer madness :)

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    Blowout- No Beer, No Dad from Lauren Records. Get your girl punk on. Best songs are either Guts Grown Up or King PP https://blowoutpdx.bandcamp.com/album/no-beer-no-dad
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    Went a little crazy the last two-three days and bought a few records and a CD set, but this was my absolute last: OST - Michael Giacchino - "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" [ 2xLP ] (pre-order)
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    Video Game OSTs v2.0

    Do you guys like numbers? If so, you might like this little post I did where I go through 2016 VGM vinyl releases in numbers (and take a brief look at what's to come in 2017 as well): https://blipblop.net/2016-year-vgm-vinyl-releases/
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    PELICAN - Live at dunk!festi 2016

    I want a RC live album!
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    Virgil updates

    Before VC, he ran a somewhat successful record label, Suburban Home, that put out some great stuff. On the initial vinyl boom he moved to the forefront of pressing vinyl for labels that didn't have the money or see the need. He created a co-op, Vinyl Collective, to release record voted upon by members - there were a handful of releases, The Falcon, This Charming Man, Jealous Sound, but when it came to press the next LP...crickets. He seemingly took the money made from these releases, all of which were pretty successful, if not very successful, and likely recouped cost +. Some folks got refunds, most got nothing and he made money on the investment of board members.
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    Second son was born Got a raise and a nice bonus at work Started a six month paternity leave from work so I can stay at home with my kids while they're young
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    New job/raise Bought a house Got my acid reflux under control Met my nephews for the first time Overall a pretty great year. Some bummer stuff happened outside my immediate circle, but that's gonna happen.
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    -Didnt die before my 30th birthday -Went on my first real vacation as an adult -Girlfriend got a new car, so I inherited the old one -Had a kitten follow me home, kept it. -The Fountain finally got pressed -Got a promotion
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    Bought a house, got a new car, started cooking and discovered I really like it so now my meals aren't just stuff from the freezer section warmed up, Rogue One
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    -Turned 30 -Ended a 2.5 year dry spell -Finally got to see Weird Al live -Rogue One
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    - Moved into an apartment with my fiancée last January. - Got our cat Harley in April. - Sister got married in August. - I got married in October. - Got our other cat Daisy earlier this month. - Got a couple raises at work. - A lot of really good albums came out.
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    FS: Unique LP Display Case

    Best Thread in a long while!! BTW @stl_ben the 2x2 Kallax is $19.99 in my neck of the woods through January 10th...cheapest I've ever seen it!! http://m.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/art/20275814/
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    [Banned User]

    FS: Unique LP Display Case

    I do custom acrylic boxes with artwork etching for around $50 shipped. Holds up to 15 records.
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    FS: Unique LP Display Case

    Hey there, vinyl_yuck. Can you explain to me how "most people" wouldn't be able to do a kallax? Like, Ikea shit is some of the easiest shit to build. And what is the fuck is "go you to a store" and where are you buying records that 2 is costing $80? Boy, you are weird.
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    You're comparing someone dressed up as a clown giving an arguably offensive performance on a stage, to someone hitting a girl in the face with a bottle of liquor.
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