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    Why would you expect Paypal to "eat the cost" of something they had nothing to do with? That's like purchasing a shitty car and then blaming the bank that gave you the loan.
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    PO NOW: Tycho - Epoch

    Just wanted to pop in here and let you guys know that since Scott is beginning to ship via ISO50, we're green-lit as well! Watch your inboxes and mailboxes in the coming days...
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    PO NOW: The Shins - Heartworms

    They should test some more competitive pricing...
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    Here are a few images before I go to bed. And this is a perfect colour choice for this album: Good night!
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    We'll likely have a few copies of the box set on sale from our webstore for those who couldn't make the shows. As for theory.. the version we're selling at these shows is part of the limited variant. I hope someone posts some pictures because these turned out really well - 2x Metallic Gold / Black Swirl - Glued Photo Widespine Jacket - Mini Lozlo Journal - Limited to 500 Copies will also be available online soon, and there will be enough to go around to please, please don't buy from a flipper
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    Upcoming Hot Topic Releases

    That's ironic since every record I've bought from them comes in better condition when I ship to store than ship to home
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    Moneen - The Theory of Harmonial Value

    For sale at the Moneen 10th anniversary Red Tree shows starting January 4th and coming online soon. as per @justindinealone: - 2x Metallic Gold / Black Swirl - Glued Photo Widespine Jacket - Mini Lozlo Journal - Limited to 500 Also, for what it is worth - I'm listening to this now and it sounds fantastic! Great job on every aspect here.
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    Alright. So. This week I got my shit together and bought actual meals at the store instead of a bunch of random shit that I throw together into dinners. Ate the last dinner tonight, and if any of you are interested the things I made were: Bacon wrapped scallops w/sriracha mayo, avocado in little bibb lettuce wraps. Minestrone (two days worth and froze another twoish days worth. Chicken with broccoli and brown rice. Flank steak w/ balsamic glazed onions, and brussel sprout hash. Blackened tilapia w/ creamy cauliflower. Tomorrow we eat takeout burritos like little shit piggies. The brussel sprout has was incredible, so I hope some of you google that shit and try it.
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    Secret Santa 2016 - The Unisex Edition

    Picture is very late as I couldn't figure out to host it and actually get it to work (thanks @controlthebleeding for the tip and reminder). I thanked @curator previously, but want to do so again. Really went above and beyond and really nailed my personality/interests. Gifts: A number of mix CD's with very detailed notes on the songs - I have a lot of windshield time, these have been fantastic. Comedy Death Ray CD Wilco shirt Wilco: The Book - I've wanted this for years and held off, so amazing. Jimmy Eat World 7" from the new LP Hot Dog Bottle Opener - I'm in the beer industry and my favorite food is hot dogs, this was a win/win. Also a fantastic opener. Alamo Drafthouse Gift Card - Alamo is the #1 spot my wife and I visit and this came in very handy for our viewing of 'Rogue One'
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    Oh no! A corner ding! Get the fuck outta here.
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    A reissue of TKDE & FUJI would lead to an instant boner!
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    It has finally arrived, look at that beautiful color
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    BM has the colored variant: http://www.bullmoose.com/p/24569187/elliott-smith-either-or-expanded-edition-yellow-vinyl-exclusive
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    My ween likes the boobies cover.
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    Recommendation - do not spend $499 on any record.
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    Dine Alone Records website...the label putting these out. https://www.dinealonestore.com/collections/music/vinyl
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    weird, my copy of TEENWVFF arrived today, no warning that it shipped. arrived in perfect condition though (but I haven't had a chance to spin it yet). the 48hr version didn't turn out quite as cool as I hoped but whatever. it's a bit hard to photograph: backlit and a bit oversaturated: more realistic:
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    The one you shipped, you're probably s.o.l. The one you bought, just file a claim "not as described".
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    Black Metal Discussion Thread

    You can order that individual issue for ~$10 ppd directly from Decibel.
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    Hey. After some heavy months of work we're delighted to present you the new Denovali Online Record Store. We've added a lot of new features, you can use it on all possible devices and the whole store is more user-friendly. · Every order placed until January 8 will receive a 15% discount on all items except gift vouchers and the latest Denovali release · The shop currently features > 6000 different records The Denovali Digital Store will soon also receive a completely new look and we will finally be able to offer lossless digital formats. It should be online in the next few weeks. 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    Virgil updates

    What's the problem? He sold me a teenage bottlerocket test for $20 and I had it within 3 days.
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    Black Metal Discussion Thread

    Announcement of new Panopticon album and a song. http://decibelmagazine.com/blog/2017/1/5/panopticon-unveil-sheep-in-wolves-clothing-via-decibel-flexi-series
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    Never played 4, so don't know how much story ties in, but 1-3 are certainly worth a play. $20 is a great deal for them.
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    Just gonna leave this here (until it gets taken off youtube)... watch this match guys. (Full Omega entrance not on the match video, so that's separate)
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    Thanks! She's giving me a run for my money but I'm catching up on lots of video games and TV seasons thanks to the sleep embargo.
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    Definitely worth your time. Also for those who don't frequent the Flenser thread this is confirmed to be going up on the US store at 10AM Pacific Standard Time (which translates to 6PM over here in the UK). As previously alluded to Trevor de Brauw's solo album and Braveyoung's new record are going up at the same time, likely to be sold in a three pack. For EU/UK customers Flenser have also set up an EU distro through Throatruiner/Deathwish EU. I imagine this will save people a fair few bucks on shipping but I can't say as to when the items will be uploaded to this store front or if they will offer the full range of variants that the US store will likely have. Link is here though: http://deathwishinceurope.limitedrun.com/categories/the-flenser I will likely be ordering from the US if that's the only shop that's doing all variations of this album but I'm happy to take the hit. I just hope they don't put an exclusive variant in the combo because that'll make things unnecessarily more expensive as I'm not fussed about the other two albums.
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    PO NOW: The Shins - Heartworms

    Newbury Comics exclusive: Clear with black marble https://www.newburycomics.com/collections/exclusive-vinyl/products/the_shins-heartworms_exclusive_lp?variant=32258032012
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    Sleep - "Dopesmoker", Deluxe Reissue

    There was a thread somewhere recently where someone said "don't spend $499 on a record". Three people are going to disagree with them: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Sleep-Dopesmoker-Test-Pressing-charity-auction-/172473419707?hash=item28283787bb:g:NIsAAOSwZQRYbE2r http://www.ebay.com/itm/Sleep-Dopesmoker-Test-Pressing-charity-auction-/182410986331?hash=item2a788ac35b:g:NIsAAOSwZQRYbE2r http://www.ebay.com/itm/Sleep-Dopesmoker-Test-Pressing-charity-auction-/182410984018?hash=item2a788aba52:g:NIsAAOSwZQRYbE2r
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    PO NOW: The Shins - Heartworms

    I think I need to hear it before I buy it, as I was not a fan of the last album. Love the first 3 though.
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    Moneen - The Red Tree (Boxset)

    Box set is $60, Theory is $30, standard Red Tree is $25, Fullblast LP is $30. Both bands had a bunch of shirts, but I don't wear t-shirts every anymore so I didn't really look at them. Should have taken a photo, sorry.
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    came here for loveless. stayed for the never-nudes.
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    Yeah, I'm really stoked these were only sold to a small group of people at once. /s
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    PO Now: Zao - The Well-Intentioned Virus

    Thanks for the heads up, I ordered a copy today. I am new to this band, but this album fucking rules.
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    The one being sold here is totally the legit one. I have one myself, and holy hell, it sounds amazing! One of the best sounding records you could own! https://www.discogs.com/release/577250-Songs-For-The-Deaf/reviews#c501953
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    Gotta ask her to move, dude. That's on you if you just let her sit there...
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    Don't think I ever heard those two bonus tracks they tacked on the end of Good Mourning kind of liked it ending with Blue In The Face
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    Smashing Pumpkins

    Writing off MCIS as a piano intro is kind of crazy.
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    No fucking way, you ought to re-visit this album with a more open mind. This is one of their better releases. The production is fantastic, and the stuff all kills. I usually haaaaate Phish studio albums, but I play this ALL the time. The horns in Breath and Burning, the percussion in Blaze On, everything about Home, everything about Always Wanted It This Way, EVERYTHING about Friends.... god that song rules so much. Miss You has poignant lyrics, Tide Turns has that swanky groove and the shaker masking the hi-hat plus Mike's bass... and then Petrichor. Waking Up Dead also with those fucking vocal harmonies. Yes. I thought this album was going to suck so hard based on the tracklist, but man... this thing is a home-run in my book. Not sure if it bests Fuego, because that album slays as well. Seeing the stuff with horns and percussion on Saturday was a treat as well.
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    Just picked up a sealed white press for $27.00aud cant wait to have the Tri Colour in.....that looks wicked
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    Video Game OSTs v2.0

    I contacted Laced records yesterday and was told that only UK orders had been filled at this time. Their shipment for US Costumers were in route to their distribution center and should begin shipping next week.
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    Brock N Roll

    Upcoming Hot Topic Releases

    Haven't been in this thread in a long long time. Glad to see its still dumb as ever and not much has changed haha
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    Never heard this band before, but the tags and posters never steer me wrong. Will check them out tonight.
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    I leave for London on Monday. Holy shit.
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    Virgil updates

    Coming from a board where people give feedback like this: "received record with corner ding. DONT TRUST THIS PERSON. BURN HIM WITH FIRE!!!" that's a little funny.
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