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    It's going to be really weird when these are in my local bargain bin for $2k.
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    PO Helmet Meantime

    salty about this cause I just dropped a fair amount on an OG copy. This album/band is so good though. Here's to hoping we get a Betty repress next.
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    Marvel Cinematic Universe Thread

    Not really relevant, but I stumbled across a filming set for Defenders when I was visiting NY back in February. Even managed to get a pic with Cox and Ritter afterwards, and I got some footage as well. First time ever that I saw something like this in person, so it was a pretty cool experience.
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    oh no doubt some will have difficulty. And those w/o a store may find it even harder. I'm just saying the hand wringing at this point is silly. People need to wait until all 7000 copies are out there in the world before fretting.
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    I hope you're right and that this is readily available for everyone on release day. There would be plenty to go around, and several members would hopefully exile themselves in embarrassment for devoting 90% of their post count to stressing over canceled orders and the reliability of various webstores. Basically, everyone would win.
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    Here's a copy of you.
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    I see what you did there.
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    Yeah, I think people are sweating over this thing, and it wont be an issue if you show up to your local on release day.
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    Derek is over here trying to make me blush. Also, if I am to be known for anything, it should be sinking far too much effort and time into projects that never needed to be projects in the first place. Haha! Glad that you guys are getting these as well. You're all one of only 4 people in the world with one! ;-)
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    PO Helmet Meantime

    Fixed man..... I just remember spending all summer '97 with Aftertaste in my Kenwood portable cd player at max volume
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    PO: Radiohead - OK Computer - oknotok

    I too am perspiring over whether or not Mario gets a blue copy. Please keep us updated, man.
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    +it's going to be much more than $50...at least the mondo exclusive will be.
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    Personally, I'm a big fan of music that sounds good when it goes in my ears. I know that's a bit of a hot take nowadays, but goddammit, when a song sounds good I can't help but enjoy it. These songs sound really good to me, so call me old fashioned, but I'm a fan.
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    Flew to Chicago to see them last night. I have seen over 1k shows in my life and this was in top 5. The new songs are wonderful live and fit in so well with their past material
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    https://mondotees.com/blogs/news/guardians-of-the-galaxy-poster-enamel-pins Pins and posters but no vinyl
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    So. I finally got bored enough that I created a screen printed jacket to house my fucked up version of this LP. I had some fun with it by doing some split fountains, so each one was a little different. I made a few extras for folks on the board. Send me a message and pay for shipping and it's yours. However, please note that preference will be given to those who have ordered anything from me in the past versus giving these away to n00bz. Sorry!
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    ^ why would your first thought be to give the guy a hard time instead of being helpful or saying nothing?
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    why would your first thought be to ask VC instead of where you got it from? very basic stuff here.....
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    Don't know what they meant by "weird one" but the Triple B insta account confirmed 12" EP.
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    Nothing - Tired of Tomorrow

    This just got posted by Amoeba records. looks like a rad unplugged type series they are doing:
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    It's a 12". Its gonna be a weird one
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    Man, don't let anyone tell you you're not consistent.
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    Thanks dude.
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    PO Helmet Meantime

    I think overlooked is the perfect way to describe this album.
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    Different vibe than Engravings - which is good. Still signature Forest Swords but new sounds. I like it alot.
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    Stop Drug Overdoses Rap

    got you covered
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    There's too many GotG copies out there and it's just a comp. SH has already sold for over $100 in this short time and there's copies of comparably priced Guardians out there rn. Just trading for anyone who might be an Akira Yamaoka fan.
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    Black Metal Discussion Thread

    If you're into the *gaze thing then you should check out the new records by Violet Cold and Heretoir. Both are exceptional.
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    I don't disagree with you, but I've seen ETID enough times that I know what to expect. They're amazing. I hadn't even heard a single letlive. track before seeing them, only watched them based on word of mouth. I was so fucking blown away.
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    I've recently created an app that allows you to browse latest vinyl releases and re-issues. Check it out: iOS Android Some of the features include: - Add to Wishlist - Notifications when new records are out - Notifications when a record in your wish list is released - Search for an artist or record - Filter by genre/label - Preview on Spotify/Discogs - Find great records on the cheap I'm still working on adding new features and fine tuning some things, but I wanted to get some feedback. Open for suggestions and recommendations.
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    I offered mine to the two non-avatars above for $100 and they gave me the money run-around and weren't actually ready to buy it (after bumping a 9 year old thread saying so LOL), meanwhile it sold on discogs for $130
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    that comment should be in the ETID thread...
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    Spring doesn't end until June 20th, so we've got about six weeks until we can start calling them delayed.
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    How about they press up IR Disc Two as a 2LP set pressed at Optimal. Call it "Out Rainbows." Include a gatefold sleeve with reversed colors. Sell it for $19.99 done!
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    we had one lasted an hour or two, it was $20ish a little steep for 3 songs. They should have just dont the whole show and charged more
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    2 for 2, digging the new track as well
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    SOLD Please delete.

    You ended up with extra copies of records you paid 142 bucks for? And my ex thought I miss managed money
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    italians destroy albums better
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    As long as you're not expecting ROC Vol. II, you should be able to have fun with it. A lot of the guitar gymnastics from their earlier material stole the show for me, and they're not only back on this album, but they also feature some of the same tones that made me feel right at home on the first listen. The production and vocals are quite a bit different than what you're used to from ATDI, but accepting that it's been over a decade and realizing some change is inevitable is probably the first step to getting the most bang out of your buck with this one.
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    new tattoo appresh

    Yo! Did you see your tat got reblogged by blxcink on Instagram?
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    Recordstore to essentially everybody right now:
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    PO - Rancid - Trouble Maker - June 9th

    would be stoked for a sick LFATB press
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    Post Your Record Storage Area

    Just moved into a new place and got a new turntable, since I was using my old roommate's for the past few years. Set up is a blue U-Turn Obit Plus with the cue lever upgrade -> Onkyo TX-8020 -> KLH AV-830 and around 130 records in two wooden apple crates.
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