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    Little early, but I figured people would be excited for this! Mark your calendars. Update: http://www.runforcoverrecords.com/products/596292-turnover-good-nature
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    Dave Grohl

    Turnover - Good Nature (8/25)

    In before Deer comes in to say they're getting the rarest variant and only to complain later and never spin it.
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    Protective Outer Sleeves?

    A few years ago I accidentally ordered the 5 mil sleeves. Haven't gone back. So durable and clear and worth the extra cost.
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    HMV Vinyl Week 2017

    hey! i will get these for you if you want? theyre £20 each (i think) and postage will be about £14. pm me.
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    The Butcha

    Turnover - Good Nature (8/25)

    Yesssss. After a summer of bonding over PV with @Dave Grohl I could really go for some new turnover.
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    Did you get the bundle? The bundles seem to be what hasn't shipped, the soft goods are holding it up. I saw a FB comment that Marty hoped to finish the bundles this weekend and get them out next week
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    Anyone wanna get us some Funko Pops then? How about you Ben?
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    P.O. : L.A. Witch - Self Titled Debut

    Limited Translucent Pink Vinyl at Suicide Squeeze. https://store.suicidesqueeze.net/collections/frontpage/products/l-a-witch
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    PO NOW: Deer Leap - Impermanence

    great tracks, picked up the cassette
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    PO NOW: Deer Leap - Impermanence

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    Official LTJ Thread

    Ugh awful thread bump. Take it to the sales section.
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    PO Now: Portugal the Man - Woodstock

    am i the only one who rides hardest for ITMITC
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    Yeah you'd have to subscribe or ask someone in the VMP thread to buy it for you. I think you also need to subscribe for more than one month to have access to the store? I'm cancelling next month myself so I'm buying a few things...
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    The Mule

    Protective Outer Sleeves?

    You're right - I just realized it's like a record a day, practically! There was a lot of stuff I wanted and had to get! Slowed down considerably now though.
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    I'm guessing a 2CD set as well. Like Radiator. I picked up an OP 5-6 years ago at Pitchfork Fest (for like $35 too) completing my SFA LP collection. But they did a killer job on Radiator and Kliph (ex Flaming Lips Drummer now SFA archivist) said the originals were all cut from the same master used for the CD. These, while digitally sourced, are mastered for vinyl which is awesome. can't wait for the bonus stuff.
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    PO Now: Portugal the Man - Woodstock

    they've all but alienated their core fan-base. now it's all bros and bandwagon hipsters. i guess they're targeting the mainstream festival crowd now?
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    Turnover - Good Nature (8/25)

    Super exited for this after I slept on Peripheral Vision for so long, which became top5 year end material!
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    A variant /182 that you can only get by pure chance? I doubt it.
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    I'm freakin pumped! I been drinking green tea all god damn day!
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    Just bide your time and you'll get it for a decent price .
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    The Mule

    Protective Outer Sleeves?

    Thanks for the replies, everyone... I just ordered some of the 3 mil sleeves off Amazon. I didn't like the idea of the ones with the flap - seems like just one step too many for simply getting a record out of its sleeve and onto the turntable. Are the 3 mil ones clear though? I read somewhere (after ordering) that they tend to be sort of hazy, which would be a drag... As for printed inner sleeves, I simply put them back in the cover, next to the record in its new poly lined sleeve. If the fit is too snug, I store the printed inners in a box I have from an old box set. Holds them nicely. I rarely look at the printed inner sleeves more than once or twice anyway so it's not a big deal to not have them with the record.
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    PO: Pearl Jam reissues

    I'm guessing the band is waiting to get firm dates from the plant before announcing.
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    Definitely a candidate for AOTY! Loving it and have it on repeat all day! With the exception of Sonntag, all songs are fantastic!
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    Protective Outer Sleeves?

    That's fine If you want to ruin your printed inners. If you replace a printed inner just simply put it back in the jacket.
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    Protective Outer Sleeves?

    I just stick my mofi inners into the printed inners so they just become lined printed inners. Fits in almost every record I own with them.
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    [PO NOW ] Kendrick Lamar - DAMN.

    Honestly those K's look better than I figured they would. UU was hilarious. Not sure if I understand why two jackets is a bad thing... sounds like jealousy
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    Panopticon: Kentucky Re-Press

    I got a "your order has shipped" email from Bindrune on the 9th.
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    I got my Cargo In the Blood in today and I have to say it's really, really well done and I'm psyched I grabbed it. I understand how it's not for everyone at it's price point but if anyone is on the fence and really digs original art, I say go for it.
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    Official OST and Film Score Thread

    Got mine in the mail today. (The deluxe, white version pictured above) Didn't have any distortion issues.
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    HMV Vinyl Week 2017

    The flippers are still trying their best, lol. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/STATUS-QUO-Piledriver-LP-SEALED-BLUE-VINYL-HMV-ONLY-2017-PRESSING-/292154523338?hash=item4405c43eca:g:kh0AAOSw3h1ZRRAJ
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    That corner ding though. DAMN.
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    PO: Heaven In Her Arms - White Halo

    my copy from translation loss showed up today. no shipping notification--nice surprise!
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    PO NOW: The Killers - Wonderful Wonderful

    On a high note, at least I can get "Christmas in L.A." on vinyl this year without spending $200+
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    I read all kinds of great reviews for Blanton's and I've gotta say...tastes like alfalfa to me. I don't love it. Come to Portland and you'll be able to find all your little heart could possibly desire though!
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    Blink-182 - California (Out Now!)

    A gold copy just showed up at my house. I'm speechless. Number 18/182
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    CONVERGE - All We Love We Leave Behind

    Produced by Ronson. 4 colored variants with no standard black press. 220 gram each.
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    Damnit, bought. One of the best damn shoegaze bands around.
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    Picked up this and Superior. Checked discogs and I'm not as far behind as I thought. Only missing Colicky as far as 12"s and missing 6 of the 7"s. Only missing 5 EOAY 7"s because Bacha Bazi (or whatever) doesn't exist. Kinda funny that "I'm missing 12 releases" is still a pretty respectable collection.
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    PO Now: Toro Y Moi - Boo Boo

    VMP Edition will be in the June store, Beige vinyl /500.
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    Daryl finished a record... now if only he could finish/release the ones we really want.
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    What's your White Whale record?

    right now it's this motherfucker https://www.discogs.com/椎名-林檎-加爾基精液栗ノ花/release/5822287 Seriously, give the third track (starts @ 9:20) a listen and tell me this album isn't golden
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    What's your White Whale record?

    I don't know where you're based, but I don't think international shipping is ever gonna be much cheaper. Plus, that's only like $29. I wouldn't call something readily available for under $30 a white whale; the term implies it's hard to find.
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