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    The SYNTHWAVE Thread

    Yeah, I'm not buying any more nrw until I actually start receiving some of them.
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    Upcoming live Maiden is done to 23.99 again https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B075TKJ73T/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
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    Back when I was 10 and didn't have a CD player yet, cassettes cost $12 to $15 at all the music stores. You kids today have it so easy!
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    Waxwork Records Thread

    Since everything once "limited" is now being repressed, why not this gem? I'm stoked to be able to get one.
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    I emailed them and got a response October 3rd saying it was a supplier delay and they were still waiting for them to arrive overseas. They said they were expecting them any day and shipping would be ASAP when they got them.
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    Matt Danish

    PO: Mansions - Deserter EP

    This is a must buy for me. Love this band.
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    I intercepted mine as I was leaving for the airport and it looks amazing. can't wait to spin it when I get back, thanks [email protected]
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    Awesome, I knew those shirts and CDs found a good home, and I'm sure you made Trish's day. Hopefully she signed it in red lipstick or something Forbsie tried to get ERR to put a SWAK on my Kitsune album jacket she signed way back when, but she wasn't wearing black lipstick that night, haha.
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    PO: Mansions - Deserter EP

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    1. This is an instant buy. 2. $10+ cassettes are so stupid. Do cassettes cost labels $5 a piece to produce all of a sudden?
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    O maybe (probably) getting pressed? There's a video on Damien Rice's instragram of O playing on vinyl.
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    60% off at Recess Records. some good stuff left still, no code needed. store.recessrecords.com
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    I don't think he can get any better than Antichrist Superstar for me. Granted Mechanical Animals, Holy Wood, and Golden Age had some great tracks but not every single song was good like Superstar. Portrait is up there as well. The others after Golden Age seemed ok but not great. I did like most of this new album too. I got the Red. He seems more mature this time around. If that makes sense.
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    PO: Mansions - Deserter EP

    Seriously -- I just realized that it's been 4 years since Doom Loop. I definitely didn't think it had been that long, but surely still felt like an eternity. Really stoked to hear this, and hope we get a new track tomorrow as well.
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    Great news - not sure I can drop $40 to the UK though...!
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    The SYNTHWAVE Thread

    new retro wave just put up a few releases for preorder tonebox - nocturn repress (w/ bonus tracks) orax - cometa alex - youth
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    Cool thanks, guys! The...um cheapness of the website had a bit concerned about that sort of thing.
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    glass realms

    PO: INXS - Kick (30th Anniversary)

    Perfectly happy with the albums box set that came out a few years back. Kick is a great album but it's a damn shame that (for the most part) INXS is defined by Kick and X and only a handful of songs from their earlier albums.
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    See guys, you cant take your records with you when you die. Howard is looking down, crying at the thought of all you getting your grubby little hands all over his records while his brother in-law blindly posts links on every vinyl forum on the interweb
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    I'm not sure how some of us might recall that, as this is your first (terrible) post.
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    Good lookin' out!
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    I saw this tweet from Bull Moose yesterday. I don't know what to expect. https://twitter.com/BullMooseVinyl/status/916674729469243393
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    Nothing here unfortunately...
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    Of course it goes up the month where our company has announced they're going to be downsizing and I might be out of a job later this week. I'll have to get my wife to order it for my birthday!
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    Thanks a bunch for the feedback, especially that bit! Much appreciated.
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    PO Now: The Used - The Canyon 10/27

    This thread is starting to annoy me. The whole “The Used sucks!” Thing was fine for a few posts but come on... it’s not like they’re Nickelback. I actually really like the new song and for the first time since Lies for The Liars I’m excited to hear the whole album. I’m also going to see them on Oct 28 with Glassjaw. They’re still so much fun live!
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    Finally beat Cuphead today. Loved every second.
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    But do your amps go to 11?
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    Dunk has been amazing!!!! I wish more of you were here. Checking in real quick before a quick little power nap before Day 2. Another crushing lineup awaits. I took a picture with Trish from TEOTO while wearing a Sunlight Ascending shirt I got from Don. My life is complete now.
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    So I signed up for the Mark Frost autographed TP Final Dossier book wishlist from VJ Books, and they got back to me saying they heard they'll be getting 50 more copies in stock, which are now up for pre-order. https://www.vjbooks.com/twin-peaks-final-dossier-mark-frost-signed-p/frotwin01.htm?CartID=1 It comes to about $50 shipped, which is just too much for me considering my Amazon pre-order is only $13.
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    Just got an email from merchnow cancelling my order. "Due to the low number of sales we cancel your colored vinyl order as we won't press it and replace it with a Classic standard black vinyl. Sorry for the inconvenience, who does even listen to the used in 2017 anyway?"
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    Of cours this goes up the month I have to have my oil changed, car inspected, and pay my car tax! But I must have this so I might just eat cheap ramen the rest of the month!
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    According to the "The Void" obi, Halloween 4 and 5 are coming soon!
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    Sam Smith has just announced the title and revealed the cover of his upcoming 2nd album released on 03 November 2017. It is now up for pre-order on his official store. There is a white single LP edition and a white 2xLP special edition (with 4 extra tracks). His web store says that the single white vinyl LP edition is an "official store pre-order exclusive, limited edition", but does not mention anything about the exclusivity of the 2xLP white special edition. Standard LP (white) Official Store (UK) -- "exclusive" Official Store (Canada) JB Hi-Fi (Australia) -- "exclusive" Urban Outfitters -- "exclusive" (5000 copies) Standard LP (black) Amazon (US) Amazon (Germany) Standard Edition: 1) Too Good At Goodbyes 2) Say It First 3) One Last Song 4) Midnight Train 5) Burning 6) Him 7) Baby, You Make Me Crazy 8) No Peace (featuring Yebba) 9) Palace 10) Pray Special Edition 2xLP (white) Official Store (UK) HMV (UK) Amazon (UK) Amazon (Germany) Special Edition 2xLP (black) Amazon (UK) Amazon (US) Amazon (Germany) Bullmoose Special Edition: 1) Too Good At Goodbyes 2) Say It First 3) One Last Song 4) Midnight Train 5) Burning 6) Him 7) Baby, You Make Me Crazy 8) No Peace (featuring Yebba) 9) Palace 10) Pray 11) Nothing Left For You 12) The Thrill Of It All 13) Scars 14) One Day At A Time -- seems to only be available on the special edition vinyl LP and not on the special edition CD
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    Thanks! I've updated the links above. Neither Amazon US nor Bullmoose state the colour of the LP, so I've assumed it's black.
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    Does someone know great bands?

    dummy up, boys. this guy is an undercover cop.
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    Check out Converge.
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    Oh my god: https://www.thepushp.in/shop/wally
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    Ho. Li. Shit. This new live Pet Slimmers song is fucking massive. https://youtu.be/UG1Fkh8NRgY
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    We got the same masters.
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    That's how much the rest of us paid to get it...Flexi is available on tour I believe
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