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    Jesus... Johnny Cash shot a man in Reno just to watch him die. I have to re-evaluate my entire life now.
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    PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    A window??
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    Easily the grossest thing I’ve read on here.
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    The Saint

    PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Ah, I remember three weeks ago. Our problems were so much simpler then.
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    Probably be cheaper actually going to Iceland to get them than buying from flippers.
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    I heard early one morning while making the rounds, he took a shot of cocaine and shot his woman down.
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    Fair guess. But it was actually concluded from the fact you’ve been a member on this board longer than I have (which is admittedly a pretty fucking long time) and insist that my post – which brought up a girl’s mental history in a discussion about said girl and encouraged that we should maybe wait a bit longer for more factors or statements to be solidified – was the most upsetting thing you’ve encountered on the boards. Yeah. Pretty fucking sheltered. That, or just another pasty white knight keyboard warrior atop a sparkly SJW steed, ready to vanquish anything and everything that isn’t 100% politically correct on the internet. Your choice, I guess. Please feel free to “destroy me” within 2 minutes of posting this like you’ve been doing in this thread all day.
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    PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    I was actually thinking about this last night and my record shelf is completely void of shitty people like The Beatles and Clapton au natural no kiddy didllin wife beaters 4 me I can hear it subconsciously in their shitty music Or it's a coincidence but I like to pretend. I love when sarcasm backfires. Those are only bands you need to like when you have no grasp of your own taste. "Aaaargh but these be the classics!" I don't know the exact science behind it but music relies on repetition and when you grow up being force fed these shitty bands over and over it's easy to trick your brain into thinking they're good because it's familiar.
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    Definitly the first very different album they had mainly due to using a sound machine and tons of production. But I first heard it when I was in my final week of my senior year of high school. I remember I recommended our perfect senior song be “devil beside you” which was a bside and Best Buy bonus track. But it did not get any votes so I boycotted graduation.
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    Didn't think I liked this album. gave it another listen a little while ago and it is great. I'll pick this up!
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    Both Floral Shoppe and Dream Castle arrived yesterday. To my surprise, the Dream Castle vinyl was bubblegum blue rather than the silver advertised.
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    I bet you boycott Wal-Mart but own an iPhone.
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    hate to say it, but I agree and I'm not even a Beatles fan.
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    Lol you're funny. For the record, it's my favorite track on the album. Because I'm able to separate art\fiction from reality. I was just wondering how someone like you is able to convince yourself that it's different. The more you know!
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    From what I can decipher, he's essentially apologizing for being charismatic and for briefly dating a girl who already had a boyfriend, which ended badly? Wild stuff. Yeah, either he's getting out ahead of something serious or he's just being extremely sensitive (and based on their music, I wouldn't rule out the latter).
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    http://hopelessrecords.merchnow.com/products/v2/258947/dirty-work-red they're back up, about 180 copies left. I'm hoping this means everyone who's trying to sell their copy (copies) of this variant for over $100 isn't able to do so because clearly hopeless has more stock than they let on ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    I look over my shoulder before i put anything by them on the turntable
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    I grabbed 2...I’ll hook you up with one @clerk3745 if I get both
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    Yea, I’m not sure why either.
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    Beatles was better than that.
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    A fantastic and very thoughtful haul! Bad Cop/Bad Cop - Warriors Angry Samoans - Back From Samoa New Found Glory - Radiosurgery 7" Rites of Spring - All Through a Life 7" Weezer - EWBAITE CD (not shown: it's autographed!) My Santa left a few clues in his letter and I was able to figure out it's @Reshiram454. Thank you so much!!
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    Glassjaw threads are ultra-concentrated Vinyl Collective Bullshit™. Inject it directly into my veins.
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    A run of 100 each, sounds about right for what appears to be a bunch of meh... All Animals would be nice with a larger release, but I have no idea is the Somers LP is decent and the two Ros inspired LPs feel more like bonus discs. I'm just happy they choose these side pieces for limited pressings and not something substantial like the new album.
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    Idk why you jump to the negatives, Daniel. I'm just worried about your health. You're gonna pull a muscle carrying the weight of the world around on your shoulders every day.
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    Wild. I wonder if the metallic silver sounded terrible (a legit hazard of metallic colors) and they switched up.
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    Fucking tattle tale
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    My dumb Debut Carbon re-paint project

    I dig it, personally.
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    I’d be into picking up that Riceboy EP , but outside of that I’m not entirely sure I need to own these. Much more interested in a new album that we’re overdue for.
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    Mmhmm is also $15: https://www.smlxlvinyl.com/products/relient-k-mmhmm-2lp-gold-vinyl-doorbuster
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    Yeah if you could please take it to the brand new threat that would be great...
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    You can apologize for things, even if those things aren't criminal acts or if they aren't at the level of Jesse Lacey or other entertainment 'scandals'. We let down people we care about all the time, often in small or subtle ways, and we feel sorry for it and apologize. In his specific case, it's hard to know exactly what to make of what he's shared. There is the best case scenario, which is that he is a good dude who got into some murky waters as far as treating women poorly/uncaringly, him being in a semi-popular band helped facilitate that, and he wants to do a personal inventory before he tries to go on tour again, and there is the other scenario, which is that he did something pretty bad and he is getting out ahead of it with his version which minimizes and frames things to his advantage. I really hope it's the former and that the person he's referencing is OK.
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    Wow, pretty surprising that your conscience lets you enjoy Glassjaw, considering the heavy overtones of misogyny and sexism. gets the ole daniel thumbs up, eh?
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    Black Metal Discussion Thread

    Krallice - Go Be Forgotten was released on bandcamp last night. I preordered the LP for it with Loüm when those were up a few weeks back. This morning they sent me a code for Go Be Forgotten, but I had already purchased it last night. That said - if you want to check out the new Krallice album, message me for a code I'll be happy to share.
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    He also said he shot poor Delia in the side and while it was hard to watch her suffer, the second shot she died.
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    John Lennon almost beat a man to death because he thought he was hitting on him. His manager pulled him off the guy, dude was in intensive care for awhile, and the manager paid him to keep quiet. He beat more women than just his ex wife. Also, yeah...fuck all of those bands.
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    The official Horror fan topic

    I think I saw a trailer for this a long time ago. Completely forgot about it. I’ll have to check it out here soon.
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    Amazon Warehouse is having a 20% off Black Friday sale on SOME of the vinyl items. Here is the link: the discount appears in the shopping cart at the last minute. Amazon Warehouse Black Friday vinyl sale
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    I was pretty sure you were currently in high school.
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    PO: Taylor Swift - Reputation (out on 11/10)

    $60 is a great price. You have to remember that buying music, especially on vinyl, is an event and it only happens one to two times a year- three if Taylor Swift, Coldplay, and Adele release records in the same year.
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    PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    So don't listen
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    FS: Brand New Your Favorite Weapon TP

    Very interested in making an offer on this but only if you’re willing to discuss the price over Skype webcam. PM me for details.
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    Just got this as a dm, I posted the gj tracklist on twitter much earlier this morning.
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    Roy Moore - So Help Me God: The Ten Commandments, Judicial Tyranny, and the Battle for Religious Freedom down to just $14.47 - https://www.amazon.com/So-Help-God-Commandments-Religious/dp/193507122X/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1510714340&sr=1-1&dpID=51Aknm4tmGL&preST=_SY291_BO1,204,203,200_QL40_&dpSrc=srch
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    this is the demographic of most people who bought this. 90% hype buyers who have no idea what the fuck it is and hope to resell it one day, paired with the 10% of actual vapor fans that actually know why they want it. no, you aren't boldly discovering new music on a forum, you are giving into hype because you are mildly interested in flipping your purchase.
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    Wanted that hoodie but couldn't justify $40. Stoked to grab the LP though. I've got Alphabets and Goodnight Alchemy, but missed out on Holy Vacants and Bad Luck. Now they need to press Hospital Music and Darts to the Sea
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    Is this Ormolycka's second label?
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