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    Update: I won the paypal appeal and got the $$ back. Big thanks to @thievedrelic for the advice on checking the weight since I'm pretty sure that evidence tipped the scales in my favor. Here's the buyer's info for anyone who wants to make sure they avoid him. I'll be posting in the bad buyers thread too. Ryan La Rue Colton, Oregon https://www.discogs.com/user/Skeletal-Life https://www.facebook.com/ryan.larue.946
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    Stress On The Sky

    Ultra Vinyl Releases

    all those bells and whistles don't stop it from being a Jack White record though sadly.
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    Well that's just what I needed.
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    Secular Haze

    Record Store Day 2018

    Guys, I don't typically do this but I need a favor. Can you one of you that are attending RSD please pick me up a copy of that overpriced record that nobody will want 3 months later. I really need one. Thank you. Will send presents.
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    That one dude got a divorce so they're kicked out of Christcore.
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    Vaporwave makes people do weird shit, man.
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    we get this but cant get creed, smh
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    Secular Haze

    Record Store Day 2018

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    Fowty Dollaz

    Baby Fowty Cent

    Update: kid's 10.5 months old. He's a normal baby (as much as one can be with me as a father). Thanks for all the advice so far. I'm no expert, but I think we're getting there. Here's a picture from our first record shopping trip
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    The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    PSPRING20 for 20% off eBay. Stacks with import CDs 20% off $60+. Basically, B2G1.
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    Imagine if this was a real, desirable album and not just meme music.
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    Someone posted it here a few minutes ago but I can't find it either.
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    It's been a while since I've told Benjamin from St. Louis a very specific phrase that he isn't too keen on.
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    Or, you know, you could've spent the same amount of time that you did replying to just give me a straight answer, dickhole.
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    Record Store Day 2018

    My boss saw them perform this on Conan or some shit one night and came in to work the next day, pulled me aside to tell me about how powerful it was, and got choked up just recollecting it. I didn't know what to do. I wanted to run. I wanted to laugh. I was paralyzed. It was an out of body experience.
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    Record Store Day 2018

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    Potential mail fraud - paypal questions

    If it's someone here in VC...let me know. I am not putting up with that shit. Scammers will get bounced w/o warning.
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    Filthy animals
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    I'll probably eventually pick this up, maybe find a coupon for it at some point or something. i have most the albums in there but it's a really cool set. Also...cool Zombie vinyl related fact: I own the original painting used for the Fucking In A UFO single/ the gatefold art for the electric warlock album.
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    Record Store Day 2018

    This is extremely wishful thinking, but I wonder if we'll get a 20th anniversary first ever vinyl reissue of System of a Down's Self-Titled. I really doubt it, but that would get my ass out of bed early for RSD.
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    He told me to contact Zubaru Bama, the Nigerian Prince he’s hired to oversee the orders and packing. According His Majesty , I also won a once-in-a-lifetime drawing of a test pressing ( he referred to it as “the test pressings” but I’m pretty sure he just meant one). All I need to do is wire $400 into his bank account so he can verify my identity, after which he’ll promptly refund it - with interest. Looks like OESB’s finally gotten its act together!!
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    Tony hawk pro skater 1-4 boxset or stop running this Label.
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    [Looks out at the strength and diversity of the musical landscape in 2018, with new and exciting music coming out at a faster rate than one could even begin to appreciate]: I am going to listen to... a new Underoath album
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    GIVEAWAY TIME! (US addresses only, sorry) 1) Post a link to the record of your choice on Amazon at $15 or cheaper. 2) Post your favorite band that is played on the radio. 3) I will choose the winner at random next Friday (3/23). 4) Have a great day. Always remember that Sec is your friend.
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    Vaporwave Vinyl Releases & Info

    Lol, couldn't resist.
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    That’s my favorite Lou Bega song too
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    This proves our theory that the 2nd pressing was the FIRST pressing and they tried to cover up this lie by telling us the real 2nd pressing was first, thinking we'd believe it. But then, the real 2nd pressing got delayed so the fake 2nd pressing actually became the real 1st pressing which is now the real 1st pressing and is shipping first, which seems way too convenient and makes me think that there were actually two 1st pressings all along and the leak of the fake 2nd pressing first is just a diversion to the fact that we are close to finding the truth.
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    Record Store Day 2018

    I've worked with an absurd number of dudes who love Disturbed. They're always like "I love heavy music!" then I put on like Converge or something and they're like "...can you put on Five Finger Death Punch?"
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    Not paying that for white vinyl
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    Record Store Day 2018

    This will def be on a thick, heavyweight 12 inch
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    Record Store Day 2018

    Pornosonic: Unreleased 70s Porn Music Featuring Ron Jeremy Various Artists Enjoy The Ride Records LP RSD Limited Run / Regional Focus 500 giving the people what they want
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    You'd think instead of responding to people on reddit he could use that time to put records in a box, throw some tape on it and actually get shit done.
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    Accidentally included it within the quote box. But F it, it’s staying there.
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    Record Store Day 2018

    The only release that matters
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    Record Store Day 2018

    A typical Thursday
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    My direct deposit JUST hit my account and not 10 minutes ago I said to myself "Ok, no records this week." No financial necessity or anything, just figured I should chill. So obviously I grabbed this awesome deal immediately.
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    I cannot believe you fools are still trying to buy from this idiot. holy shit
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    Perfect timing. I was just crawling in the dark the other day, looking for the answers.
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    I like to lay all my variants in a big pile. Kind of like a waterbed, and just nap right on there. Though I agree 180g is generally less suitable.
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    Perhaps even more important of a question; why would you consciously pay for and choose to listen to a full album spread across a set of 7”s?
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    They messed this shit up bad haha, glad I got the link for everyone early. Glad some people got tests as well.
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    King Gizz Jizz?
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