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  1. eating pizza while getting tattooed... does it get any better? page 6,698 with the ultimate.
  2. They were my first. Nimrod tour on November 14th, 1997 at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia. Will never forget this show.
  3. Surprised by this, It's FOX, I expected it to get pulled before the 13.
  4. Life is goooooood. My work finally agreed to give me health insurance, so soon after February 1st I say goodbye to my gallbladder and can get this cold under control! wooo! Hope things are great for you!
  5. If you're shipping through the Global Shipping Program (which is the only way I will do international shipping through eBay), I don't think you have any control over that.
  6. "Funeral Pyle"
  7. I want "Decorated Lawns" on a physical release.
  8. Have to love that we are "forced" into having health care, but there is no enforcement or regulation on the bullshit that the providers do to hurt the insured.
  9. Shoot me a PM with where to send. I have some that could work based off your discogs list
  10. good burgers at Lord Nelson Pub in Blackfriars. Have fun!!
  11. I did this back in September, it was pretty awesome!
  12. edit: I love VC.
  13. 2016 was full of amazing experiences for me. - Went to London, Munich, Zurich, Amsterdam & Glasgow - Went to Moscow & Vienna - Went to Bangkok & Tokyo - Went to Fest for the first time - Went to Nashville, Denver, Chicago, Orlando, Austin, Boston, Pittsburgh - Went to 210 concerts - Knocked off my two concert bucket list venues (Red Rocks & Cumberland Caverns) - Got 4 tattoos Don't let me down, 2017
  14. Calm down, Facebook... calm down.
  15. I saw Rainer Maria earlier this year and they were great. I really wanted to get up to NYC tonight to see either them or The Lone Bellow, but I am sure either would have a big headache to get to. Happy New Year everyone!