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  1. Got to see The Explosion this past weekend, such a treat! Most fun that I have had at a show in a while.
  2. Got my [signed] yellow LP today
  3. I saw it and it was definitely amazing, the full album and then a Bouncing Souls cover... can't get much better than that!
  4. So you really didn't get YOUR guitar, they just sent another? Wonder which pawn shop has the first one.
  5. Looks like I should have my copy from her store today (Tuesday)
  6. ah, bummer.. wish I would have seen this earlier!
  7. That is disappointing, but oh well. Hopefully I have them in hand on Monday or Tuesday.
  8. my shipping label was created, but no movement yet. (from the Halsey shop) Did anyone get a download code e-mailed? They were very quick with the 3 tracks, but haven't seen anything on the full release yet.
  9. Yeah, really... gotta give us full closure on this.
  10. Jealous, they need to bring the show to the East Coast.
  11. I would probably be a fanboy for this project even if it wasn't good.... but I really do like the song.
  12. Put that stripped down version of "Eyes Closed" as well as the stripped down version of "Hold Me Down" from Roadies on a 7" and I would buy it immediately.
  13. I saw them a couple of weeks ago, it was Vinnie, Brandon, the drummer of IATA and someone I didn't know on bass. Basically only 2/5 of the Movielife, but the most important parts I guess. At this point, I would rather new IATA than new Movielife. I am content enough with Movielife playing their back catalog live.
  14. Great, energetic and solid live show.
  15. Saw them on Monday, just mentioned it was a new song.. didn't say anything about an album.