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  1. I heard from a few people that this Misfits signed on for 10 shows (one of which being Riot Fest). But it's been 7 months since Riot Fest and no talks/rumors.. so I guess those tips were false.
  2. Have a pretty solid weekend coming up: Friday - Every Time I DIe Saturday - Gates/The Scandals (Record Release) Sunday - Ellen and the Degenerates/katie ellen/Thin Lips
  3. They responded to someone on twitter stating the best they could afford was to have each band cover one Jawbreaker song.
  4. I immediately thought the same thing. "Hoshimoto" sounds too fun to be a disease name. I hope it is something that is easily treatable!
  5. As soon as Fest stated that they couldn't getting Jawbreaker, I purchased my ticket for Riot Fest.
  6. I'm seeing Matt Pryor & Dan Andriano tonight with this (and have seen 3 other shows this month using it). I have yet to have a month go by that it wasn't worth $25 for me. A few of the bigger venues [in Philadelphia] did drop off though, which sucks.. but I still save money each month with it.
  7. $125 for the vinyl package (it does have a pre-show acoustic performance and other stuff as well), no thanks.
  8. I would join the other board... would probably post more often, too. But in the meantime, I will ruin the chances of me getting an invite by posting a meme thing now.
  9. I saw 3 shows on the 20th Anniversary tour, I still don't like how they are doing the shows, but damn they were fun. Seeing the S/T songs was a blast.
  10. Just saw that Converge tour has a stop in Philly, very excited for that, though I would rather them have the headliner spot.
  11. I agree with all of this. At times, Clay sucks, and Tony is annoying.. but the final 3.. damn. That final episode was VERY tough to watch... but they did do a very good job at showing the realness/darkness of it.
  12. I want the 7" but I am not buying a CD box set just to get it.
  13. same options through her store, but they are autographed @futures wanted to make sure you saw this!
  14. She said on Instagram Live that the pre-orders are up and her website added a banner of the new album.. but no actual product listed yet. also, new song/video
  15. Free Throw is so damn good. Glad they are finally doing a headlining tour.