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  1. I don't actually know if that's the case then retail is probably higher than what I wanted to pay anyway
  2. Looking for Gerard Way's release + Danny Brown's picture disc
  3. Intentionally slept in, went to Vintage Vinyl at around 3 and picked up a few non RSD titles I was looking for Gerard Way's single with the Allred comic, Danny Brown, and semi looking for the Big Thief 7", all of which were sold out but it was definitely fun to go and support my local for the first time in a little while If anyone has any leads on that Gerard Way release it would be greatly appreciated
  4. I'm interested in: Julien Baker -Sprained Ankle Melvins- Houdini Mitski- Bury Me at Makeout Creek Slowdive- Souvlaki Wasn't planning on buying any of those rn and don't want to shoot you over a lowball offer If you're willing to let go of those for some sort of bundle price, shoot me a message
  5. Copped Wye Oak, thanks!
  6. WOOO!
  7. I'll take Motion Sickness and probably Devil and God on white, do you have pictures?
  8. bump
  9. christ that blows sorry dude, I hope it gets sorted out
  10. Got my Bullmoose order in today! (Spinning now and it's great)