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  1. new tattoo appresh

    Oh yeah, I forgot to post this--picture is from minutes after it was done--fully healed now Dude really nailed everything about this piece
  2. Going to try and cop the /250 but I'll be in class till 12:15 I'm happy about this release, I heard several of these songs acoustic first and love them as such--Instigator was my first "disappointed" response to a Kevin Devine album and it wasn't even real disappointment, just kind of stylistic letdown if anything I have a feeling this acoustic version will bring about many spins and subsequently many tears
  3. Is vendor registration still open?
  4. /300 black http://hozacrecords.com/surfbort-bort-to-death-7-ep/ https://surfbort.bandcamp.com/
  5. If i buy this, can i just trade it for a red copy of damn. or does that not work?
  6. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Did they play any of his songs? I can get tickets to their PA show at cost but cost is high enough so I decided to skip it--I love KD so if I knew he was getting more spotlight it might be the tipping point I'm happy to see him play with them but that actually won't change my experience all too much if it's still a strictly Brand New set
  7. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Yeah, I'm pretty confident that me and subsequently any other member on this board skipping out on supporting them would be negligible at best. The releases will still sell out etc My girlfriend's an illustrator and all of my friends are artists of some form, I'd be in pretty poor standing if I disregarded that because of some variant of an album that I'd be able to get elsewhere I got tempted when they had MBV on sale but held out, ironically I still don't own it tho
  8. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    I'ma pass on that UO variant, like all UO variants---that company is trash and even if it's a band i love, I rather not support any UO release. They're notorious for stealing art from small illustrators and designers and are relentless about it. Obviously this isn't entirely relevant to this thread or vinyl and y'all can do whatever you want with your money but I figured i'd point it out for anyone that's in that field and takes offense to that sort of thing
  9. WTB: Joie De Vivre and Annabel records

    I've got the Milky Clear Pressing of Joie De Vivre I'd trade or sell if you're interested
  10. This is a lathe cut that's under three minutes long, retail price on it was overpriced, let alone anything on the aftermarket
  11. DeadFormat is shutting down

    I have been in the process of moving things over to Discogs because in reality, it's a lot more pragmatic to use but I'm pretty bummed. When I was getting started, Deadformat was really good to me in every regard
  12. Yeah, it doesn't matter whatsoever that this is going to be more readily available--it's a good thing. It was just misleading and poor judgement on the label's end, whenever a pressing ends up being a higher quantity than originally stated it's always met with negative backlash which is why its so silly to see it continuously done. They could have opted for black or a different color but yeah, it's arbitrary--it might have made more sense on their end to actually press a different color for peeps with the double-dip mentality. I don't know if that would have been more costly though. I'm glad people are able to get it and I'm not mad about it, I just probably wouldn't have dished out so much yesterday and waited an extra month or so. (If they'd be available by then, I'm not really sure) "Second Pressing" on the label is definitely enough, I can't remember what was the differentiation on Brand New's Deja (First press w/o barcode vs second press w/barcode?) All I remember is, someone offered me $50 more for it because it had a meaningless indicator of first pressing. Everybody wins--even though the label could have handled it better.
  13. I'm going off of hope and previous speculation, it's a good way to live