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  1. PO: Soft Kill - Savior (May 11, 2018)

    Missed all the fancy versions but grabbed a pink and circle of trees, thanks peeps!
  2. Record Store Day 2018

    Kind of a perfect list* this year, a bunch of stuff I'd be down to have but would be ok missing out on, nothing worth getting up and waiting in line for but enough to get me out to my local store . Top priority stuff is probably the Eno/Shields release, Daughter, and Sufjan Brian Eno/Kevin Shields The Weight Of History / Only Once Away My Son Run The Jewels - Stay Gold Collectors Daughter - Music From Before The Storm Superchunk "What A Time To Be Alive (Acoustic)" b/w "Erasure (Acoustic)" First Aid Kit -You Are The Problem Here Sufjan Stevens - Mystery Of Love EP The National Boxer Live in Brussels (Maybe) ____________________________________ The Flaming Lips - Pouring Beer in Your Ear/Yum Yum & Dragon Marnie Stern This Is It & I Am It & You Are John Coltrane - My Favorite Things The Beginning Of The End - The Existential Psychodrama In Country Music (1956-1974) Courtney Barnett - The Double EP: A Sea of Split Peas Miles Davis – RUBBERBAND Wu-Tang - The Saga Instrumental EP Lil Uzi Vert - The Perfect LUV Tape Lil Uzi Vert - Luv is Rage
  3. PO NOW: Hinds - I Don't Run LP

    Woo, I loved their debut. I'm just going to cop the standard from BM
  4. I had an almost complete collection minus test presses (although I had two) right before Bubblegum/Bulldozer and then ending up selling all variants from any artist It just wasn't worth it which is kind a universal truth with variant collecting. I'm happy I made the switch--I do opt for the rarer variant whenever a preorder is up because it's harmless but I try and not double dip unless bonus material is included
  5. I'm glad i bit the bullet, the $90 was a tough decision right now
  6. Yeah, I had it in my cart and was just waiting for a transfer to clear to purchase it. I wasn't expecting it to be all that limited for whatever reason.
  7. Still waiting on a pressing of I Hate My Friends and ignoring anything that isn't it
  8. Hoping for a similar situation with that Tonya 7"
  9. PO: Trivium - Shogun

    holy shit, 14 year old me would have been all over this I'm going to go listen to this album for the first time in almost a decade
  10. My clear pressing sounds great and I'm really enjoying the album (woops?)
  11. indie exclusive apparently up at BM http://www.bullmoose.com/p/26880588/dr-dog-critical-equation-indie-exclusive
  12. I ended up starting with Shame, Shame and I've been listening to it several times a day. (Commutes back and forth to class etc) I might try that live album next. Thanks peeps!
  13. Monet's Garden is definitely high-up on my list. It isn't on our scheduled itinerary but I think I might try and fit it in, same with the Catacombs. I've been debating on Versailles but if I can fit it in I definitely will! I was really hoping to catch a show there but it looks like everyone I'm into will be there about a week after I leave haha
  14. I think that part of me has been forcibly removed from the shame of ex-girlfriends and such but it's certainly an idea