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  1. catalog your records with set theory or don't even bother
  2. let's burn all of our records

    1. Plarocks


      What type of CD-Rs are you using? :lol:

    2. Multiverse
  3. I'll sell you a guitar pedal so I can buy a different guitar pedal

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    2. Multiverse


      I've got several gear things up currently but the actual pedal stuff are:

      Two Ditto X2 Loopers

      White Paw Sound Modded Big Muff -Tone stack,/midboost//feedback switch/dying battery simulator, standard 9v mod

      and a PP2+

    3. KingTacoMunster


      Been lookin at getting some fuzz and the muff was on the list...what did you want for that

    4. Multiverse


      I have it up locally for $100, could probably still manage $100 shipped 

      Can also do partial trades 

      It's a mean fuzz, the only reason I'm letting it go is because I blew $300 on that Boris Dwarfcraft release and really can't justify owning both


  4. buy some stuff so i can buy more pedals

  5. Do you think R.O.B likes R.A.P by Killer Mike?