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  1. I'll take my Balance & Composure records as well. Regardless, it sucks that No Sleep has been so horribly managed but still somehow exists in some capacity today.
  2. Is dead format.........dead?

    No joke, I have done that, and actually, I'm kind of an idiot now looking back on that. I did this for myself to figure it out --- I did it on desktop and everything, and I kept looking for an option to change sorting options, and the idiot that I am completely blanked on the "artist - title (label, catalog#), added" options at the top. COMPLETELY skipped over them because I expected there to be a sidebar somewhere for it. What a silly mistake.
  3. Is dead format.........dead?

    I'm just trying to figure out how to properly link my girlfriend to my profile, or anyone for that matter, without her having to sift through tons of unorganized pages to figure out whether or not I have a specific record. The holidays are coming up, and she has asked me to provide her with my list. By sending her my default list - www.discogs.com/user/Kyle_ftl/collection , she cannot sort it on her iPhone safari app. The problem of, "why not just let the person sort it however they prefer" is inapplicable because she literally cannot change the sorting options using my link for her, so I want to give her a proper link.
  4. Is dead format.........dead?

    Thank you for letting me know. This has 100%, legitimately happened to me. I would not make it up at all! Like I said, I've gotten out of the orders without penalization, but I appreciate that for future reference. Both of you guys have been helpful in that regard. Back to my other question now, is there a way for me to format my page layout so that I can send a link to people without them seeing the newest items first and only 25 items per page?
  5. Is dead format.........dead?

    The sellers have had clear shipping prices in their Shipping Info section, but they'll use the argument that Discogs has no counter offer feature, so they are forced to accept and then mark up the shipping. The reason this annoys me is because I made an offer because I want it at the price + shipping that I offered, and when they come back with a counter offer, I'm not interested in that at all! In the end, my sales have ended up being cancelled without hurting me, but one of them got kind of ugly. I just wish there was a way for the buyer to back out after the "agreement" without being penalized, regardless of the reason. If I have yet to pay, I should be able to back out without a problem.
  6. Is dead format.........dead?

    this could be a very ridiculous question, but is there a way for me to set my settings so that when I link someone to my list on discogs, they can see it in alphabetical order? The reason I ask this is because every time I link someone to it, they end up seeing the newest added records first, and I can change it on my computer, but then linking anyone still sees 25/page with newest added first. Hopefully that makes sense. I'm doing my best to get into this website, there's just so much little ridiculous things about it. The fact that a seller can just place a random shipping price annoys the shit out of me because I utilize the "Make Offer" button, and they'll accept my offer, only to pump up the shipping price to a ridiculous amount just to get the end price close to where they originally priced the album, which LITERALLY defeats the purpose of sending an offer to them for me. Because he "accepted" my offer, I am not forced to either purchase the item, or risk losing reputation, or whatever the hell it is. I swear I'm trying, lol.
  7. PO: Mansions - Deserter EP

    another mansions record to add to my collection thx for still existing guys
  8. this is probably the first time i have seen someone list the needles the space on here. if i didn't buy it a few months ago from a local record shop, i would have been ALL over it.
  9. There were people I knew who skipped on the record because it was $40 originally, and I still think that's too funny given how hard it is to come by now.
  10. Wow, nice find. Thank you. Now I don't have to kick myself for not buying the box set because these are pretty much the only two albums I really wanted that badly out of it. Awesome.
  11. Is dead format.........dead?

    After adding one test press I basically said "fuck it" whenever a variant I have didn't pop up on the site. I don't want to be responsible for any of the fuck ups, haha. I finished transporting my collection today, but I ended up spending a solid 6-8 hours of my life doing it all. I have separate folders for 7"/10"/12"/box sets, just like I did on Deadformat. I still wish I could see the variants better than just the first like 3 letters, but I'm glad it's all taken care of finally. In the process, I purchased 4 new records from the website just to fill out my collections for certain artists I only needed like one more release from or something.
  12. Is dead format.........dead?

    I think there's a difference between "not knowing how" and "never bothering to try" in utilizing filters. I spent a few hours adding records to my "collection" on Discogs a couple of nights ago in attempt to familiarize myself with it more. Things I still hate about it- when searching for a record variant, any major 12" record has about 5 million options to choose from, sometimes with 15 incredibly similar variants, and I have to click on 5 different links to find the one I'm specifically looking for... on deadformat I could have just typed in "artist - record - color" and submitted it into my trade list. Holy. Crap. This was SO much more difficult than it had to be. I think I would prefer if the search results showed a lengthier list than just the first 3 letters of whatever the variant could be. Second, why the hell cant I see how many copies were pressed of these records? I really liked that aspect on deadformat. Third, I loved how I was able to see my entire tradelist on one long page on my deadformat. On Discogs, being able to only list 250 on one page is definitely a bummer for me. Obviously, I need to make a google doc, but it's just frustrating. The one major thing I love about Discogs conparatively to Deadformat is that I can see the values of my albums. I had no idea that feature existed, it makes my life easier, and shows me clarification that I have spent way too much of my income on music. Overall, diving deeper into Discogs made me enjoy it more than beforehand, but I still stand by simplicity in my list, which is what I felt deadformat offered me.
  13. Is dead format.........dead?

    When someone posts a link to their Discogs list on this website, I cringe because it's rarely in alphabetical order when I'm trying to browse through and find something I might be interested in, and it is separated into multiple pages by default, with each release having images next to it. It's great if I want to search Discogs to find releases, because they show the most accurate releases, variants, etc. but it's awful in trying to put together a collection list. The beauty of deadformat, for me, was just how simple it was to be able to send to someone like my mother, who could just click the link and easily view a list of my records. I don't feel that Discogs is nearly as simplistic, I just don't really like it for that reason. I don't need to see the record label, the release year... I just want simply artist/album/variant, which is what deadformat could offer me. It was also super easy to add releases to my list. I just had to click "add new" and type in specifically what I wanted to type in... I also may be wrong about this one, but does it always show exactly what variant someone has in their collection on Discogs, or is it just simply the release name? I think that may have been an annoyance for me as well.