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  1. I think the one thing I always considered when I tried selling on eBay is that insurance was kind of a way that I covered myself in case something goes wrong, an eBay buyer gets difficult, etc. If I really wanted insurance on my item, it was likely because the item was a high ticket item. Ultimately, what is an extra $2-4 on a purchase you are making 90-150? I guess it makes sense because insurance keeps the transaction safe for everyone involved, but I always just viewed it like that. I still don't understand why the "media mail" option caps shipping costs at a certain amount anyway. It would sometimes cost me more to ship it after tracking than eBay would be willing to let me charge. I just wasn't the best eBay seller ever.
  2. Received my purchase within like 20 minutes or something crazy. Definitely recommend.
  3. i received this vinyl thing in the mail yesterday but have yet to listen to it. guys, is it going to be cool?
  4. Me:  Checks Discogs+eBay daily hoping someone posts up a copy of Northstar's "Pollyanna".

  5. what an amazing band. love them so much. i tried collecting their discog for a minute, but eventually I realized how annoying it was going to be tracking down the /20 variant & the stuff you're looking for here. I have test presses + "press advance" copies of it won't snow + no signal.
  6. I mean, you look at his history on this site - he has phenomenal feedback and overall seems like a really good seller. I purchased from him twice recently and multiple times in recent years. I've never had any problem at all. Hopefully this is settled soon, he's one of my favorite guys to deal with here.
  7. Can vouch for this guy. He is always quick to respond to me. I don't think he's ignoring anyone intentionally. Dude had been an A+ person to deal with since day 1.
  8. Heavily debating that Blue Sky Noise deluxe. It's such a tough call to drop $100 haha.
  9. I tried that, I swear! It's a thing that I've noticed on every purchase I make with those types of drop down menus. It only helps so much. I appreciate it, haha.
  10. Downside to ordering from your phone: the scroll option bar doesn't really show you what you're ordering. Had I known I had to buy a huge bundle to purchase the lathe, I would have jumped on one of the bundles. I just thought the lathe was already gone because fans are insane and there was only 100 pressed. Now, looking at it from a computer, I could have easily purchased the lathe. Oh well. Sorority Noise is so much more enjoyable than almost all of their contemporaries. I'm excited for this, and I hope I end up enjoying it more than Joy, Departed, but even if I don't, it'll still be awesome.
  11. Thanks for the heads up on the deal. I bought a few records for basically regular prices because of it. I wish I could have used a $45/90 code because I would have scooped up another for just a few dollars more total, lol. I ended up spending almost $50 after shipping.
  12. I have a copy of Cope I'd be down to part ways with. I had it, then purchased the box set, I don't need two copies of the album.
  13. I'd be down to buy either record if they were pressed, unless the price was just ridiculous.