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  1. jet black cat has a few blue copies available for any aussies!
  2. how hard is it??? i ordered the signed marbled deluxe version and i got non signed black standard version... i wouldnt have cared if it was atleast the deluxe... ahhh well its going to cost them a lot in return shipping !
  3. looks like 140 more copies just went up on the 14 disc super set...
  4. I feel ya ... im sure it will be amazing live though
  5. and more variants!! these are signed :
  7. Also have these tests... Cartel - The Ransom EP (Black, Die Cut Cover) Del Paxton - Worst. Summer. Ever. (Black) Divino Niño ‎– Pool Jealousy (Teal Translucent, Numbered 18/20) Harrison Hudson ‎– Curious (Coke Bottle Clear) Koji ‎– Some Small Way (Black, Numbered 16/20) League ‎– League (Black) Muscle and Bone - Muscle and Bone (Black, Numbered 11/30) Old Flings - Spite (Black, Numbered 7/15) Vow ‎– Make Me Yours (Black, Numbered 8/20)
  8. These are a few things if you're interested... most i picked up from Kyle at Secret Audio Club Del Paxton - Worst. Summer. Ever. (Black / 300) Del Paxton - Worst. Summer. Ever. (James Adams Sketch Cover 12 / 25) Del Paxton - Worst. Summer. Ever. (Mint Green / 140) Everything Ever ‎– Solid Ground (Clear w/Blue Splatter A/B, Opaque Pink C/D, Numbered 46/50) Everything Ever ‎– Solid Ground (Super Splatter, Numbered 1/5) Hidden Hospitals ‎– Surface Tension (Clear /100) Hidden Hospitals ‎– Surface Tension (Black /400) League ‎– League (Black /100) Matt Duncan ‎– Beacon ("Confetti Bomb" /100) Matt Duncan ‎– Soft Times (Clear with Tarot Card /100) Muscle And Bone - Muscle and Bone (Black, Fest 12 / 50) Muscle And Bone - Peace & Light (Clear with blue smoke / 150) Muscle And Bone - Peace & Light (White / 250) No Machine - Good News (Green, Duct Tape Vinyl) Of Us Giants - Nova Scotia (Coke Bottle Clear / 100) Of Us Giants - Nova Scotia (Blue / 100) Old Flings - Spite (Translucent green w/ black/white mix / 100) Owel - Owel (Ultra Clear /200) The Return Of The Living Dead - Original Soundtrack (Green Translucent, /750) The Reveling ‎– Consider Everything An Experiment (Blue /100) The Reveling ‎– Consider Everything An Experiment (Orange /100) The Reveling ‎– Consider Everything An Experiment (Purple /50) The Reveling ‎– Consider Everything An Experiment (Super Splatter, Hand Painted Cover, Numbered 4/5) Ryley Walker ‎– Golden Sings That Have Been Sung - Deep Cuts Edition (Pink Frost & Sea Foam Blue) Vow ‎– Make Me Yours (Clear with Pink Splatter /50)
  9. So go the JB Cover this morning ... its just a cover in a cover ... plus no DL code... ah well... cant wait to spin it!!!!
  10. id do the following: TT into phono input on amp ST-320 into tuner input on amp TV,Guitar into RCA switch then into AUX on amp Headphone plug into amp when required.
  11. 1 question... do you need the bellari for the les paul??? if not... leave the preamp out and run the headphones straight from the toshiba amp...
  12. Im sure someone would be interested...
  13. Jb exclusive cover /100
  14. kind of.... its mastered but its like selling a porcelain bowl that hasnt been fired yet... its pre mother/father plate... this is a pretty interesting explanation of how it "usually" goes down .