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  1. https://streamable.com/twbcd
  2. White sounds great... really quiet throughout.. i thought it might be a bit noisy on "desert" ... im impressed with the quality
  3. will give it a spin tonight and let ya know
  4. its actually jsut a standard black copy... this is the aftermath of said cum
  5. https://imgur.com/c3Mvyqv https://imgur.com/KIzqB91
  6. white due today ... pics will follow
  7. i tried so damn hard to make it do that ... i could not get it working... check how many bloody edits i did haha
  8. god i cannot wait for this!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope they remastered it
  9. OK So B&O TT's are great ... HOWEVER... its a proprietary Cart and Stylus.. you cant just buy any ol cart... and the new one are crazy expensive... as for preamp and reciever in one.. .any of the stereo only receivers SHOULD have a phono pre (just make sure you ask the sales guys if they have a phono input) ... i know yamaha has a 2CH with phono for around $300 AUD. NOW you need to connect it via a conversion cable which is a 7pin DIN to RCA (if you arent using a Beo Sounds System) .. not hard to get, but anything with B&O on it will cost $$$$$$ have fun
  10. https://www.re-strung.com/store/drinking-from-the-sun-walking-under-stars-restrung-deluxe-vinyl-box-set Limited edition exclusively coloured vinyl boxset – hand numbered, strictly limited to 1000. Pressed on 7 x 180 gram exclusive coloured vinyl, packaged in a hard cover book and housed in a slip on case with lenticular cover. Deluxe Vinyl Boxset Includes: - Drinking From The Sun, Walking Under Stars Restrung - Walking Under Stars - Drinking From The Sun Plus: - Hand numbered and signed print – limited to 1000 - Exclusive images taken from the Restrung Arena Tour - Artwork of the last three albums displayed throughout the pages - Download card for all three albums
  11. Yusssss got one!! Now i dont have to wake up at 4am yew!!!