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  1. they are amazing! i have seen them once so far. i heard their Falls performance was good i was hoping they would drop this album on vinyl!!!
  2. This was a RSD release but i went to a few stores and no one had it... anyway Looks like the only place to get it is JB Hi Fi $39.99 AUD!!!
  3. looks like popmarket have the 14lp version available for anyone interested
  4. is there any sort of counter weight adjustment?? i have noticed on adjustable arms that if its too heavy or too light it can become muffled ...
  5. id assume the same ... with the coloured and standard option on their website ...
  6. Highlighter yellow /500 Black /250 Bundles
  7. i have the FYE version for sale... cover has a few dings but the record is perfect.
  8. Its up... signed marble vinyl looks to be the limited variant
  9. tell me about it ... it says something when you can order a record from the states (usually in a limited variant) for cheaper than JB's price...
  10. Hopefully the official store will have it soon! good ol JB with sky high pricing!
  11. back up to 2 copies now !
  12. all good.. i use TNT to ship so it would cost around $40 AUD to send or $50 AUD fully insured ... probs take a week to get to the states for either option... let me know if you are keen mate
  13. the exchange rate is great for you guys at the moment..