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  1. https://www.vinyldestination.com.au/jebediah-slightly-odway Jebediah - Slightly Odway Reissue... The bands social media says it will be a Translucent Brown with Black Swirl .. no mention of colour from Vinyl Destination..
  2. WTB Circa Survive Violent Waves/Appendage

    i cant believe how much violent waves has increased .. i purchased 5 for friends and myself, to which 3 pulled out.. i couldnt give them away on here lol... i might have a copy available if you still are after it .. might be sealed, i'll have to check.. def not after ebay prices however, shipping from Aus is USD$25...
  3. they're around..... although its more linear tracking tonearms that are more available than the "all in one" linear tracking TT .. i have the clear audio TT5 arm .. brilliant arm .. but i think one of the biggest downside to the linear tracking arm is how long it takes to get it right (compared to standard arms)
  4. what cart ?? whats the stylus pressure set too? is the alignment of the cart good?
  5. yes i know lol... after seeing what Old Mate sells the tests for i'd be happy with cost
  6. Its time to cull.. starting with tests ... send offers. shipping will be $15 fully tracked and insured .. (normally $25 from Australia but i'll meet half way) Brendan Rivera - No Ocean in Ireland (Black, Signed, Numbered 3/5) - Screen Printed Cover Close Your Eyes - We Will Overcome (Black) - Screen Printed Cover Crash Test Dunnies - The Ghost That Haunts Me (Black, Signed) Divino Niño ‎– Pool Jealousy (Teal Translucent, Numbered 18/20) - Screen Printed Cover Good Charlotte - Good Charlotte (Black, Numbered 9/24) - Screen Printed Cover Good Charlotte - Young and the Hopeless (Black, Numbered 9/24) - Screen Printed Cover The Griswolds - Be Impressive (Black /60) - SOLD Harrison Hudson ‎– Curious (Coke Bottle Clear) Harvard (Hrvrd) - The Inevitable And I (Black 20 / 24) - Screen Printed Cover Hidden Hospitals ‎– Surface Tension (Black /10) HRVRD - From the Bird's Cage (Black, Numbered 5/24) - Screen Printed Cover James Tayor - Gorilla (Black) League ‎– League (Black) - Screen Printed Cover Meridian - The Cathedral (Black, Numbered 33/50) My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade (Black) SOLD Of Us Giants - Nova Scotia (Blue, Numbered 19/19) Of Us Giants - Nova Scotia (Blue, Rejected Test Press, Numbered 19/19) Old Flings - Spite (Black, Numbered 7/15) - Screen Printed Cover Panic! at the Disco - Pretty Odd (Black) Sunndrug - Exit Wounds (Black, Test Press, Numbered 10/12) - Screen Printed Cover Vow ‎– Make Me Yours (Black, Numbered 8/20) - Screen Printed Cover PVRIS - All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell (Black, Signed Card)
  7. When you get it for $1k its sounds brilliant.. In all honesty it really depends on the whole system... and im almost certain if you had mid range table with a shit hot setup and cart ... id say most ears would struggle to tell the difference.
  8. https://streamable.com/twbcd
  9. White sounds great... really quiet throughout.. i thought it might be a bit noisy on "desert" ... im impressed with the quality
  10. will give it a spin tonight and let ya know
  11. its actually jsut a standard black copy... this is the aftermath of said cum
  12. https://imgur.com/c3Mvyqv https://imgur.com/KIzqB91
  13. white due today ... pics will follow