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  1. So go the JB Cover this morning ... its just a cover in a cover ... plus no DL code... ah well... cant wait to spin it!!!!
  2. id do the following: TT into phono input on amp ST-320 into tuner input on amp TV,Guitar into RCA switch then into AUX on amp Headphone plug into amp when required.
  3. 1 question... do you need the bellari for the les paul??? if not... leave the preamp out and run the headphones straight from the toshiba amp...
  4. Im sure someone would be interested...
  5. Jb exclusive cover /100
  6. kind of.... its mastered but its like selling a porcelain bowl that hasnt been fired yet... its pre mother/father plate... this is a pretty interesting explanation of how it "usually" goes down .
  7. the lacquer is the most common medium to cut the master.... the master is then plated into a metal stamper to make the records in a press... yes a lacquer would sound a bit better and definitely quieter (because its a waaaaay softer and a heavier medium then the record itself) but as in the description... with every play (sonically) it will degrade ... so really its only good for 1 play question is WHY???
  8. get a load of this... $7.5k - $10.5k for a limited edition of 30 lacquer you can only play once!!! Standard release limited to 900 costs from$139.00 ... (let me make that clear... limited to 900 not 9 or 90) N.B sorry but you are only allowed to order 2 per person boo this is truly for the person who has too much money ....
  9. one things for sure... all project TT's (if setup right) are one of the better TT's for longevity of your records... (there are a heap of other brands out there too..)
  10. oh and also you may want to look at a cheap monitor control... otherwise to adjust volume you will need to use the back of the speaker...
  11. yeh definitely ... $550 seems like a good deal... the only drama with the essential is upgrading will be limited .. most you could do is a new cart and maybe an acrylic table... dont get me wrong ... i started with an essential ... it was great ... but as you start to listen to more music, you just want more out of the table... dont forget too ... the essential needs a speed box to change between 33 and 45 RPM.. if you dont have a speed box you need to lift the platter and physically move the belt to a different pulley...
  12. i dunno how i feel with having an RIAA preamp built into the speakers... but in theory its a pretty cool minimalist setup... mind you much are the speakers by themselves?? how much is the setup?? ... the TT looks to be the entry model (essentials) ...
  13. Any Aussie Peeps ... Jet Black Cat Music in Brisbane is getting a few copies of the Blue Indie Version... you will have to email them or contact through their FB page though...
  14. no way ... not looking good for mine