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  1. yes i know lol... after seeing what Old Mate sells the tests for i'd be happy with cost
  2. Its time to cull.. starting with tests ... send offers. shipping will be $15 fully tracked and insured .. (normally $25 from Australia but i'll meet half way) Brendan Rivera - No Ocean in Ireland (Black, Signed, Numbered 3/5) - Screen Printed Cover Close Your Eyes - We Will Overcome (Black) - Screen Printed Cover Crash Test Dunnies - The Ghost That Haunts Me (Black, Signed) Divino Niño ‎– Pool Jealousy (Teal Translucent, Numbered 18/20) - Screen Printed Cover Good Charlotte - Good Charlotte (Black, Numbered 9/24) - Screen Printed Cover Good Charlotte - Young and the Hopeless (Black, Numbered 9/24) - Screen Printed Cover The Griswolds - Be Impressive (Black /60) - SOLD Harrison Hudson ‎– Curious (Coke Bottle Clear) Harvard (Hrvrd) - The Inevitable And I (Black 20 / 24) - Screen Printed Cover Hidden Hospitals ‎– Surface Tension (Black /10) HRVRD - From the Bird's Cage (Black, Numbered 5/24) - Screen Printed Cover James Tayor - Gorilla (Black) League ‎– League (Black) - Screen Printed Cover Meridian - The Cathedral (Black, Numbered 33/50) My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade (Black) SOLD Of Us Giants - Nova Scotia (Blue, Numbered 19/19) Of Us Giants - Nova Scotia (Blue, Rejected Test Press, Numbered 19/19) Old Flings - Spite (Black, Numbered 7/15) - Screen Printed Cover Panic! at the Disco - Pretty Odd (Black) Sunndrug - Exit Wounds (Black, Test Press, Numbered 10/12) - Screen Printed Cover Vow ‎– Make Me Yours (Black, Numbered 8/20) - Screen Printed Cover PVRIS - All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell (Black, Signed Card)
  3. When you get it for $1k its sounds brilliant.. In all honesty it really depends on the whole system... and im almost certain if you had mid range table with a shit hot setup and cart ... id say most ears would struggle to tell the difference.
  4. https://streamable.com/twbcd
  5. White sounds great... really quiet throughout.. i thought it might be a bit noisy on "desert" ... im impressed with the quality
  6. will give it a spin tonight and let ya know
  7. its actually jsut a standard black copy... this is the aftermath of said cum
  8. https://imgur.com/c3Mvyqv https://imgur.com/KIzqB91
  9. white due today ... pics will follow
  10. i tried so damn hard to make it do that ... i could not get it working... check how many bloody edits i did haha
  11. god i cannot wait for this!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope they remastered it