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  1. Picked one up, thanks! Hopefully it goes through, anyone buy from here previously and can vouch for them?
  2. Vintage Vinyl in NJ put up their leftovers, on sale now. Looks like they have a good amount of stuff. No coheed or smiths though.
  3. Was able to get the Against Me 7" and the Nothington 7", which were the only 2 things I wanted this year. Thanks so much!
  4. 42% off everything at Paper and Plastick today with code BLOODSHOTEYES
  5. Not as good as the last sale, but importcds on ebay is running a buy 1, get 4 at 15% off promotion through 4/28.
  6. I love No Idea and have found some gems in their previous grab bags, but this one was kind of a bummer. Nothing I've even remotely heard of and everything arrived pretty beat up. And I know it says 12"s, but you'd expect some full lengths in the package. This was all EPs and 10"s. Got a rad Crusades button and Leatherface pin, along with an Against Me poster. Still a disappointment overall though.
  7. got my original order yesterday, still waiting for the blue replacement copy to show up.
  8. Grabbed the Say 10 version. Love this band and both labels putting this out.
  9. Anybody else who ordered from MusicVaultz get this email?: Good afternoon, Thank you for your recent order for the following product: B002614201 - New Miserable Experience (Clear / Blue Smoke Vinyl). Unfortunately there was an isolated warehousing mix up on our end and the incorrect coloured vinyl has been despatched to you. The correct coloured LP version is ready to ship and is due to be delivered by the 12th of April at no additional cost. We would also like you to keep the black version with our compliments. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Kind regards Digital Stores Customer Services
  10. Looks like Teenage Bottlerocket's new lp on Fat is going to be a covers album. I'm sure it'll be great but I was really looking forward to new original stuff.
  11. Picked one up. Had really good luck with the 35 7"s grab bag last time. Hoping for some No Idea lps this go around.
  12. Thanks! Picked up the Obsessives first lp and their 7". Sweet deal for 16$ shipped.
  13. Goddamnit. Thanks for the heads up. Now I can be disappointed ahead of time.
  14. PO tmrw "Hey everyone! We are super excited to announce that our new album “spin” will be available May 19th! We couldn’t be happier to work together with our best friend Will Yip on the first ever release on Black Cement Records! Pre-order options for the album, including web exclusive bundles, will be available starting tomorrow, March 23rd at, and you’ll receive the track “Guardian” instantly with your pre-order. In the meantime, check out the premiere of our new video for the track on NPR Music! But that’s not all! We are also excited to announce a full US tour with Saintseneca and Smidley this May/June! Tickets go on sale Friday, March 24th at 10am local time: We absolutely cannot wait to see you soon and play some new music! <3"
  15. Only really interested in Against Me 7" Nothington 7" Smiths 7" Greg Graffin And to a lesser extent the Springsteen live 3xlp and the Pineapple Express soundtrack. Wish those weren't so pricey.