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  1. Combined these 2 together last night. Got 6 lps for 60$ shipped. Savings were crazy, about 45$ came off the order.
  2. If you combine this with the buy 1, get 3 @ 15% deal importcds is running on ebay, you can get a pretty good deal. Just got 5lps for 60$ shipped.
  3. Thanks, been waiting for a new code. Preordered the new Dopamines and the new Tigers Jaw for 28$ shipped.
  4. Snagged that yellow. Can't wait for this one. New song is great, worth the long wait for sure.
  5. The Newbury Comics on Newbury in Boston had some Thrice 7"s left yesterday. And the one in Quincy had a few Balance and Composure 7"s.
  6. 35 percent off vinyl at Anxious and Angry (Ryan from Off With Their Heads podcast, store, distro). Code is MONKEYBUSINESS. Lots of cool punk, hardcore, indie lps.
  7. Haven't received a cancellation email from Dr. Strance yet for the Smiths 7". No shipping notification either, unless they don't send those?
  8. Got shipping notification about an hour ago.
  9. Picked one up, thanks! Hopefully it goes through, anyone buy from here previously and can vouch for them?
  10. Vintage Vinyl in NJ put up their leftovers, on sale now. Looks like they have a good amount of stuff. No coheed or smiths though.
  11. Was able to get the Against Me 7" and the Nothington 7", which were the only 2 things I wanted this year. Thanks so much!
  12. 42% off everything at Paper and Plastick today with code BLOODSHOTEYES
  13. Not as good as the last sale, but importcds on ebay is running a buy 1, get 4 at 15% off promotion through 4/28.
  14. I love No Idea and have found some gems in their previous grab bags, but this one was kind of a bummer. Nothing I've even remotely heard of and everything arrived pretty beat up. And I know it says 12"s, but you'd expect some full lengths in the package. This was all EPs and 10"s. Got a rad Crusades button and Leatherface pin, along with an Against Me poster. Still a disappointment overall though.