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  1. Sweet! Really enjoyed their last full length albums
  2. They said whoever can guess the last picture before it clears up gets a test pressing of it
  3. Robin said it's the proofs for the jacket, no music at all
  4. #6 I can say 100% is Vesperteen (Drummer of House Of Heroes solo stuff) And #3 is definitely Hello Hurricane, they just tweeted to someone saying " also heard hurricane season is starting early this year "
  5. Found the tracklist for Series IV #No Fliter Color -Candy Purple Side A Look On Up Side B Terminals I Wish It Were Fun Day Color-Pink Side A Manic Monday Side B Body Be Acoustic Score & 10 Years Ago Color-Teal Side A Must Have Done Something Right (Acoustic) Side B Fallen Man (Acoustic)
  6. Got mine yesterday, love it! Wish it would have come w/bubble wrap or some other type of protective wrap around it...has a crease on the left center right on the front but hardly noticeable. Love the handwritten lyrics and nice to know I (along with the others) got the first 300 copies. Can't wait to spin these over and over.
  7. When the new Thor trailer hits...
  8. New Com!! Been replaying the teaser over and over
  9. Well looks like the first 300 orders will get a little extra:
  10. Got mine today! And he signed the cover!
  11. it's happening!
  12. What would "vintage heavy" sound like? Posting for the star and the laughs
  13. A cool interview with Martin Courtney and we get to hear a clip from the song Two Arrows:
  14. Bought with haste! Going to listen over and over today. Hope I can get some drastic color differences this time around
  15. Correct me anyone if this sounds wrong but I believe since there are no set colors for the Seasons EPs that they could just be showing the different colors?