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  1. Eh, I don't think that's how business works. Release 2 things everyone wants then piss them off on purpose? I think they like everything they put out which is why they put it out. You didn't have to buy a 3 month membership for Person Pitch or Breaking Atoms either. If anything Demon Days was the only thing intentionally released for extra $$$ and subs. Far more likely.
  2. Think about what you're saying for a minute. Do you really think they intentionally do that? Has the vinyl surge cleared up to the point where they can pick and choose what gets released when? Also Person Pitch is hardly comparable to Demon Days or Tidal they are multi-platinum records.
  3. The Mofi version is also more expensive!
  4. Person Pitch was also OOP and VMP version is leaps and bounds better than the original. I've got a crate membership though so I just cherry pick what I like. The exclusive member store pressings are why I keep it active cause I need the pretty colors. VMP does such a wide variety of music that I think it's impossible for any normal person that doesn't only listen to nostalgia-core and pop-punk to not find something they like if they're swapping. And who the fuck owns every record they like? That argument is weak that all the good releases will already be in your collection.
  5. I quietly sat not giving a fuck about Gorillaz and didn't trash anyone for being excited or whatever. It's now two months later and the last 5 pages have all been complaining about having to be stuck paying $80 and not being interested in literally everything else you can swap for. It's annoying and I'm down to argue with anyone who thinks otherwise. You all knew what you bought now shut up about it.
  6. lol he's turned into a habitual liar now eh? I miss when it was just loose records shipped outside of the jacket and dust sleeve.
  7. If you joined for Demon Days and need to vent about how your music taste is so narrow you can only enjoy commercialized cartoon music from when you were in High School please quietly evaporate with your memberships. Thanks.
  8. 20 copies of AFYCSO by Panic at the disco
  9. How the fuck can you spell 'Przybyłowicz' but not 'special'?
  10. I lose brain cells every time he posts even if I don't read it. It's gotta be a super power.
  11. I only hear good things about their customer support. What do you want them to do about your corner ding anyways? Iron it out?
  12. People buy this to listen to? lol
  13. So many of you need a slap upside the head to wake you up from dreamland.