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  1. You guys should be greatful to even listen to Boxer do not say another bad word of the content. I'll smite you. Just make fun of the color and 7" that's ok. Follow the rules we all get along.
  2. It's cool for those that don't have it I guess. The yellow pressing is fine for me. I'm actually glad it's nothing new so I'm not compelled to grab it.
  3. Lmao that's cardboard, spray paint, and tape. Awesome he made it but too expensive.
  4. They sold 200 $85 masks and 300 $15 pins already and past things /1000 always sell out in a day there's a rabid following. It's really strange that it took long for 1500 copies of DS to sell unless people reeeeeaaally didn't like it or there were more. Edit: I'm guessing they held back a bunch for tour but I'm skurd
  5. I think the last two BMSR releases were both on bandcamp only as well. But that was a 7" and a 10". Now I'm dreading the Tobacco represses and the first two BMSR finally getting pressed. Edit: fuck it's already counting down copies. 400 left.
  6. Just not into the idea tbh. Could be the best mix I could think of and I still wouldn't listen because I'm weird like that.
  7. That bbng album is a clock tease I didn't think it'd just be a mixtape of other musicians
  8. I hope so. If I wait it out and miss out I'll die tho
  9. If you like them try out Literature for an eargasm
  10. Hahaha you guys took him seriously and his troll attempt was so bad he gave up.
  11. Which makes you the joke, see? Try harder ;p
  12. The only joke in this post is you my guy. Maybe add another couple paragraphs to hammer it in there.