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  1. I'm still trying to figure out how not choosing a partner from your immediate surroundings is an insult. Then again I'd probably laugh at whatever picturesque marriage this guy has going on. I bet you aren't allowed to pick out any furnishings heh heh.
  2. Fuck to the yes give it to me.
  3. Anyone know when or how often there's a sale? I'm only part sucker
  4. The anticipation. I can't wait to destroy myself
  5. Did you get shipping notification? I normally don't care but this is of utmost importance
  6. I like how Spaceab just swoops in to take a quick dump on the boards every now and then before fucking off without wiping.
  7. I want some money too I'll throw my hat in. Want in? Try some Sunshine.
  8. Again sell your records and buy CDs. It isn't the industry... melting music into plastic grooves with big metal plates isn't an exact art and if you really do think it should be you're actually just stupid. Would it be possible to create better pressing machines? Probably, but they don't exist yet in mass production and that's hardly the labels fault.
  9. I doubt you can handle fwb after reading these posts don't go down that road.
  10. My record collection is pretty vast, I've had a record replaced maybe 3 times because it sounded so bad. It is indeed part of the hobby and you sound like a soccer mom that doesn't get her way when eating out with the amount of complaining you do.
  11. I'll never be sad from breakup music no matter how snotty and entitled the lyrics may be.
  12. So not at all alike? You seriously relate the two? Yeah it sounds like Brand New but not because of content that doesn't make sense to me.
  13. Y'all have me really anticipating my copy now!
  14. I just get really excited when Rot Forever is being discussed.
  15. I'm waiting for the mail. Any thoughts from anyone that listened yet?