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  1. It's stupid for sure seeing 6 different variants but I don't let it bother me unless they make more than one that I want lol. I'm honestly more annoyed their variant choices are all ugly including the white w/ pink haze Painted Shut that I still long for.
  2. You wouldn't have made this post if you got the /500 ... There are two more variants and a retail version your analogy would make sense if they only pressed 500 copies of the record. Most people don't actually care about color despite how we are on VC. Just a "fun" preorder bonus that needs to be scrutinized.
  3. Y'all are dumb they add a new variant because of high demand and make it a different color while pressing more making it less rare and you still complain. If a label is charging $21 shipped for their LPs hop the fuck off of them!
  4. Thank you I agree. The media and it's race war conveniently hold hands with many liberal "you're an asshole if youu don't think exactly like I do" mindsets which is a huge problem. But just deciding to spite that group of people is fucked because as misguided as their agenda is it's still based somewhat on being a human and giving a shit. Which is also a fucked tactic used to make them seem holier than thou but that's another can of worms. Joking about pussy grabbing will never be funny even if it gets a rise out of loud sjws on the internet and if your (not you swb ha) peabrain can't figure that out I don't care at this point I just go into action when I have to irl which I'm glad has increased awareness fucked agenda or not.
  5. I moved so no. Jelly though Glad I didn't miss this one. Painted Shut is still one of the only limited variants I've missed ever. Haha
  6. Nobody is saying apologize for what you were blessed with it's just fucked to ignore your blessings when judging others and passing laws that affect them. The rural and urban areas of this country are far too different from each other to be run under the same set of rules imo anyways. Same shit with white people thinking they're being punished for being white or guilted for being white and the war on Christmas and kneeling for the national anthem... sheep mentality one person heard it from someone else so it's gotta be true fall in line. Social conformity is also the main thing that makes it an us vs. them two party system where you take L' s to the jugular to help your team win. Imagine if Republicans and Libertarians voted for their actual beliefs and interests instead of compromising with each other to form the same team. They won't though because Dems and Socialists shot themselves in the foot not uniting for the person that had a better chance to help their quasi team win. USA USA USA
  7. Ouch cut myself on that cool guy edge haha
  8. "I worked hard to have two loving parents support me my whole life while I was able to concentrate on my bootstraps and build my business they started with no other worries." Isn't it crazy how people blessed with this life can look down on others as if they've done something difficult or impressive? Lmao
  9. I love how conservative snowflakes cry and moan over everything changing yet someone wanting equal footing in life is a pussy. This exactly. As someone from a populated city I've noticed racism truly doesn't exist in rural/mountain areas devoid of PoC that's why it's such a non issue to them though /s Seriously though my sister is half black and I'm as white as you get the things I hear when I take her places would seriously confuse some of you that don't see color. Keep on with your ostrich mentality though.
  10. 1. Soft Music/Juno Portraits Of The Jovian Sky (5:36) 2. Paranoiac Intervals/Body Dysmorphia (7:15) 3. Writing The Circles/Orgone Tropics (6:15) 4. Plateau Phase/No Careerism No Corruption (5:19) 5. Sophie Calle Private Game/Every Person Is A Pussy, Every Pussy Is A Star! (8:09) 6. If You Talk To Symbol/Hostility Voyeur (8:33) Kevin ditched guitars again for 80s dance synths. I'm stoked as fuck on the track. Early Bird Orange/Black Starburst /1000 https://www.polyvinylrecords.com/product/white_is_relicirrealis_m
  11. Laughing cuz I own those. Don't forget 11 Old Songs and Pre-Human Ideas lol
  12. Make sure you start with The Sun and then Samurai Sword so he has no idea what to expect. Has anyone in here heard the fucking speed metal Mount Eerie EP Black Wooden Ceiling Opening? It's actually really good.
  13. It felt lifeless and had the kind of bare bones production that actually did leave me wanting more from it which isn't something I usually care about. I never thought it was bad but I never listened to it as much as the EPs and LPs released around the same time that aren't considered albums. There were like 6 or 7 releases around that 3 year period and No Flashlight just didn't hold my interest as much as the others.
  14. I also want to add that the mix/master on the No Flashlight reissue legit makes the album much better if you haven't heard it yet. It was always my least favorite of his work but I enjoy it much more now. Then Danny Brown named it his album of the year in a tweet a few days later and it sold many more copies than that haha I remember seeing that.
  15. Any description you could give us of what you heard? None of the track titles seem to give away anything haha I was especially interested in Distortion.
  16. The Microphones reissue series with the foil stamped obi strips are my favorite thing on my shelf. And speaking of the store I was just looking through earlier and noticed Crow was sold out waiting for a new pressing which is wonderful to see. Also noticed Clear Moon, Wind's Poem and Song Islands Vol 2 are out of print... along with 2 of the Microphones reissues. Looks like he's selling through stock good for him. Some of the records that go out of print never come back so don't sleep on Ocean Roar or Sauna if you haven't copped those.
  17. Kinda bummed there's no 8 min song. Oh well shits still gonna be great.
  18. Now I need the track times haha.
  19. Anyone find the tracklisting?
  20. Go for it Phil make my aoty again.
  21. Thank you. First record I've bought in a bit but def couldn't sleep.
  22. I predict it'll be more introspective personal music like Crow except with more weight in the instrumentation. Hype.
  23. I haven't checked it out yet but I look forward to finding a copy on discogs for 8 dollars. Panda/AnCo stuff is so cheap on discogs it's great... got the triple LP version of the last Panda Bear album for 14 shipped and the box 4LP version of Tomboy for 24.
  24. I had to buy a fucking tape last week because of this band so you know I'm hype