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  1. full-length about to drop. gotta song with a Fugazi sample that they got permission to use
  2. Mellow Mushroom is a chain started in Athens, Georgia. They're quite prevalent in the south, specifically college towns, but have grown a decent ways. I know there's one in Iowa City now as well. I personally love the chain, I've yet to have a sub par bite at any of their locations.
  3. Go eat at 610 Magnolia or MilkWood
  4. Ok. I'm not much for one to really pick out tastings and such other than "I like it" "I don't like it"....I find regular Maker's Mark is fine, it isn't my favorite or a go-to, it makes great cocktails and I have zero issue sipping it neat. The 46 I find much more enjoyable, I don't know what exactly about it I enjoy in whiskey talk, but to me and my pallet it seems to have more flavor, more complex flavor, and a bit more heat than regular Maker's Mark. the Cask with most higher proof whiskies...definitely has some bite, which I enjoy...but it's a slow burn in the aftertaste. The first bit that hits your tongue is still very vanilla flavored almost...much like regular Maker's Mark. This isn't as mellow and pronounced and has more grit to it. I definitely like it more than regular Maker's Mark. It's almost more raw? Less refined? Honestly, I like the 46 better. But I don't hate this Cask Strength one tiny bit and I doubt I will end up sharing it with anybody either. I'd say, if you have the money and enjoy Maker's 46, give it a shot, I highly doubt you'll find it deplorable.
  5. nothing crazy, but my brother gave me a bottle of Maker's cask strength for my birthday. I've actually never had any. I won't get to try it until next week sometime though (blood pressure medication ran out before I could get in to a new doctor, so I'm being real kind to my body in the mean time)
  6. Andy mentioned this past Sunday night at their show that he started a label and bought the rights to all of the Hot Rod Circuit back catalog and plans on repressing everything. It was stage banter, so he didn't give any kind of timeline...but it might excite some people to know that eventually other Hot Rod Circuit titles will get reissued at some point.
  7. caught Hot Rod Circuit last night (then ended up eating breakfast at the same place as them today)
  8. I can only hope they did a better job with Hang Ups
  9. Biggest regrets is passing on driving 3 hours to catch them on what ended up being their last to catch Miles a few years back with a full band at SXSW and it was pretty terrific
  10. Ya had me at Beulah's "When Your Heart Strings Break" which is one of my favorite records ever I have non-computer based home recording equipment. Buuuuut, I know my limitations and will not persue this project. I am extremely interested in how this turns out though...based alone on the Beulah nod
  11. Hope they sound and look better than that abomination of a pressing of the Self-Titled first album that SRC squeezed out of it's butthole
  12. Shaq GIFs Shaq GIFs
  13. That all sounds incredibly positive, man! Congratulations!
  14. Would be excited if they didn't sound awful! i got amped when they announced the Self-Titles first album and pre ordered it immediately. I can safely say I have yet to be more disappointed as far as vinyl releases are concerned....the artwork looked like they scanned a CD booklet and blew it up at kinkos and it is probably the worst vinyl master I've spun on my turntable. I like Hang-Ups better than the self-titled and still haven't picked it up because of how awful the self-titled was all around. Hope they don't screw up Stomping Ground and Darrin's Coconut Ass for y'all.
  15. I think it's a Bad rollout for a Bad idea to make a Bad album.....especially if it's just Vinnie, Brandon, and a bunch of other characters