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  1. Holler at me if you're interested in a copy of Tropic Rot. I grabbed one when Virgil was dumping the VC warehouse for bargain bin prices and I really don't like that album...I revisited it about a month ago and still didn't care for it. Would also love a copy of Versions though. Would definitely trade Tropic Rot for Versions
  2. Bought a copy of this from VC during Virgil's "sell it all" sale and the Spindle hole is punched off-center....I rarely listen past the first couple of tracks on each side because of it. This is exciting news... I can own a copy that I can spin without it sounding like a seasick carousel
  3. I sure as hell hope so, I love that album. I won a promo copy and a t shirt from Vagrant when that album came out....I think it was just an email contest. Regardless, I've never been able to track down a copy at a decent price and would love a repress. Not a repress with a bunch of bonus crap slapped on it either.
  4. Agree with this The grandpaboy Mono album is my favorite they put out of his stuff
  5. as I've said in other threads...would love for Boxer "The Hurt Process" to get a pressing.... I can't imagine there would be enough interest in it for them to warrant pressing it, but I'd love to be wrong
  6. Wednesday the 24th gonna catch Sheer Mag again, pretty psyched...they were killer last time
  7. fucking double is this problem still not fixed on the board? With the problem being this big of a pain in the ass why aren't we able to delete posts anymore?
  8. Caught Secret Sisters and Blind Boys of Alabama yesterday, it was pretty great also caught one of my friend's new band, Standard Version, last sloppy, but so much fun
  9. grabbed this. THANK YOU, still haven't heard this album nevermind, it let me get through before i realized they had already been downloaded. thanks anyways though
  10. I've been too poor to buy anything....trying to save up to fix my vehicle....sorry y'all
  11. Gonna catch Boston (or what's left of them) Saturday May 6th....really damn excited about it. Boston is the first music I remember hearing as a child that I got excited about...they're the first band I was ever into. Tom Scholz has been a hero of mine since I was a child...Really jazzed to finally see him play. Without Brad and Sib it'll be lackluster I'm sure....still jazzed to see Tom play though.
  12. I think that's an excellent idea