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  1. I think that's an excellent idea
  2. This rules
  3. if anybody has a code for Wear Your Wounds they'd be willing to share I'd be grateful. I enjoyed Supermachiner but kind of want to listen to this as album front to back before purchasing it. I'm sure I'll get plenty of people telling me to fuck off...that's fine too
  4. I know some people that would be legitimately into this in Bham, Akande. I'm not willing to give out their contact information, but they work at a music venue I used to work at. Another guy works at a record store in bham. All about some atonal/experimental/noise. This link would help you finding some of these people
  5. Very VERY niiiiiice
  6. Really really really might end up going to this....I don't feel like I can let myself miss a Jawbreaker show, but it's a lot of money that I don't have currently
  8. i guess Brett's ego hasn't shrunk any i guess Brett's ego hasn't shrunk any
  9. these are my feelings based on first hand experiences. i am no authority on the subject A to Z media and Pirate Press (and one more smaller broker that I can never remember) all use the GZ plant in the Czech Republic . It all seems to be hit or miss there URP (United) seems to me to be really really lacking in QC in every'll get banged up jackets sometimes, your quantity will be off, occasionally the spindle hole will be punched off center Rainbo isn't a favorite either...they do brokered deals as well and seem to lack QC as well Memphis is essentially brand new, I'm hoping they'll get up to speed rather quickly Erika seems to consistently put out low quality/cheap pressings RTI seems to consistently put out quality pressings Furnace seems to put out quality pressings Gotta Grove seems to put out quality pressings The Vinyl Factory should be solid because of the history of the building and machines they're using, but I guess they're lacking the knowledge part? seem hit or miss
  10. Is this what happened to House of Blow?
  11. Doooope. Found them via Pine Hill Haints/Invisible Teardrops
  12. Dexateens might be the best damn band in the land, this new record is damn good as well
  13. I like fiery I know its not on par, but I bought a bottle of Bulleit 10-year....have barely touched it because of how mellow it is. To be honest, I wanted the Bulleit Cask Strength, but they were out by the time I made it to the store
  14. Port of Call was searving up some tasty burgers and potent drinks last time I was down there.....but I'm certain there are better joints to hit up