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  1. Assholes like you are one of the main reasons I barely go on this site anymore. Just a bunch of uptight pricks to everyone.
  2. I'm conserving my cash for about a month, but everyone support this label!
  3. Got the deluxe version of the LP, the 2 7"s and the CD since the CD has bonus tracks!
  4. Great band, but gotta hold off for a little on this. When they did the collections LP I sold off my 7"s and surprisingly made a few bucks on them. Didn't think anyone would care on ebay haha.
  5. Just an FYI, if you don't want the box, the single LPs don't differ. It's not some different color or anything. I'm just gonna pick up the demo/sampler since I gave the OG LPs already. I also have the OG cassette, but it would be nice to have on vinyl too. Also the reason why it's 7 songs instead of the original 9 is because 2 of those tracks are featured on the LPs.
  6. The band posted a photo online. Looks like the re-release will have a download card with unreleased tracks. I'm fine w/ my OG so i'll probably buy the re-release for the tracks and then just sell it and maybe lose a few bucks. Unless somebody would be kind enough to send me the tracks for free
  7. This only went OOP a few years ago to my knowledge. I would see it often in record stores.
  8. I'm guessing a Blow In the Wind will go along with this since they are doing the classic represses in release date order. Probably baby blue vinyl.
  9. Ugh - well I went into my local record store and got the 1/2 White/Orange. I guess just because an indie store has it, doesn't mean it's the indie store exclusive color.
  10. Anyone know if this comes w/ a CD as well like the last 2 albums or just a download code? I know that Epitaph doesn't really do this much anymore, but still every now and then for newer releases, including Rented World from 2 years ago.
  11. While it will probably take forever since that's how Rancid works unfortunately, they are working on re-releasing LFATB w/ a possible live album to go along with it, but I don't know if that live album would be CD/digital only or there would be a 2xLP.
  12. Not sure why anyone is expecting the greatest of things and disappointed in what they are getting. What do you expect for this price? And you should be aware that it's dead stock that NIR is trying to get rid of now that their distro has been shut down.
  13. FYI I was told that they are continuing in 2017. It's so cheap so I'm keeping the sub open.
  14. The new Lillingtons' release will only be a 7", but I'll take anything!!!