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  1. The internet is full of shit. You can take it or eat it, your pick bud...
  2. Pretty sure he was making light of a shitty situation. Don't take shit so seriously...
  3. That's awesome man! Cant wait to get it but no such luck until the release date for me.
  4. How did you manage such a lucky task?? Super JEALOUS!
  5. I mean... aren't all games repetitive in terms of gameplay? Mario bros is run left or right and jump. Sometimes you can fly left or right. Racing games are just gassing and breaking around tracks. Call of Duty is run, duck, shoot. I know some games have massive controls but the common game is repetitive in general.
  6. BUMP - make me some offers! Ive sold about 150 so far and want to sell the rest!
  7. What about your boy, GatorprideSONNN?
  8. shipping tomorrow - anybody else want anything?
  9. post office run tomorrow morning - now's your chance to grab something if interested!
  10. Bump for the weekend - Let's make some deals!
  11. Orders from the weekend shipped this morning, check your PM's. Thank you!
  12. I love how all these cry baby bitches were smashing windows to cars and shops before the inauguration started. Funny considering they accuse Trump of having erratic behavior...
  13. No, totally forgot to remove that. PM me an offer if you're still interested.