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  1. PO: The Fury of the Aquabats!

    Just got my autographed copy today!

    I e-mailed them just to make sure everything was ok and they replied with this, "Hi, Thanks for supporting SNDTRK. There has been a delay from the lp mailing box supplier who apparently delivered to the wrong address. I’m told that I should expect delivery any day now. I will notify as soon as they have arrived and records shipped. Apologies for this delay. Kind regards, Michael Figucio DCR"

    I ordered a copy on the 11th of March and still have not received mine, but shipping from Australia takes a while.
  4. Why do I have to explain how and when I messaged this company? It shouldn't matter. Sending a message anytime after an order and expecting a reply in a timely manner is what any customer of any purchase would want, it's just basic customer service. I don't have to explain my business or anything to you. Why are you defending this label anyways? Do you know them personally or something? So by me stating that they have poor customer service ruin your day? You are super defensive and very confrontational over something you have no control over. Get a life man. I am done arguing with you over how this label has poor customer service. Blocked
  5. Don't be dick? Have you ever heard of customer service? Usually when a customer asks a question regardless of time frame the respectable thing to do is reply. Even with a hey, we are super busy but we got your order, anything. Number of people working, that shouldn't matter. I run a 2 person business and guess what I reply to every message I receive and get my orders out in a timely manner. This isn't the 1980's where I am writing by pen and ink and where an order would take a month to get out.
  6. I messaged him about this about 2 weeks ago, no reply
  7. I ordered a record on the 14th of March from mylenesheath.com, I have now sent multiple messages and they have not replied once and still no record. I just filed a claim through PayPal. I thought the Mylene Sheath were a reputable label?
  8. Just as the title states WTB Underoath Lost in the Sound of Separation Clear PayPal ready!
  9. I just received the signed CD and T-Shirt bundle in the mail. That came early. Pretty awesome stuff!

    Purchased! Thanks!
  11. Just as the title states, saw a post talking about this and remembered I didn't have it, so let's change that lol WTB iwrotehaikusaboutcannibalisminyouryearbook S/T LP - Any Color Thanks!
  12. SNDTRK

    If you have a USA distributor, sign me up. I'll will buy one
  13. I e-mailed indiemerch and they got back to me, here is what they said, Kaylee (IndieMerchstore) We do apologize as we are still waiting to receive some of the components of your pre-order to our distribution center. Once these have arrived, you will receive an email with a tracking number letting you know your order has shipped. Our apologies for any inconvenience.