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  1. I got mine at 10 but I only tried for Tuesday. My friend that was trying for Monday had no luck. When I saw these at $95 and figured they'd be $110 with fees what I was curious what I had paid when they played the Arena in San Jose about 5 years ago. The email receipt on that was $86 so they must have been $70-75 I'm guessing 5 years ago.
  2. I really did enjoy Burials if anyone skipped that one, but haven't really found much on this new one to love.
  3. I meant to bring this up when the $2 records were popping up back in September or so and someone mentioned employees telling them to do this. I tried it out and I'm pretty sure I know why it doesn't really help for figuring out clearance or sale priced items: Basically, the item has to be in stock on their website to ring up and give you a price. It's essentially just you checking the price on their website. This is almost no help at all for clearance/remainder items that are long gone from their online inventory.
  4. wow. mine was shipped where the adhesive wasn't even exposed, still covered. I'd have to peel that off if I wanted to stick it to the cover and then tear the strip across the front. I guess I figured they all shipped like that and you could decide to set that up or not if you wanted.
  5. got shipping on those two last week, should see it by Thursday, and got The Fountain notification yesterday.
  6. you can create an offline library on I think most streaming services
  7. I sent this question to VMP the other day and haven't got an answer yet. I'm guessing it's gonna be regular sleeve. I was able to sign up with crate I think 2 weeks ago and order from the store, that was through
  8. mine is like this too, much more of a pea green
  9. didn't love it upon first listen but every time since have really enjoyed it
  10. might not be super close, but the Tanforan mall by SFO has an FYE in it
  11. this looks like the copy he has on tour as well, $25.
  12. because its a B and then a ) where the other ones have a , after them
  13. Demos was on Black, Cody they had the option of Blue or Yellow a week ago but that was the first night of tour. Didn't think to ask about anything other than the newest releases.