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  1. Thanks!! Also said AFTER the download: "you have four more tries"... so maybe four more downloads?
  2. 15% off: 8123summer17
  3. coupon for 15% off: 8123summer17
  4. Double post
  5. There were 9 left.. went to lie down in bed and buy one.. and someone bought all 9 in that minute that passed. Kinda bummed about that ha
  6. Yep! MrTSurt, who pretty much oversees blinks merch, got those made and added as a nice little extra for all the deluxe orders from blinks website. 4 different colored record mats to match whatever color you bought
  7. The sad truth is there's "1 watching" that item too lol. Hope he does a little research soon
  8. So it was an extra $20 for a Box Car signature, and free for AVA lol.
  9. I've never bought one of the magazines before, but love Alien so I'll probably get it with the timed release. When the magazine is labeled as "hyper-limited" though.... how limited do you think that is lol. I wasn't planning on ordering until the weekend
  10. /175. It was posted on Mondo's site early, and sold out before the actual Alien announcement. So I'm sure Mondo didn't include the variant in their announcement to prevent people from getting angry ha
  11. Was anyone else able to snag the Alien variant print that went up today?
  12. Seen the band name a lot and never listened them. But boy did I enjoy those two songs in the OP! Gonna give this whole album a listen now
  13. I just got my shipping email about an hour ago!
  14. These guys just signed with Fearless Records not too long ago. Their first album "What We're Missing" really hit home with me and I've been digging them for a while now. Excited for this album and their future gatefold /500