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  1. anyone selling a blue hit me up?
  2. Your post inspired me to fiiiinally spin this, and it sounds absolutely incredible. Giving these songs a new life that my low bit-rate mp3 version from years ago smudged over. Also dammit if "Revisionary" isnt a timeless tune, still as cutting as the first time i heard it.
  3. PO Now - SZA - CTRL

    SoundStage Direct copies are shipping now, also got confirmation its the green version. "Hi Shawn, I'm sorry we did not respond to you sooner! We are experiencing a higher volume of emails than normal, so our response times are slightly delayed. This is the translucent green vinyl version. Your order shipped out today, please feel free to contact me with any questions. Sincerely, Rob Fitzpatrick Content Editor SoundStageDirect"
  4. It came in a resealable plastic sleeve, the 7 inch, additional LP sleeves, and the print of John all were inside the gatefold, as well as the 2 lps which were in polysleeves!
  5. Anyone else get the tape and hear the secret track after Infinite Steve?
  6. I know you guys aren't liking this record, but damn im loving this variant and it sounds incredible. Also the fastest international shipping ive ever experienced!
  7. PO: Mewithoutyou [A->B] Life Repress

    I'd say that picture is edited in a way that it doesn't look as cream as it actually is the. Didnt see many others on insta either.
  8. Im sorry, but this is soooo off base. The song definitely has a similar atmospheric feel as always, granted not having a straight up post rock break. While nicole did contribute a bit, its a far cry to say she wrote half of the songs. A quick scroll through their Tumblr will show that Josh brought song ideas to the table, that they've long written in a collaborative manner, and that David handled most of the lyrics since whenever if ever, some songs even being reworkings of his solo stuff. Not only that, but some songs on Always Foreign have been written a while, specifically "Infinite Steve." Like I get that it's upsetting that nicole isnt in the band, and it's okay to not like these two songs- im not big on "Dillon and Her Son." But to say the other 7/8 of this band (lol) doesnt do anything is just goofy.
  9. Thinning out some records i dont listen to. With so much new stuff coming, i think these belong to a better home! Prices include shipping and paypal fees. I tried my best to find a good medium for each, i am definitely open to negotiations and offers. Will ship as soon as possible. Thanks! Hot Topic Exclusives: •blink-182 - blink-182 - 2000 copies - Clear w/ Pink & Green Splatter - $49 •Pity Sex - White Hot Moon - 800 copies - Baby Pink / Deep Purple A/B Side Mix - $26 •Polar Bear Club - Death Chorus - 500 copies - Orange - $17 •The Wonder Years - No Closer to Heaven - 2500 copies - Yellow, Red, Blue Tri-color 2xLP - $34 12": •Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate) - You Will Eventually Be Forgotten - 375 copies - Silver - $20 •Eskimeaux - O.K. - 250 copies - Blue w/ Yellow Splatter - $26 •Hey Mercedes - Everynight Fire Works - 300 copies - Blue/Purple Mix w/ White/Purple/Blue Splatter - $34 •Hurry - Guided Meditation - 100 copies - Swamp Green - $26 •Microwave - Much Love - 200 copies - Orange and Yellow Swirl - $26 •Moose Blood - Blush - 300 copies - Opaque Pink in Clear - $45 •PUP - PUP - 300 copies - White - $28 The Cheap: •The Caution Children - Unknown Lands - 500 copies - White - $10 •Post Season - Restless Nights - 340 copies - White w/ Yellow Splatter - $7 •Sundials - When I Couldn't Breathe - 500 copies - Gray - $13 •Texas Instruments, Baitfish, Battle Royale, Regret the Informer - Kansas City 4-way Split - 500 copies - Mixed Color - $10
  10. Grabbed the EU /500, 34.50 ppd to the US. Also grabbed the cassette from th bands store, cant listen to the song til after work tho

    Will the rest be shipped soon?