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  1. If you have given up on alkaline trio I encourage you to listen to the broken wing ep. it is on Spotify as the last four songs of my shame is true deluxe

    Sorority Noise - you’re not as... (The Replacements)
  3. Yes. 1. I was listing a large amount of records at once and didn’t want people placing orders until they were all listed to encourage multi record orders. 2. I would rather a person send me a lower offer than my listing than for me to underprice a record. 3. Some of the records are test presses and the listing didn’t have that option so it’s in comments. 4. I will eventually have every Record I own listed and a record might have greater value to me than the going rate (ie got at a show that was special to me)
  4. Posted 127 items to discogs this weekend. https://www.discogs.com/seller/pfrostjr1/profile make offers through Vinyl Collective for lower prices.
  5. I was using google docs for myself but posting to message boards, Facebook groups, depop, and Craigslist. As for “I see what I was doing wrong” refers to adding my collection and then adding my inventory rather than doing them simultaneously.
  6. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

    I think there needs to be a crypto currency based on how globalized everything is. It seems silly for just the United States since we have a stable economy, free market, and methods in place to transfer currency instantly, but others do not have that luxury. Multiple crypto currencies seems redundant, but should help keep bitcoin in check.
  7. Now I see what I was doing wrong. Add to collection and list to inventory at the same time and it’s pretty seamless. Also I got three offers (one sale) in my first 10 hours so I’m on board.
  8. Carrying over the condition and note comes to mind. Putting it automatically in a “for sale” folder is another.
  9. I’m confused. I decided to cave and use discogs to sell all my items. I thought the huge upside was that you could sell straight from your collection, but now it seems like I have to add a record twice. Once for collection and once for inventory. Am I missing something?
  10. Records for sale are vintage 2010 VC
  11. Mexico

    I’ve only been to Acapulco and Cancun. My days were basically spent in this order: get drunk, go to the beach, get drunk, go to the pool, get drunk, go to dinner, get drunk, go to the club.
  12. While it is extremely helpful it doesn’t tell which of those stores has overpriced new releases and which ones have a basement full of used releases.
  13. FS: Tigers Jaw - Anything you need

    Solid dude, backed hard
  14. I just discovered Jason Molina a couple weeks ago when I saw The Avett Brothers cover just be simple