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  1. New BELMONT 7" vinyl pre-order available

    Strange question do you / did you live / work at western and Augusta? I used to see a mutant league flag but it has since been taken down.
  2. Mr. Lahey is Dead

    The man has brought me a lot of joy.
  3. I listened all the way through and thought it was just okay
  4. I didn’t read it as an elder scrolls / GOT crossover but rather two separate games.
  5. Spent so much time playing this game and still couldn’t give a fuck all about this release.
  6. PO now :: UNDSKYLD - Wishing Well

    Is the band name pronounced unskilled?
  7. He sarcastically said the same thing as you.
  8. <3 Be the first to hear my EP!

    I don't know how you could come to that conclusion since you know absolutely nothing about this board. It it might be a safe place (it's not), but there are no grounds for that assumption since you've been a member for a couple hours.
  9. People sitting down on a couch also have a much higher dynamic weight while the records are static. If you are just paranoid put one shelf on one side of the room and the other shelf on a different side.
  10. <3 Be the first to hear my EP!

    People tend to have better results when their first post isn't shameless self promotion
  11. scandal info

    Have you checked discogs?