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  1. Just let it all out. For me Listening to emotional music might be painful but after it gives me a sense of relief. I'll listen to an album driving to work and cry for a good portion of the commute. But once it's over I take a second to reflect and I'm ready to start my day and I feel like a weight has been lifted.
  2. I think you are underestimating your "random person". Society as a whole is full of scumbags.
  3. Thanks
  4. Same this album rules. Didn't care for hotelier
  5. I couldn't fit into my only pair of nice pants I brought with for a fancy dinner on the last night. I for sure gained 10 lbs that week.
  6. Although I'll probably just be disappointed in the quality can you link me to the rival fireside doc
  7. Live from the rock room is actually great. Is that fireside bowl documentary on the back burner? Seems like you could double down since many of the rock room guests probably have good fireside stories.
  8. Nice. A seven inch for the price of a standard LP.
  9. Sweet so we do your work for you.
  10. Heard the song on the anxious and angry podcast (off with their heads). It was okay which is a complement since I'm not a bodycount fan.
  11. Black Sabbath . They are Christian , right.
  12. All non-Christian music is Satan worship.
  13. I buy the cheapest ones available from amazon or eBay. The mailer is only as good as the packager. Put a card board insert and wrap it tight and it won't matter what mailer you use.
  14. RIP Bill Paxton.
  15. TLDR: Product = gimmick, canceling orders = irresponsible, jonnywreck = not a taking back sunday fan Pared and tidal wave aoty glad that is what you took out of what I said. As for the adult comment it had no reference to this product. It was talking about placing an order with the expectation of later cancelling the order. The comment about about the product was that it is a gimmick. Anything else said was in response to another person's post and not direct towards the product.