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  1. I've been seeing Nitrous in Chicago a bunch recently. Most aggregous was after an STS9 show outside the House of Blues which is located downtown. Several tanks at Dead at Solider Field two years ago and last year for Phish at Wrigley Field. Expect them this weekend at Wrigley for Dead & Co
  2. I'm just waiting for mumble rapping to end.
  3. I've seen some of the acts listed in recent performances and they were cool. I have a feeling they cherry picked the bigger names for examples and most shows are unknown locals.
  4. https://www.sofarsounds.com/ has anyone used this site. Bonus points if you have used it in Chicago. I'm very interested, but $15 a piece for an unknown band at an unknown location has me nervous.
  5. I can pay full price and shipping. Wow dude how kind of you.
  6. What was your submission name so I can keep my ears open
  7. There are still five release days until halfway, guy.
  8. I used them to name my record boxes. Then made a column in my record spreadsheet. That way I know what records are in which box.
  9. End of June is halfway not end of May. Now one that I got that out of my system it's been mostly Emo for me. Sorority noise #1 Dryjacket del paxton born without bones Sinai vessel pet symmetry (only listened once so far) pop punk I've been listened to that didn't necessarily come out this year trash boat wstr neck deep Blink 182 other 2017 gems thievery corporation the xx incubus Run the jewels (late 2016) what I'm looking forward to julien baker jason Isbell top live shows pretty lights - summer camp turnstile - bottom lounge tauk - bottom lounge
  10. I'd say it's fine to replace the case especially if it was just a blank case to begin with.
  11. Welcome to the internet dude
  12. I agree with about 1/5th of it, but most of the article sounds like meth and jager fueled ramblings on night two of what will turn into a week long bender.