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  1. I Think I'm Gonna Quit The Hobby

    Get into 80s and 90s punk/hardcore. You’ll quit complaining about condition real fast.
  2. WTB: Records at 2011 prices

    On point expect no one uses eBay anymore.
  3. Typically favors like this are based on a quid pro quo relationship where a person in return becomes an active member.
  4. Please include a trigger warning
  5. Online Record Selling

    Do prices include tax because you don’t remit any?
  6. Best Outside Sleeve For 50s and 60s records

    Does it matter which Record it is?
  7. Did you guys hear about this dude?

    Thanks for being such a great member of the community, Lisa (author of the article).
  8. He actually doesn’t specify if or how.
  9. Those should be left alone as well.
  10. With any kind of collectible cleaning or modifying the product is seen as a lower grade than poor. Just leave the signatures unless you want to do even more harm.
  11. FS: Alkaline Trio/Smoking Popes "New Year's Evil" 7"

    There is a Facebook group called “alkaline trio fans” that will be your best bet. Keep in in mind if people know you have 15 copies they aren’t going to want to pay as much since the market is flooded.
  12. Are there different versions of the black vinyl?
  13. Online Record Selling

    This may work, but you will have to accept extremely slim margins. No one outside of Canada will order from you so unfortunately that’s all the info I can offer.
  14. Back to my question, if you aren’t going to keep the jack white LP why even have the subscription