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  1. For those who missed it, the KRM exclusive on yellow is up again in the EU shop. https://eu.kingsroadmerch.com/converge/view/?id=11540&cid=3549
  2. I have 3 copies of DS, clear 1st is full of noises and clicks, Dunk half/half is way better but not at 100%, tour splatter is the best of the 3, just a few noisy moments. According to Translation Loss new plates will be used for the new pressing (DS for sure, didn't ask about TQPOE and Crimea) so hopefully we finally have great sounding copies of the album, it definitely deserves the treatment.
  3. Pulled the trigger and went with both DS and the splatter TQPOE. That band is just too good to not own multiple variants of their records.
  4. Pre-orders are up here https://store.universalmusic.com/spinefarm/artist.html?a=electric_wizard
  5. Went with both! Like basically all their previous releases and other Denovali releases the whole product is going to be sick: Thick gatefold covers, thick printed inner sleeves, insert, 180g vinyl (pressed at Pirate Press), download code.
  6. It's should be black w/ white, silver & gold splatter but it looks like black w/ white splatter only to me.
  7. Each Converge LP package includes: 28 Page Booklet Wide Spine Jacket Printed Inner Sleeve Isn't it going to have gatefold jacket?
  8. Whoa this feeling I have everytime Converge releases new music is beyond words.. Got the red, orange, yellow and violet LP and the blue 7". I'm loving these new songs, can't wait to hear the whole thing in full.
  9. Stoner/ Doom Metal Discussion Thread

    The new song is absolutely crushing, so heavy, so good. I preordered the deluxe /100 with the patch from the EU store. Can't wait to hear this monster in full.
  10. "Epitaph and Deathwish are proud to announce “I Can Tell You About Pain b/w Eve” from aggressive music pioneers, Converge. This two song 7”EP/Digital release is the first new music from the band since their highly regarded 2012 album “All We Love We Leave Behind”. Upon first listen it’s apparent that Converge has evolved exponentially in those years. The raw emotion and anger of “I Can Tell You About Pain” is truly unsettling. While the seven and a half minute epic “Eve” shows the band pushing their melodic leanings to an incredible new level." Track Listing: 01. I Can Tell You About Pain 02. Eve First Press: 1000 x Opaque Red (#3) - Deathwish Exclusive 1000 x Opaque Blue (#5) - Kings Road Exclusive 1000 x Transparent Purple (12) - Converge Exclusive
  11. This recent and spectacular live footage just makes me even more excited for Mass VI.
  12. Those numbers are real, Wout shared those with me months ago while talking about those releases. FYI now Dunk have 51 copies of the purple Refractions and 140 on black, 225 of WOC.
  13. Refraction: Purple /200 Black /300
  14. A few copies of each variant are available again at merchtable. https://profoundlorerecords.merchtable.com/music/full-of-hell-trumpeting-ecstasy-vinyl-lp/?no_redirect=true#.WSYFyIFobYW