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  1. Man, I was so happy watching the first two episodes. I had high expectations and it did not disappoint. Watching 3 and 4 tonight.
  2. Album is great but we all knew that it was going to be.
  3. It's great, like everything this band does.
  4. Trying to make a quick $100 bucks tonight so take advantage! Everything on my list is for sale. Pick 2 (or 3 depending) rare records off my list for $100 shipped or 5 any other (normal) records for $105 shipped. Only things i want to keep are Airiel, Radio Dept, and Nothing. Everything else is game. once i reach my goal the sale is over. thanks!
  5. Super rare algernon record for super cheap. Jump on it! Price includes shipping but does not include fees. You can gift if you have some feedback on here though. Add insurance for $1.50! US only! Thanks! Algernon Cadwallader - "Parrot Flies" - (1st press, Light Green Marble /100) - Hot Green Pressing -$46 shipped
  6. Lets try this again cause i'd love some extra cash. US only please! Add $1.50 for insurance if you want it! This is the best price you'll ever find this for! ships media mail. Nothing ‎– "Guilty Of Everything" - (1st press, Clear /100) - Friends and Family Edition/Not Available to the Public - $71 Shipped
  7. Sold a ton. If you want something HMU. everything ships tuesday! thanks!
  8. Also I'm willing to make deals, no eBay prices. You help me and I help you!
  9. About to do some work on my car this weekend before I head back to school. Would like to make some extra cash before then so everything on my list is for sale. Some stuff I won't part with easily but everything is game at the right offer. Message me!
  10. Will pick up eventually. dig the new song!
  11. Damn, solid line up. Really only want Joyce Manor though.