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  1. why does this happen every FUCKING time a band i like signs to Rise
  2. throughly not digging these new tracks :/
  3. seems like they got the full Rise Records treatment w the art and those preorder bundles. The songs released from it have a very Safe vibe to them too.
  4. One thing I like to do is just pre order something and add the other item, they will usually send you the existing item first, then you can cancel the pre order.
  5. Wonder if these two songs will be on that new record. Which is on Rise Records and supposedly coming this spring.
  6. ...Saves The Day?
  7. Selling a copy of PATD - A Fever You Can't Sweat Out on Clear Gold, Hot Topic press from a few years back. Only spun a handful of times, excellent condition. Message me offers!
  8. I'm selling IATA - Wolverines on black/white.