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  1. I would put it in my top 3 SS records after Wind Shifts and Discovering the Waterfront. Had it on repeat A LOT.
  2. idk about the rest of you but I really don't like this bands acoustic stuff. But happy that they're still putting music out.
  3. The album isn't my favorite, but damn those final 2 songs are perfect
  4. realistically next spring i'd say, hopeless always likes to give these things really long run ups
  5. Looking to see what VCers have stuff from this band. I'm primarily looking for the vinyl version of Sol-Fa, which had a re-release last year. Let me know!
  6. maybe they just have mockups for them right now? but ive seen smaller bands than them have preorders way earlier in the process than this so who tf knows
  7. agreed, super weird to tease the variants before preorders.
  8. same but vinyl can take long as fuuuuuuuuuck. they'll probably have it in time for their fall US tour is my guess.
  9. rise sure loves pressing every record on doublemint...
  10. I got Phoenix - Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix Coin - How Will You Know If You Never Try Jimmy Eat World - Clarity Pentimento - I No Longer The Flatliners - Inviting Light For 69, for 14 each. Nice!
  11. oh hey that was my comment hahahaha Stoked af!!
  12. Did they repress the white copies of this?
  13. I like the Teal and Orange. will try for 1, then settle for the other.
  14. Mine also shipped