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  1. I believe Bernie Grundman is the guy who masters a lot of stuff for Johnny Jewel (Chromatics, Glass Candy, etc.) and all those albums that I have sound great. I'm happy enough to have a first press of POI so I'll pass on this, although that tri-color scheme is awesome. I'm still kicking myself for selling my sealed copy of the clear/gold splatter tour press years ago though... oh well.
  2. I went to cancel my monthly membership, since I don't want the AM album, and it says, "Your membership will end on April 2, 2018. You have 1 shipments remaining." I've already received the Beach House record, so does this mean I'm stuck with the AM record? It's still giving me the option to swap the AM record too.
  3. Yeah, mine looks pretty much exactly like the promo photos on the VMP website as well. One disc has a bit more cloudiness to it than the other, but both have a lot of the splatter. Still haven't listened yet though, I got distracted the night I was going to.
  4. I received the Beach House album yesterday, but haven't listened to it yet. I probably will tonight. The records look really cool. Hope it sounds good as well!
  5. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    If anyone wants a copy of the Deluxe, PM me. I'll sell it for cost + shipping. Consider it a new copy. Still have the box it was shipped in and haven't even taken it out of it's sleeve yet. Let me know. EDIT: Sold
  6. PO: Lord Huron - Vide Noir

    Posting for the star. Excited.
  7. The Third Man Records Thread

    Someone post the details of the new Jack White album / Vault #35 info please! Idk how / don't have the time to make it all pretty and formatted and stuff haha

    http://www.colette.fr/catalog/product/view/id/589850/s/travis-scott-x-flaunt-x-saint-laurent-laurmustravi-1/category/21565/ It's up on the colette website now, and it's 595 euro lol
  9. Anyone seeing them on their short tour that's going on currently? I'll be at the Chicago show on Friday. Also, today marks 9 years since the last time I saw them live, at Lincoln Hall in Chicago. Excited for Friday!
  10. Posting for the star, and the eventual VC thread hijinks
  11. Just got through first (digital) listen. It's great. I'm putting it in AOTY territory. Fav track as of right now is Televangelist.
  12. The "alternate artwork" that I can see is that the colors of the line the ball is in goes from red->yellow on the regular edition, but the boxset is yellow->red.
  13. I just hope the 3 b-sides get a digital release eventually.
  14. I'm tempted to get this just because the Lonerism boxset is basically unobtainable at this point, but I don't really foresee the same effect happen to this one. Who knows though. I think I'm happy to stay with my purple/yellow copy. It sounds good and that's what matters most to me. Also, just to throw it out there, if anyone is willing to sell/trade the Lonerism boxset, let me know! I'd be willing to trade almost anything from my collection for it.