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  1. Saw these guys last night in Milwaukee. They still have the tour variant of the new album for $25. Also, second time seeing them, first time being the last time they came through Milwaukee, 9 YEARS AGO, and they were just as great as I remember. Their light show is pretty great too. What a treat.
  2. The Third Man Records Thread

    I haven't actually received my copy of Vault 33 yet, but I watched you do it from outside your window and figured I'd mention it here. Kidding! Good to know it works though
  3. The Third Man Records Thread

    I am genuinely interested in who approved that and what his/her rationale was for it. Looks like I'll just place my copies of Elephant and GBMS in there to fill it out, and so WS items it take up less space on my shelf.
  4. Can anyone who grabbed the new War On Drugs album listen to side C and tell me if they hear weird audio pressing issues towards the end of Thinking Of A Place and in spots in In Chains? I might request a replacement because it's pretty bad on mine..
  5. Listened to my VMP copy for the first time today. Noticed Side A/B are pressed slighty off center and the disc is warped, but still sounds good. Side C has some weird pressing sound issues towards the end of Thinking Of A Place and in spots in In Chains. Really disappointing because it's distracting and seems like something that would effect all copies so idk if requesting a replacement would matter. Side D has no issues.
  6. I got a shipping notification last night for the VMP version, just FYI.
  7. The Third Man Records Thread

    There were pictures posted recently that showed him in the studio in two different cities "recording new music". I can't remember if they stated it was for new solo material or not though. Definitely seemed like solo-related material based on who was in the pictures with him. EDIT: see here - https://pitchfork.com/news/jack-white-recording-new-solo-album/
  8. The Third Man Records Thread

    That's disappointing. I'd honestly prefer if they would've just delayed the package a couple months longer. Oh well, it probably didn't make sense to go with that option anyway.
  9. Will DFA will release a white label edition? If so, how does the sale usually happen? Like random drop time or any warning beforehand?
  10. Do these albums spin at 33 1/3 or 45rpm? Thinking about calling my local shop tomorrow AM to hold an indie copy.
  11. Cool! I had no idea.
  12. Side note: does anyone know why WI is one of the three states that they charge tax on for their orders? I'm under the assumption that tax is charged for online orders for customers if the company has a physical presence in the same state as the customer. I think NC and CO are included because they started in NC and are headquartered in CO (or something like that), but just wondering how WI fits in.
  13. Caved and bought the VMP exclusive of TWOD's new album. Listening to the stream on their website now, and it's front runner for AOTY for me. Love this band.
  14. Is this only for new members? VMP doesn't even give me the option to enter a code when trying to check out to buy the new TWOD album. Could it be because I cancelled my monthly membership? Also, is $6 shipping the normal amount? I don't have an option to change that either.
  15. Does the matrix indicate whether it's from the Pallas press or the indie/standard press? EDIT: I guess I can just assume it's from the standard press. Nevermind haha. I just wanna know how good the Pallas pressing will sound before I drop $$$ for the deluxe!