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  1. Yeah that's hand numbered and signed by the band and limited to 350 copies. This isn't numbered, clearly has a run much larger than 350 (at least 1,000), isn't signed by the band (just the artist) Most importantly the PSB now sells for less than it's original cost! Original release price 500 Pounds, most recent sale was for 480 pounds ( ) Not a big price dip, but an odd choice when trying to prove that the price will for sure go up.
  2. The potential to make your money back, it ain't guaranteed. Unless they are numbered or it comes with a certificate (which isn't mentioned), autographed ones shouldn't hold much of a premium over unsigned ones. In theory they do, but in practice if the price is much different people will either forge signatures or go out and get signatures on theirs to make the value higher, which in turns brings the value of all down (most of the time.)
  3. How limited is it? Seems like they keep putting up more each time it sells out. What reassurance do you have that it will hold or increase in value? Flipping is a big gamble! (trust me) Nothing is guaranteed.
  4. Pretty sure he is at Comic Con every year signing, but I could be wrong.
  5. Maybe thats because you haven't listened to their best albums? It's like if you only listened to the records Bob Dylan released in the 1990s and was like, why is this guy so popular? I'm not saying you will love them, because thats all just going to be each persons opinion. But heck take 5 minutes and listen to a track on youtube instead of replying here.....and give it a try!
  6. crazy idea, put music on to a disc or pod device and listen to it while driving to these various events/activities that only you have in your life. Because I have a full time job, a 2 year old daughter, a wife, I read, follow sports, play video games, make dinner. have a record blog, social life..yadda yadda yadda too and can easily listen to a new record by one of my favorite when it comes highly recommended by their entire fanbase.....Heck I even have time to do that while being a dick on the internet.
  7. Seems like I'm the only one not interested in a buy in. Go ahead and take me out the. Enjoy Kris Bryant!
  8. cant get it to go in my cart from any country....guess I didn't need to spend that fat cash anyway.
  9. oh wow...well yeah. You guys were all getting steals of a deal.... Don't you know when a price is too good to be true...yadda yadda...
  10. Cardinals just posted a new pass app, $30 a month gets you into any home game (excluding opening day and play offs). It's just standing room only, but seats can be found....thinking I may sign up for this. Equals out to $180 season tickets
  11. Damn what kind of bargain prices did he have on these that everyone jumped on them? Also why wouldn't he take my money?!