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  1. It will be idea how hard it will be to get though. Just depends on how limited they make it. Some of the shared items sell out in minutes, some are still sitting on shelves 2 years later.
  2. OK....I filled out the form with Sandbag, and they say they can't find my order. So I opened up the original payment on paypal and filed a claim with Firebrand. Firebrand said that sandbag has to do the refund, which I told them they couldn't find. Firebrand replied they would contact sandbag whom reassured them it would be refunded....and now Sandbag emailed me yet again that they can't find my order despite me emailing them the order number and paypal transaction glad this is a smooth process.
  3. Should have picked up one of these when I came out, but I was Naive. Now would love a copy for my jukebox. I know there is a copy on discogs, but checking here first to see if anyone is looking to sell/trade.
  4. Has anyone that requested a refund got it yet?...I'm getting the run around on that front.
  5. Not complaining about the product. Just going to avoid the $10 shipping fee and buy it at the local shops. Win / win.
  6. So no fancy vinyl variants or flexi throw ins...probably wait and get it in store then. Wish the nesting dolls were at a lower price point...decisions.
  7. 33 packages in...and finally they have reached what I always hoped for in a vault package. There has been lots of really good packages, this is by far the best (IMO). So yes everyone please sign back up and hopefully they will catch on that this what people want instead of live record after live record.
  8. I'll say the same thing I do every year. I'll gladly help get easy items. Not going to camp out for stuff for you though.
  9. You guys can keep throwing it out there,...but so far I'm the only person that's said they are going ...and I'm not getting Funko products for anyone.
  10. Most likely. Typically any of them that don't have a specific number on them are shared.
  11. This will be a shared exclusive and will be available other places ...that won't require you to spend the night sleeping in line.
  12. Of what? Almost every label does theirs differently. If you are referring to the above Metroid, it was free.
  13. I am a all my jokes are dad jokes sorry