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  1. Test Press give away: http://woobox.com/mfwuj2/jen4my
  2. Man the audio quality on this video is far from audiophile quality...
  3. Well I have sold 3 so far...none of them have minded yet.
  4. The Third Man Records Thread

    Or be like me and just take the records out of the box and throw the box away! it takes up too much damn space
  5. No stickers in with mine.
  6. The Third Man Records Thread

    What insane mark up? The 7"s were $10 each! I mean don't get me wrong some of their stuff is marked up crazy lately...but these Muddy Waters ones were not.
  7. The guy had his listed incorrectly yesterday, it is fixed now as the correct color. Still a good price if you don't want the black regular version: https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/10776652?ev=rb
  8. The Third Man Records Thread

    Nope. If you are about to auto-renew, just cancel now. Then feel free to re-new near the end of the time period ONLY if you want to get the package
  9. The Third Man Records Thread

    There has been a ton of goodies in the novelties shop lately...no one is mentioning it because they dont want someone else to get it faster than them! For instance last week they had special versions of the new Muddy Waters re-issues.
  10. Also which version are you looking for, there is 3 versions in total. But if that $79 one is really the Kickstarter variant I would say thats a steal of a price....
  11. Been wanting this tape for years!!!!
  12. The Third Man Records Thread

    It will be available in indie stores across the country...go ask your local shop if you can pre-order it?
  13. Is dead format.........dead?

    Only because I had a lot of problems over the years.... Also if you make enough errors on the site they limit what you can do on there...and at the time that I did it was really hard to find someone to help me fix my mistakes. Don't want someone else to get in that same spot. A better database is good for everyone!