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  1. PO Now - Shame - Songs of Praise

    Did you see them at SXSW? I caught their Hotel Vegas set on Thursday afternoon, best set I saw all weekend.
  2. PO Now - Shame - Songs of Praise

    Just got mine on Reflex, was $32 including shipping. I am more than fine with that.
  3. Can't remember if I posted this in this thread before or not. But just saw Shame at SXSW and really want to track down their VMP 7". So if you got the secret 7" in with your St Vincent LP....hit me up. I have cash or trade and ready to deal.
  4. PO Now - Shame - Songs of Praise

    Gracias! I don't mind the shipping. Buying a blue now.....still looking for their first 7" as well if you run across one of those!

    Need some Shame! See top post for additions to my ISO.
  6. PO Now - Shame - Songs of Praise

    Long shot but if anyone has an extra copy of either color variant hit me up. Will make it worth your effort.
  7. Albums you once wrote off

    Radiohead - Amnesiac . I listened to it and didn't get it at all. Didn't try again for several years. Stupid young me.
  8. Yeah it's the first of TIKIs I have bought. That being said I do prefer the beer glasses they do at the con way more! Have one (or more) from all 3 years I have went.
  9. I got one at Mondo Con, they are pretty nice.
  10. I assumed you meant the soundtrack to season 1 of Punisher as I too thought it would come out at the same time as Defenders.
  11. Video Game OSTs v2.0

    Just my guess. SDCC
  12. 2018 NCAA TOURNEY

    Going to watch the start of the SEC tournament tonight. Won't get to see Mizzou live, but hoping the continue their great turnaround this year.
  13. Wow, hadn't heard about these. Just grabbed one on ebay for $20!