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  1. PO NOW: Amen Dunes - Freedom | Ships 30/03/18

    New song is genius. Fuck!
  2. Single straight up apes JD. Get in line, Ceremony is already doing this to a tee.
  3. Some Cheap Vinyl at Amazon

    For anyone who ordered this, what variant did you get? Thanks!
  4. Waxwork Records Thread

    Waxwork will rape your wallet and you'll sit back and smile while it's happening. Haven't bought a release since The Thing. No need to. You fools keep buying every inane thing they put out.
  5. Anytime we see you here it's always a comment justifying someone flipping something for a ludicrous price. Tsk tsk tsk. Bob Dylan once said the times they are a-changin', but stlben ain't.
  6. So if I got the splatters early yesterday off of their eBay store does that mean my order could potentially be cancelled?
  7. He can get fucking gaped. Word to the wide. I'm filing a dispute.
  8. Thanks for the link on the /200 Euro variant. Grabbed both variants. Love them!
  9. Hi, everyone. Just wanted to pop in to wish you all a blessed day. <3 Love you all, Tetsuo "Matrix" DaIronMan.
  10. I meant we should gape him as a community. Everyone gets in, stl doesn't get out.
  11. Potentially fucked off to the point of major gape-age? I can definitely get behind that.
  12. Rise Records Holiday Vinyl

    Thanks, bud. It says that the sleeve is rated G+ though...sucks.