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  1. PO Now! Underoath - “Erase Me” (Out April 6th)

    Rapture sounds really bad. Ready to cancel my orders now, lol.
  2. "Fuck H&M". Look it up on their IG. Pretty sweet looking too.
  3. PO: Soccer Mommy - Clean

    Lol. Surprise, surprise. I actually have been listening to her and U.S. Girls as of late. Quality stuff.
  4. PO: Soccer Mommy - Clean

    Great album! Pitchfork gave it best new music.
  5. Wanna take my kid to the movies tonight...

    Deoxy, get at me. I need some compensation.
  6. It's a shame to hear about Magnolia. I would really like a copy, but I am not down to pay $45 for something that doesn't sound good.
  7. The Official 'Vinyl Me, Please' thread.

    Thicc Me, Please.
  8. Wanna take my kid to the movies tonight...

    Hey, man. It’s almost been two years. Can you please finally ship my LP? Actually, wtf...it’s been over two years. SMH.
  9. It's been a while since I've told Benjamin from St. Louis a very specific phrase that he isn't too keen on.
  10. Your username comes from a Bloodhound Gang song and includes the witty use of numbers for letters. In other words, get pegged by a massive pineapple and gaped beyond any comprehendible means à la Goatse or 1Man1Jar. The score to said act could be composed by This Will Destroy You.