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  1. Just got a shipping notice for the signed deluxe bundle.
  2. There was a black deluxe, yes, but it looks to be sold out as well.
  3. Also Josie and the fckn Pussycats!
  4. The full download is included in the vinyl. You won't get one through email.
  5. Did it last night. Going back to the preorder page after tomorrow would be painful if I didn't...
  6. I think you mean "they said-she said". Check your pronouns, bro. /sarcasm
  7. Looks like black retail for everyone else.
  8. Got a green. Was not expecting a 2 minute sell out for this.
  9. Really bizarre that they won't ship overseas?? Never had this happen from a major label signed artist.
  10. Ordered from BM as well. Hopefully they can fulfill all orders.
  11. Well that settles that! Thanks!
  12. Aren't we all. Kinda want the standard but almost $40 for a regular 2lp is a little much.
  13. It states "made to order" so it seems like it's an open preorder with 2000 being just a number they threw out there.