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  1. Can someone familiar with VMP's billing system maybe answer this question? I signed up for the May record (Tidal) but when I got to the "My Account" page, it says my subscription will update June 2. Does that mean I'm already signed up for May?? I haven't been charged yet. Just don't want it to "skip" May for some reason and miss out on Tidal. Thanks!
  2. Now they just need a 60% off $20+ sale and we'll be in business...
  3. Same. The ad is still listed with the noon date. Someone messed up. Hopefully it'll be fixed...
  4. Sorry you guys missed out on the deal. Managed to get 9 records for just under $75. :0 Good thing I'm skipping RSD this year...
  5. The record is self titled just fyi.
  6. Teal will be retail. But sometimes labels will do a variant for indie record stores.
  7. Probably an "indie exclusive".
  8. Code worked for me as well. Picked up four records for just under $50.
  9. Lakeshore canceled the CD release so I'd say chances for a vinyl release are slim...
  10. Thank you! Went with a US seller for $22. I've had bad luck with third party imports on Amazon.
  11. The signed box sold out in 10 minutes and the vinyl in half an hour.
  12. Thanks for the heads up! Gone from discogs but plenty left on the get_importcds eBay store.