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  1. Looks like red is sold out everywhere now.
  2. Best show I've ever seen in my life. Hands down. I'm a Kinsella fan boy though, but they did not disappoint. Full energy and a long set, played probably 23 songs. Going to the Brooklyn show.
  3. Same. So excited. Love this album.
  4. Tickets go on sale at 12 EST today.
  5. Retail was around $18ish
  6. more dates!!
  7. Watched Beyond The Gates last night since it got added to Netflix. Pretty enjoyable low budget flick with a dash of comedy. Wish it had a bit more lore to it but worth a watch.
  8. Not bad. I passed on a sealed one for $300 a while back. I couldn't justify it because I'd open it to play it.
  9. So is this one shit or not?
  10. Get it now before they raise the price.
  11. Same. Mine should be here tomorrow or Saturday.