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  1. The only song I know is Stigmata, which rips. Thanks for all the insight!
  2. Been meaning to get into this band. Would this be a good starting place?
  3. Watched Baskin last night. Was quite weird but pretty good. Like a mix between Hellraiser and Rob Zombie stuff.
  4. Splatter came today! Always get a bit scared opening Relapse packages hoping that they didn't give me the wrong variant.
  5. People are annoyed that you're saying you love Coheed and that Afterman is so great when you haven't heard their definitive albums.
  6. this is a joke right?
  7. All 180g does is prevent warpage over lighter vinyl.
  8. 14LP deluxe box set. Im not joking.
  9. You can't appreciate Good Apollo 1 until you hear SSTB and IKS and the callbacks to them on GA1. Also so how can you not listen to any of a band that you like's top three critically and fan aclaimed albums???
  10. People are still going to buy the RSD one. Coheed fans are collectors or everything Coheed. Also no way you'll get 50 unless you're Amoeba.
  11. The sub email stated that they are getting them in this week. And should be shipping soon.
  12. Yeah I'm waiting for an official site to launch with variants but I'm so excited.
  13. Looks like it's finally happening