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  1. I ordered The Fragile with the new EP, and a second order with Deviations and Broken, so I think they're shipping Deviations separate for everyone.
  2. I'm just aching to read Thoms notes
  3. No misfits cassette on discogs has ever sold for more than $20.... So if I list a tape for $1000 thats the new price? Not how it works. Good luck.
  4. Where are you getting that price from? The discogs average is $12.50??
  5. Download codes inside the box for EVERYTHING.
  6. They answered my email about when Prick will ship this morning and said in a week and then I got a shipping notification an hour later.
  7. Yeah I doubt anyone is going to do that.
  8. This has been the worst E3 I can remember. It's essentially just a rehash of last year.
  9. Emailed sandbag asking when the Prick LPs were shipping and they wrote back that "they'll look into shipping estimates for me" Strange..
  10. I have this with the signed picks and its sealed. Do you have a tradelist?
  11. My local store got this but I don't know what the price is.