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  1. This guy understands what a "bubble" actually is.
  2. absolutely nothing that interests me.. phew!
  3. 15mins ago, i think?
  4. somone here is getting $10.. you're welcome.
  5. a dirty (one dude actually did smell like piss) punk band i recorded put out a 7".. thought i should probably own it. That lead to me believing that I should own ALL THE vinyl, i've been able to subdue that urge, lately.
  6. Yeah i have the first colored and now the limited edition on the way. Got my shirt and the d7-d5 12" in the mail the other day, surprised they sent separate.
  7. got my copy of their death grips-gov plates. sleeve is a bit small. audio is a little muffled and missing some low end. Super dig the reimagined artwork they did... shows some creativity, not just straight up theft. 7/10 would recommend.
  8. bah, i really like this album and regret cancelling my preorder (green wax with shirt).. bah! didnt get into 'here and nowhere else' but really dug 'attack on memory'
  9. nope, cant remember if they notified me last time I ordered from them.
  10. I have a copy id trade for the killers hot fuss on white.
  11. I have a copy of the xx debut on white that I'd like to trade for the recent hot fuss reissue on white.. anyone? can also do other trades, if needed.
  12. if anyone has a white they want to sell or trade I'd love it. proably my wifes favourite record and I like to get brownie points now and again. have a white xx i could trade?
  13. I have seen radiohead a half dozen times since '97.. they're great. I have seen TooL a have dozen times since '97, they're great. I have seen Sigur Ros a half dozen times since around then, they're great... the last time I saw Sigur ros, this most recent stop in Vancouver as a three piece, was THE BEST concert i have ever been to, hands down. I'd put radiohead and Tool as my two favourite bands, with sigur ros somewhere in the top 5 or 10.
  14. yeah, my wife is a little on the short side, so seats help her sight line.
  15. seattle is key arena, so not the traditional amphitheatre.